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Spring is around the corner, can you believe it?! This March issue will show you a few products which will be great to start introducing to your home as you patiently await Spring/Summers arrival.



clear pendant light    B-1  BALLARD 2

Ok, so what you are going to be seeing a lot of for Spring & Summer 2011 is the use of natural textured fabrics, and finishes. In terms of colors you will see the use of blues, turquoise, grey, beige, and taupe, white and rustic variations of brown. Think a very rustic oceanic polished look. Lots of metal & mirrored furniture will give the polished and/or contemporary look.  As for Lighting, you are going to start seeing the very simple clear glass lighting fixtures. I love them because they are like barely there lighting, bug impact without adding a heavy feel to the room. Can you envision some of the items enhancing the look of your home? I can!


1.z-end table  2.  z-turwuis panels  3. Clear Pendant Lights


4. damask accent chair 5.z-gallerie lantern6.Safari Rug Gray

7.Z-Turquis Stool8.Z-Palm Leaf Pic9.   chinese med cab





I adore the idea of these glass plant holders! They are awesome for displaying your plant in your home and they provide such a clean organic feel to any space. The best part is hanging them form you ceiling like a lighting fixture, how unexpected of a glass plant pot!



walker zanger tile 7        walker zanger tile 8

The Walker Zanger Tile( I line carried at Plush) featured this month is perfect for any home upgrades/renovations during the spring. Not to worry they are suitable for year round living as well. Its Moroccan pattern with bright & soothing colors will liven you up as you take your morning shower or make your morning coffee!



Z-Gallerie Hour Glass

I know you may not be expecting it but this hour glass is my latest obsession. Although the use of hour glasses during this high tech era can be seen as obsolete, I have found a use for them! They are cool for so many reasons, they are available with multi colored sand to fit any color scheme, and the classic, clean look allows it to fit with any d�cor/style! It's a win win!!!! Oh did I forget to mention it's a taste of the old world which we can all use during such a fast paste tech era! The charm of the Hour glass accent peace is just irresistible to me!




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More than an Interior Designer I create atmospheres and ambiances. I pride myself with not using design templates, or limiting my projects with a specific style/genre of design. I understand my clients are individuals, and that is brought to life with my attention to detail and the use of my client's individuality when constructing their design concepts.

 I founded PLUSH INTERIOR DESIGN 6yrs ago, and have been designing unique creative spaces ever since! I created this newsletter in order to share my love of interior design and keep you informed with the latest in home fashions.  I look forward to serving as your personal Interior Designer for all of your design dilemmas and hope to inspire you with my design tips & solutions.  Live "PLUSH"!


My Design Concepts are specifically constructed with the following attributes in mind.



The selection of colors, furniture, fabrics, accents, tiles, wall coverings, paintings etc used to define your space.



Making your space work for YOU based on the way you live and/or work.



Creating the atmosphere or ambiance you want to experience every time you enter your space.


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I know many are struggling with selling their home in this tough market, well you are in luck! I can help you sell your home with my Design Expertise, tricks of the trade and my Home Staging Services! I highlight your homes best assets and focal points while paying attention to your market, neighborhood, and potential buyers. Not to mention, I work cohesively with you and your Realtor in order to sell your property in a timely fashion while getting the asking price during this tough market. I don't stop there; I also apply my home fashion and ambiance creating techniques at your Open House to further increase your chances of a faster & more profitable sale.



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Home Staging Statistics

         Staged homes market 2 to 2.5 times quicker than un-staged ones

         Staged homes cost up to 17% above the price compared to an un-staged home

         Staged homes typically sell about 7% to 10% higher than the standard selling price

         Home staging is tax deductible


For Consultations, Appointments or to get an Estimate for your project you can reply to this Newsletter E-mail or:

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