May 17, 2018
Dan's Blog
Last Friday was one of those days where the benefits of parents sending their children to St. Louise School and the benefits of my faculty and I choosing Catholic education for our vocations were never so evident!

Just prior to Friday's Mass with Grandparents, some of Mrs. LB's music students were proudly and joyfully standing up in front of the congregation during the prelude, singing a song while doing sign-language and movements to visually demonstrate the song's message of joy in knowing and loving God. It was inspiring to see their energy and evangelization-type artistry.
At this Mass, our 2nd graders were coming straight off studying for and preparing their hearts to receive First Communion the week prior, and they were so excited to be able to receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time at a school Mass. The entire congregation celebrated in their special occasion.
I watched our 8th grade ministers serve at Friday's Mass, doing everything from running the sound system, to ushering at Communion, to lecturing from the ambo. The reverence that our 8th graders show when they are up at the altar as ministers is very noticeable, and our hope is this love for serving in ministry will rub off as these students move on to high school and young adulthood. Although we know young people leave the Church in big numbers during and after their teenage-years, it's also a fact that Catholic school graduates are more involved in the Church than adults who never attended a Catholic school.

Last Friday, besides welcoming so many grandparents to our campus, we also welcomed a family with three kids in grades 3, 5, and 7 who will be transferring to us this September from South Carolina. They were here to give their children a chance to visit their new school before the family moves here over the summer. Our 3rd, 5th, and 7th graders were so gracious and friendly with their soon-to-be new classmates. I watched our students welcome the visitors and later play with them at recess. I always brag to new families that "we have the nicest kids at St. Louise!"

Similar to the account of the new kids being greeted, Friday was when our newly hired 5th grade teacher, Joellyn Jaster, visited the school with her husband, as they will be moving from California this summer. When I walked Mrs. Jaster around campus, I stopped at a few classrooms to introduce her. When I went up to the 4th graders to introduce her, the class was all smiles as they said hello. What was very impressive is three children on their own walked out of the line of students, came up to Mrs. Jaster with their outstretched hands for a handshake, and gave words of greeting such as, "Welcome to St. Louise" and "Nice to meet you." I don't think some 20-year-olds would have the manners and grace to do this, let alone many 10-year-olds. That was a proud moment to witness.
These above descriptions of events that took place last Friday - not to mention the love your kids showed through their heartfelt letters written to their grandparents, followed by them proudly showing off their school to grandma and grandpa - helped illustrate the values of and outcomes obtained from a Catholic school education.
A variety of our school's Student Learning Expectations were accomplished just by reflecting on what took place on one solitary Friday. These SLEs  are expectations your children should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School. And last Friday, I saw so many of your kids exhibiting more than half of our twelve SLEs. These seven expectations were evident within a matter of hours on our campus:
  • A St. Louise student is an active Christian who seeks to develop a personal relationship with God as demonstrated by living out Gospel values and participating in liturgies, sacraments, and daily prayer. (SLE #1.1)
  • A St. Louise student is an active Christian who knows Roman Catholic teachings and traditions and has a working knowledge of the Bible. (SLE #1.2)
  • A St. Louise student is an active Christian who actively participates in the service for which God calls us. (SLE #1.3)
  • A St. Louise student is a life-long learner who communicates effectively through writing, speaking, and listening. (SLE #2.2)
  • A St. Louise student is a life-long learner who exhibits enthusiasm for learning, including the ability to connect learning with life experiences. (SLE #2.3)
  • A St. Louise student is a well-balanced individual who practices positive social skills by taking responsibility for one's own actions and showing respect. (SLE #3.1)
  • A St. Louise student is a community member who accepts leadership roles and collaborates with others. (SLE #4.3)
We now prepare to graduate another class of 8th graders; their Commencement Ceremony will be in just three weeks, on June 7. The St. Louise Class of 2018 have distinguished themselves as being a fine group of young men and women who not only have achieved all 12 of our Student Learning Expectations, but will no doubt move forward in high school, college, and beyond to accomplish great deeds and do wonderful things! We are proud of them, and want to thank their parents for partnering with us - some for the past nine years. When these parents chose St. Louise School in 2009 or later, they were agreeing to our school's philosophy statement. Within that statement, I can affirm we have accomplished this with our 47 soon-to-be high schoolers: 
"The primary purpose of St. Louise Parish School is to assist our families in the formation of their children as faith-filled people while providing a quality education.... We strive to form a community in which the presence of God is deeply experienced, and to promote serving others as modeled by Jesus."
I want to thank for one final time, these parents of 8th graders who will be graduating their youngest or only child on the 7th, as the faculty and I are so appreciative of their years of support and will miss them:
Terry & Regina Aiello; Leanne Arsenian; Luis & Maria Baquero Aviles; Michelle Baker; Don Baker; Elwell & Mary Anne Taasan Baradi; Herma Bange; Philip Bange; Matt & Michelle Bomberger; Brian & Conne Bruce; Paul & Ina Canimo; Jim & Gail Cunneely; Jim and Paulina Geiger; Damian & Maria Golden; Justin & Emilena Heinitz; Dick & Sheila Hess; Andreas & Lara Kammereck; Joe & Jennifer Kosiara; Jenny Lisk; Cesar Galindo & Zandra Navarro; Chris & Shilo O'Connor; Eric & Luisa Orejana; Robert & Sonya Orleth; Huong Nguyen & Hung Phan; Sorin & Maria Rotar; Kevin & Stephanie Steele; Dan & Gina Tylutki; Karl & Lisa Westby.
Finally, this Thursday morning, I will be sending each school family via a separate email a link to our online Parent Survey. This will be the final survey of the year, and this one will focus on just one topic - school safety and security. Please spend 10 minutes answering the survey before it closes next Thursday the 24th.  
Thanks for reading, 
Mr. Fitz
The Auction procurement deadline for 2018-19 families is coming up - May 31! If you have any questions about the what/when/how of procuring, please contact Julianne Read.

