August 3, 2017
Taking Positive Steps to Protect our ʻĀina
For the City to do our part in promoting sustainability to protect  and preserve  our natural increasingly fragile  environment, I recently introduced  Bill 71 , which encourages local businesses and restaurants to help protect our lands and ocean by ditching the use of hazardous oil-based polystyrene (aka Styrofoam), and switching to more earth-friendly biodegradable & compostable food containers. 
For years, polystyrene  food service containers have littered our oceans, parks and outdoor spaces, while creating hazardous impacts to our environment, ecosystem and health.  This is why community members, local organizations and businesses are stepping up to support alternative options and adopt practices that are sustainable for our earth.   Click here to learn about "Ocean Friendly Restaurants Hawaii" - a list of restaurants committed to proper recycling practices and utilizing compostable & recyclable takeout containers.  

Protecting and preserving our island home is not an isolated effort.  Maui County, as well as  as major cities across the nation such as Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. are in the process of implementing similar ordinances.

As we move forward, my priority is to continue to improve how the City addresses environmental impacts.   An ongoing goal is to make sure that our island home is a sustainable place for all of our ohana & keiki.  With your support, we can all have a happy, healthier place for our future generations.

Share Your Testimony re: Bill 71
Your support & testimony is needed!  Bill 71 will be up for first reading at the August 9th Full Council Meeting.   To submit written testimony, email me at .  

I also invite you to attend the Full Council Meeting to share your testimony in person:
Date : August 9, 2017
Time : 10:00 a.m.
Location Honolulu Hale 3rd Floor Council Chambers 
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