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Carol Davidson - Red Glasses Looking RightAdmittedly I've got mixed feelings when it comes to the end of July. On one hand I celebrate my birthday.  (I'm all about the cake and candles and goodies to unwrap - smile.)  But on the other hand it means that the summer is more than half way over.  How has your summer been? 

Mine has been a busy, but accomplished one. On a personal note, Joel and I are finally through bathroom renovations and we are planning our next home project.  (Why is it when you spiffy up one area in your home, others seem to scream out for attention?)   Professionally I've been busy working with private clients to round out their summer wardrobes and start planning for fall. (It may s-e-e-m premature,but have you noticed fall clothing is starting to trickle into stores?)

Because summer seems to move with the speed of sound, it's important that we take the time to exhale and perhaps sneak in some 'away' time.  You don't have to travel far (Joel and I are heading out to Shelter Island in the next few weeks).  As long as you're away from your email, phone, and daily routine - it counts! 

Since a weekend getaway provides the perfect vehicle to rid your mind of work-related (or other) woes, why not consider leaving your laptop or iPad at home?  (I know...what a concept!)   For a stress-free trip, check out my quick and easy packing tips below.  There's a few things that should travel with you, but for me nothing is more important than SPF and a great pair of sunglasses.  I sat down with eyewear expert and owner of 10/10 Optics, Ruth Domber, to find out what to look for when choosing this essential wardrobe (and travel) item.

Wherever these remaining weeks of summer take you, I hope you'll take some time for yourself to enjoy the sunshine and slower pace. 

With warm and stylish regards,




Carol Davidson  

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Sunglasses - Where Fashion Meets Function

sunglasses I recently spoke with Ruth Domber of 10/10 Optics in NYC to get the scoop on what to consider when buying new sunglasses this season.  Combining style and safety is definitely the  way to go.  Even though many of us use our sunglasses to make a fashion statement, they function as our eyes' line of defense from the sun's damaging rays.

Fashionistas will be glad to know that we (both) advocate getting creative and playful with sunglasses!   According to Ruth, many of the eyeglass rules can be broken because you don't have to consider eyebrows or eye placement since they are hidden. Personality counts, so experiment  with different colors and shapes.  But the face shape guidelines still apply.  For example, you can balance a round face with the definition of a more angular frame, while a square face is often flattered by frames that have more rounded, softer lines.  Ruth adds that a larger frame is better for more coverage and polarized lenses will reduce glare.  Wraparounds are great if you will be on the water since you will bombarded with light from many angles.

Ruth also suggests trying on different color tints - the two most popular being warm brown and cool gray.  Let your preferences (and your personal coloring) dictate what's best.  The right choice will feel comfortable and will give the most accurate reading of stop light (red, yellow, green) color.

Don't forget about UV protection.   All glass lenses have UV protection; it's inherent in the material. But beware if you are participating in physical activity or sports, glass can be dangerous if you get hit in the face.  A better choice is "CR39" plastic lenses that have been coated for maximum UV protection.

For driving, Ruth feels that it is better to avoid wraparounds as they will reduce the amount of light and that's not good because "light equals sight."  Interestingly enough, a transition lens will not turn dark in the car, so she recommends using a dedicated non transitional sunglasses for driving.  Keep them in the car clipped to the visor for easy access.  It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway...Do not wear sunglasses while driving at night.  It's better to be safe than to look cool.

Ruth advocates that your sunglass wardrobe should consist of at least three pairs: clear, transitional and optimum use for the height of sun exposure.   She also cautions to beware of fake polarized sunglasses. They can really harm your eyes.  Why?  Because the dark tint will dilate pupils and let more light in without filtering out the UV rays. 
Do use common sense and wear your sunglasses often - especially when exposed to midday sun, in high altitudes, on the water or beach.  And of course whenever you want to look fabulous!

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Pack In A Weekend Getaway

With the warmer weather and slower pace of summer, there's no better time than now to take a short trip that can feel deliciously longer and provide a welcome break from the city (or your usual routine).  So why not take advantage of these remaining blissful weeks and get ready to scoot out of town at a moment's notice?  The trick is to know what to pack and be able to do it as effortlessly as possible.