The deadline for making sure your profit earned through Charger Cards purchases hits at least the minimum amount for the 2017-18 school year is a month away! If you are not sure if you are going to make that minimum profit figure, or need help with understanding Charger Cards, please contact Megan Kirk.

Finally, the Annual School Gift Campaign is perhaps the simplest required fund raiser we have - a straight appeal for donations. If you have yet to donate to the 2018 ASGC (which was kicked-off in January, and in which families need to have at least an initial pledge made by now if they'll be paying installments), please contact Cindy Wagner immediately to confirm your participation.

Thank you for fulfilling your commitments and supporting your child's school! We couldn't run St. Louise without your financial and volunteer help!
Upcoming Calendar of Events  


Saturday, May 19
  • Auction Deck Party, 6-8PM - sold out!
  • Bake Sale outside of church after Saturday night's and Sunday morning's Masses to support our junior high activities

Wednesday, May 23
  • Try-Outs for the 2019 School Musical, 3-5PM (for more information, contact Mrs. LB) 

Thursday, May 24
  • Donor Appreciation Party
  • Parent Survey closes

Friday, May 25
  • StL Hats allowed to be worn indoors today
  • Charger Cards fee-free week ends today


    St. Louise Mother Son Event ~ Sunday, June 10th, starting at 12PM ~ Moms & Sons, get ready to team up with your fellow moms & sons as you navigate a series of challenging problems that will stretch your intellect and physical being!   See details in the article below.
Come Join the Mentor Team

         While we are busy ensuring all of this school year's commitments are completed, let's take a moment to think of new families preparing to join St. Louise School this coming Fall. You surely remember back when you were newly enrolling in our school and needed to make all the preparations to transition to this wonderful community - and with it came many questions!
          Join the Mentor Team and support new families with comforting basic information. Be that familiar face and easy-to-turn-to online support to assist as needed during their integration from May through the Fall, and beyond.
           Mentor hours count towards your volunteer commitment (for this school year or next), and it is a great way to meet and welcome new friends. For more information on how you can mentor a family - preferably with a child in the same grade level as your own - please reach out to one of our Mentor Coordinators right away: Daisy Mendes or Laura Bonner

