St. Isidore's Summer
September 2017 Newsletter

I must admit that I have been a touch overwhelmed as I have experienced my first weeks here at St. I sidore's after the return of our students.  However, more than overwhelmed, I have been overjoyed by the amazing things that have been taking place.  In these past few weeks, I have wi tnes sed s tanding room only weekend Mass attendance, more than 120  freshmen attending our Freshmen retreat, 2 dozen students praying before the Blessed Sacrament at daily adoration from 9:30-10:30AM and more than 300 students signing up to participate in Bibles studies with our FOCUS missionaries.  I have also been thrilled to see more than 275 students attend our first Sunday Dollar Dinner that was held for the students by members of our permanent 

Father Gale talking with the Freshmen and New Student Retreat participants
I knew that coming home to Manhattan and K-State was going to be a grace-filled time for me, but I had no idea that it would be this great.  I want to thank all of you who belong to our St. Isidore's family, for all of your time, efforts, and prayers that have formed this community throughout th e years.  I hope to see many of you as you return for homecoming weekend or perhaps some other football game this season. Finally, I also want to thank you on behalf of Fr. Ryan McCandless who is also realizing the blessings the Lord bestows on those of us who are fortunate enough to be called to be leaders here at St. Isidore's.

May God Bless All of You,

Fr. Gale Hammerschmidt

Welcome Back Weekend

August 19th and 20th brought the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year at St. Isidore's  This weekend at St. Isidore's is known as "Welcome Back Weekend" as hundreds of students pour back into the pews.  It is an exciting weekend to see all of the students back from their summer break and to hear about all of their summer adventures.  This year Father Gale dared all the students "to be bold, be knowledgeable, build relationships, and be filled with joy this school year."
Mass during Welcome Back Weekend

During the weekend 907 copies of "Rome Sweet Home" by Scott Hahn were handed  out to students  to be an aid in moments when they are
 chal lenged throughout the year, so they can  come to know and love Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.  Scott Hahn has dedicated his life to knowing and loving Scripture. It was through c oming to know and loving scripture that he realized he had no other option but to become Catholic after many years as a protestant pastor.  Graduate student Brittany Gleason said, "I really enjoyed that he [Scott Hahn] can trace each point of the Catholic faith back to Scripture.  That is something that is needed for us as Catholics."  Thank you to our generous donors who made it possible to share this message with the students of St. Isidore's.   

After Mass about 275 students filed into Newman Hall after the 4:00PM and 5:30PM Masses for our annual Welcome Back Picnic.  The Student Leadership team served BBQ sandwiches,
Enjoying BBQ sandwiches at the Welcome Back BBQ
chips, and cookies to the stud ents who attended and sign-ups for weekly Eucharistic Adoration, Freshmen and New Student Retreat and Intramurals were available.  The Student Leadership team assists with several activities throughout the year.  Some of the other events they help plan and promote are the monthly Source and Summit event, a monthly Dollar Dinner as well as several social activities during the Fall and Spring semesters including a Picnic at Tuttle Creek that took place on Friday September 1st with about 65 students in attendance.

Mass during Welcome Back Weekend
Mass during Welcome Back Weekend
Back to School Bash

FOCUS Missionaries have been busy  meeting and getting to know students at K-State.  While being a part of the Leadership Team Retreat, FOCUS Missionaries headed to the dorms throughout campus to help students move in.  

The Missionaries greeted students throughout campus on the first day of classes and gave them props to take "First Day of School" pictures to remember the first day of the 2017-2018 academic year.  Following classes, 150 students attended a Back to School Bash at the home of team leader, Alex Sanchez. All students were invited to sign up for bible studies that are held weekly by the missionary team at the end of the Masses held during Welcome Back Weekend.
Root Beer kegger at Freshmen and New Student Retreat

August continued to be busy getting to know students in different are as of campus as well as those students who are active at St. Isidore's.  FOCUS Missionary, Kelly Guilbeau, shared that, "t he students at K-State and St. Isidore's are truly something special. Many students have been praying for us and eagerly awaiting our arrival. So many of them are on fire for their faith, and we as a FOCUS team are excited to walk with them and make more disciples for Jesus Christ!"

 FOCUS hosted a Root Beer kegger on Friday evening of the Freshmen and New Student Retreat with over 200 freshmen and upper-classmen in attendance; and celebrated Labor Day with a Labor Day party with about 60 student attending.

Labor Day Party
The FOCUS team followed up with over 300 students who expressed interest in bible studies and held their first bible studies, after Labor Day.  "After just a few weeks of FOCUS being here, it's amazing to see how much of an impact the missionaries have already made on so many lives as well as mine," commented Helene Waldeck.
FOCUS Missionary Chad Leluex gives testimony at the Freshman & New Student Retreat
Dollar Dinner on August 27th
Dollar Dinners
Once a month, the St. Isidore's Student Leadership team hosts a Dollar Dinner on Sunday evening after the 5:30PM Mass.  As the name suggests, it is requested that students give a donation of just one dollar for dinner and dessert.  This is a very popular activity which promotes faith, fellowship and fun.  It is also helpful to many students who live in the dorms or Greek houses that don't provide dinner on Sunday evenings.  
Members of the permanent community serving dinner

This year the permanent community of St. Isidore's have come together and will be providing the meal the remaining of Sundays of the month for the students.  Rita Keating, permanent community member at St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center, said "I've been aware for some time that many of the permanent community members have wanted a way to stay connected with one another, as well as an opportunity to interact with the students, and this seemed to be a perfect fit."  The first Dollar Dinner of the year packed Newman Hall to capacity, and tables were set up after Mass in the foyer and outside in the parking lot to give the students a place to sit and enjoy their meal.  "Seeing the permanent community come support the students in such a giving way shows the genuine love they have for students," said junior Jordan Bartz.  
Daily Adoration
St. Isidore's has started a Daily Adoration hour from 9:30AM - 10:30AM where students can join Father Gale, Father Ryan, and the FOCUS Missionaries in quiet prayer as their schedule allows.   Fifth year student, Allison Pfeifer commented, "it is easy to get caught up in school and this allows me to begin my day in prayer and end it in prayer at 9:30PM Mass.  About two dozen students make their way in and out of the chapel during this hour of Adoration.

Homecoming Alumni Masses
If you are interested in serving at either the  9:30 or  11:00 Mass for Homecoming weekend -  Sunday,  October 22 - as either a Lector, a Minister of Hospitality, an EMHC, an Altar Server, or singing or playing an instrument in the choir, please contact Frank Schmeidler,  franks@stisidores.com785-539-7496, by  Friday, October 6.  We would love to have you minister with us again!
Dillon's Community Rewards
Each year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations earn millions of dollars through Dillon's Community Rewards (DCR)...simply by their supporters shopping at their stores and using their Shopper's Plus Card. You do not need to be local to register your card with St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center. Many may already support other schools, churches or organizations; please feel free to continue to support them. Others may not shop with Dillon's; we are not asking you to make a change. 
To enroll in the Dillon's Community Rewards Program:
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*To enroll in DCR, you must have a account and your Dillon's Plus Shopper's Card number. If you do not have a account, simply visit to sign-up (a valid email address will be required). If you do not have a physical Dillon's Plus Shopper's card with the number on it, you may use your alternate ID (phone number) when enrolling in the Community Rewards Program. If you do not have a Dillon's Plus Shopper's Card, you can request a digital card when registering for a account. Thank you for supporting St. Isidore's Catholic Student Center through the Dillon's Community Rewards Program. For questions regarding DCR, or assistance with re-enrollment or enrollment, please contact Jessica at
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