Wardrobe guidance - When thinking about what clothes to bring, the goal is fewer items that can be mixed and matched. Pack everything around a color theme.  If you are leaving Thursday night returning on Monday (3 glorious days), pick 1 neutral and 2 complimentary colors that work back to your neutral (and each other).  Also make sure that either all the tops or all the bottoms are in solid colors, so you're not matching an animal print top with a floral print bottom.


Consider taking two more tops than the number of days you are staying.  So with our Thursday to Monday scenario,  that would mean five tops.  At this time of year, you might think about three to four T-shirts or blouses, one long-sleeved shirt and a cardigan or sweater. This combination will allow you to layer your tops depending on the weather (or air conditioning). You'll also want to make sure that one of the tops is long enough to double as a bathing suit cover up.  And yes, do bring a bathing suit even if you don't think you'll go into the water.  (This gives you permission to change your mind!)  That said, only pack your gym clothes only if you r-e-a-l-l-y think you'll exercise.


To lighten your suitcase, wear your favorite pair of jeans in transit.   Don't forget to pack two more bottoms or one more bottom and a dress.  A jersey wrap dress is a good travel companion, as it won't wrinkle easily and can be worn day or night.  If you are a fan of dresses, by all means add more of these to your travel bag, but do take away some of the separates.    


Shoes and other accoutrements -  Fashion is important, but so is comfort. Pack a shoe that you can walk in, plus another pair of comfortable, all-purpose shoes (like flats or strappy sandals) that can go from day to night. A flip flop provides a great option for the pool or beach and is easy to slip on for a quick coffee run or impromptu pedicure. I hate to be a killjoy, but for a long weekend no more than three footwear options are necessary. (This includes the pair you traveled in.)

As always, accessories are key. Try on your outfits in advance of your trip and see what accessories will be the most versatile with all your clothing. And don't forget one or two options (i.e. a dangling earring or sparkly necklace) that say 'evening.' In addition to a larger bag or tote, an
evening clutch is a smart addition.   Even if you're not planning to head to the beach or pool, sun glasses, sun protection and a good read are a must!

Life's little necessities -  Most lodging establishments have shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion, so only bring the toiletries that you cannot live without. If your favorite product does not come travel-sized, transfer a small amount into an empty travel-size, leak-proof container.  Don't forget your smart phone (how did we ever live without them?) but more importantly...Remember to snap a few photos to capture (and enjoy) your memories when you return.


To ensure a stress-fee exit, it's helpful to have a getaway checklist that you can refer to each time you go away.  The items you take may change depending on where you are going, but at least you will be reminded of everything you might need and will be less likely to forget something.  When you return home, note what you used.  If something wasn't used or needed, consider removing it for next time. 


My best travel packing advice?  Get going before summer's gone!

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Trade Secret

10 10 optics 10/10 Optics

50 Madison Avenue at 26th Street
New York, NY  10010

I love 10/10's philosophy.  They say, "your new glasses define your image, mark your presence, spotlight your best features, and allow you to see with the clarity and comfort you've always wanted."  I couldn't agree more.  What makes them so unique is their personalized service and expertise in finding the perfect eyewear.  Professionals trained in color, face shape, and other eyewear aesthetics are on hand to help you find the most flattering frames.  What's more, quad imaging provides images of you in different frames so that you can compare them side by side. (So smart!)  Not only will you come away with the perfect pair (or two or three), you'll have a lot of fun in the process!  Don't miss their special offer

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The early bird gets the worm...

And a 10% discount!   


Granted it's 85 degrees outside.  And you are probably busy enjoying your fair share of pool parties, barbeques and weekend getaways.  Ironically enough we are starting to see what's hot (no pun intended) for fall in magazines and in stores!   


Even though it may be the last thing on your mind, it's time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe.  Since post-Labor days schedules fill quickly, I encourage you to plan ahead and book your fall session now?   


Here's what I'm proposing...Schedule your fall image assessment, wardrobe review or personal shopping appointment(s) with me before August 15th and save 10%.  


Think of it this way - you are already saving money before the season even starts.  Well done!

For additional details, please contact Carol Davidson.

Offer expires 8/15/14

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