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Dear Friends of The Arc San Francisco:
In this issue of Friends of The Arc, we celebrate the progress of over 840 clients, as students, as employees and as advocates of their own health. Developmental disability is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be a barrier to success. Your support plays a huge role in our clients' achievements, and we thank you for believing in the potential of everyone we serve.
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-The Board, Staff and Clients of The Arc San Francisco
City College grad Subrina has a list of preschools where she is seeking a position as a teacher's aide.
  Subrina's Path to College: "You Just Have to Work for It."

"I love kids," Subrina says. "But  I knew I needed to go to school if I wanted a career working with them." Subrina, 26, started Early Childhood Education coursework at SF City College on her own. But then she hit a wall. With no computer at home and concerns about comprehension, she knew she needed to ask for help.
"So I reached out and became part of a study group at The Arc," she says, "and it was great." With learning aids such as highlighters plus flash cards created by her Education Navigation team, Subrina began to turn a corner on her studies, making a big difference in her life both in class and at home. "It's funny... I look at my nephew and other little kids his age now, and I understand them better. I know their developmental issues."
Today, Subrina is certified as a preschool teacher's aide. She and her Arc placement staff are working on finding the right position working with the young children who inspire her. And she's not letting anything get in her way. "If you want to go to college and get your dream job, you have to work for it," she says. "And if you need support--it's out there; you just have to ask for it."
Learn more about Subrina and other clients on the Arc Path to College by contacting Kristen Pedersen, Director of Education and Employment,

FAST FACT: Over 300 clients of The Arc SF in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties are accessing Continuing Education opportunities made possible by donors like you.



June (left) and her Arc Health Advocate Mike Rublin meet regularly to stay current on her health.


June and Mike: Taking Charge of Health and Wellness 

At 67, June feels she's entitled to spend her days the way she wants to, enjoying The Arc's Senior Program, socializing, selling her needlepoint and staying active. "You have to live for today, stand up for yourself and make the best of things," she states.
June says she learned that lesson early when, as a young child in a wheelchair growing up with seven other children, she had to fight for her share of food, space and attention. A fall during a seizure injured her left arm, and she uses a walker to get around. But she considers it a help, not a hindrance.
"I have a disability, but I think everyone does. Some people have seizures, some people think they're smarter than they really are. But we all need an advocate. That's why I like working with Mike," says June.
Her pragmatic approach to life is a great help to Mike Rublin, her Arc Health & Wellness Advocate. "June keeps a health journal and we review it together regularly so I can help her address any concerns," says Rublin. "Our R.N. is on-site when we need her, plus I am in touch with the nurse where June lives. Together, we coordinate preventive screenings, medication adjustments and doctor appointments," he says. "If we can proactively improve our clients' access to health care, we can go a long way toward ensuring seniors like June enjoy their lives and live as independently as possible."   
Learn more about The Arc San Francisco Health and Wellness Services by contacting Director Jennifer Dresen at 
844 clients are currently supported at The Arc San Francisco. 
161 clients currently receive Health Advocacy Case Management services. 
Aging and Adults with Developmental Disabilities:
  • Have complications due to lifelong medications (seizure, osteoporosis meds)  
  • Have unanticipated musculoskeletal and organ system disorders
  • (With Down syndrome) Higher incidence of early onset Alzheimer's disease
  • Higher incidence of vision, hearing and dental problems
  • Low fitness and higher incidence of obesity

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Dana takes a break from his security guard duties at SF MOMA.
 Look but Don't Touch: The Fine Art of Protection at MOMA
"I understand kids want to touch everything. But adults?" Dana smiles and shakes his head, wondering why people can't resist trying to touch everything at the newly reopened SF Museum of Modern Art.
For MOMA security guards like Dana, there's a lot of art to worry about. After three years of planning and construction, the museum's new expansion opened in May with an additional 235,000 square feet to accommodate over 33,000 works of art in double the museum's gallery space.
Before his new job at the museum, Dana was part of The Arc SF internship program at the California Academy of Sciences. He greeted guests, took tickets, gave directions, helped lost children and built a solid resume in customer relations with help from Arc Employment Services staff.
"He had the right stuff for the job," says his supervisor at the museum Walter Cooper, "and I'm glad we added him to our team at MOMA."
"People love to see all the paintings and sculpture and everything. I like it too, but I'm here to protect it--and to earn my paycheck," says Dana.
For more information about Arc internships and employment services, contact Colin Celio, Assoc. Director of Employment Services, at .
Over 840 clients are currently supported at The Arc SF. 312 are currently employed. 38 placements of Arc clients have been made since January 1, 2016 with 8 full-time jobs and 7 new employers. 4 clients are starting new jobs this month at Project Inform, SFMOMA, Cumaica Coffee and American Grilled Cheese Kitchen These companies already employ our clients and are adding more staff in new roles. Well done Arc Placement team, Job Coaches, employer partners and qualified Arc candidates! Hire your next client from The Arc SF.
95% Rate of employer satisfaction with The Arc San Francisco


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