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The Endless Web        
Jim Smyth, RMT Synergystix Partners in Health
The Fascial system of connective tissue within the human body is often referred to as The Endless Web, by a number of anatomy experts. The Myofascial portion of this network is the area where Massage Therapists and other Bodyworkers apply the skills of their trade to alleviate pain and restore range of motion.  The following describes the interaction and the relationship between these two systems - muscle and fascia... More

Eating For Optimal Fertility    
Amy Lipsett, R.Ac, R.TCMP Synergystix Partners in Health  
Many of us take our fertility for granted, assuming that if and when we want to have children, it will be easy to get pregnant. That unfortunately is not the case for many Canadian couples who struggle to create a familyThere is lots of help to be had. Whether you choose Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as IVF or IUI interventions, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine... More   

Exercise and Bone Health 
Amanda Johson, Fitness Studio, Synergystix Partners in Health 
What effects bone mineral density?  There are cells called osteoclasts, and they take away old bone, creating a cavity on the bone.  Osteoblasts fill in the cavity and repair the bone.  As we get older, we have more osteoclasts then osteoblasts and therefore bone mineral density can decrease... More

Reiki for Emotional Healing  
Silvia Engels, RMT, Reiki Level 3
In today's busy lifestyle, with so much rushing around and fitting everything in to their day, people forget to address their emotional body (Aura). It gets cluttered due to our busyness, our mind chatter, negative thinking etc.. It detaches us from our ability to switch off and just be... More

Offered Tuesdays & Thursdays Cost: $60 for 60 min. To book call Synergystix 705-742-8244

Welcome back Jennifer Reuby, RMT       
We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Reuby, RMT is back from Maternity leave. She will be taking clients on Friday's.

Call us to book your massage appointment with Jennifer:


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