 See the green flyer in last week's Family Envelope for more details.
The End-of-the-School-Year Approaches

            Following are the various commitments school parents must make sure are fulfilled and the tasks parents must verify are completed before the school year ends in mid-June and summer vacation begins. This handy checklist of tasks and deadlines will help you assess if you are all set to wrap-up the year in a few weeks, or if you have to finish up assignments.
___ By May 31, turn in to the school office your Auction procurement form - minimum $225 donation. (Please note that the minimum requirement increases to $275 after May 31.) You may also complete your procurement online.
___ Go above-and-beyond with the Auction by procuring $350 or more and earning Free Dress for your kids and/or by purchasing Tuition Raffle Tickets and perhaps winning the half-off-tuition prize. Find out more here.
___ By June 15, if you haven't done so yet, log in your final Volunteer Hours completed for this 2017-18 school year until you reach the 40 hour minimum. By the way, i f you will be unable to complete your family's 40 hour volunteer commitment, you may pay for the hours at rate of $18.50 per hour online here. If you wish to pay by check you may drop off your payment to the office.
___ By June 15, inform Lola or Mindy in the school office if there is an error on your family information draft page for our 2018-19 family roster. (You received this draft page in last week's red Family Envelope.)
___ By June 15, have your minimum amount of Charger Card profits/contributions completed. You may find more information on Charger Cards here.
___ By June 15, have at least your initial pledge to the Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) sent in to school. You may send in a check or choose to give online here. After logging in, click on the "Give a New Gift" link and then choose "ASGC."
___ By June 18, sign-up for your volunteer job(s) you're interested in for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. You'll be able to sign-up online in soon when our 2018-19 jobs are posted  here. Check back shortly.
Thanks for getting these items checked-off ASAP!
In addition, please note that your final monthly tuition payment for this current school year will be paid automatically through EFT on June 20, and new automatic bank payments for the new school year will begin on July 20. Contact Amy Thielman if you have tuition questions.
If you have questions on any other of the above tasks and deadlines, please click below to take you to the email address of the person in charge of the various programs/commitments:

Thanks for all the time, talent, and treasure you give to St. Louise School in order to help us operate! 
 We Love Our Volunteers
Thanks to Shawna Shaules and Liz DeBord for overseeing our Hospitality Committee, including serving at last Friday's Grandparents' Mass Reception. We also appreciate all those who assisted them with baking and serving for our grandparent-guests: Doreen Greene, Tina Tsao, Elisa Engel, Rebecca Ort, Ashley Dickinson, Taryn Reed, Anna Jung, Shannon Stevens, Annabelle Gegus, Nicholle Mineiro, Jennifer Magnusen, Sasha Lindgren, Joanne Tang, Suzie Sollars, Michelle Cone, Kelly D'Ambrosio Tarun Ratnam, Gabriela Gonzalez, Sarah Pierce, Colleen Nowak.

Thanks to our volunteer head landscaper, Jeffrey Hummer, and all those who helped him beautify the parish and school grounds at last Saturday's Spring Spruce-Up: Ken Kincaid, Arturo Diaz, Frank Buysse, Nicholle Mineiro, Joe Pacheco, Paulina Geiger-Lazo, John Yuen, Barb Keefe, Dick & Sheila Hess, Brian Nartates, Steve Greene, Hung Phan, Suzanne Clark, Shyam & Seema Prakash, Sabitha Abraham & KB Milton, Megan Kirk, Cesar & Zandra Galindo Navarro, Maria Golden, Maria Rotar.


Literally hundreds of grandparents "invaded" our campus last Friday... and we loved it! Below, Elina showed her grandmother around during the reception after Mass. Above, Beckett and Griffin's grandparents were proud to be invited to their grandkids' school.



Hello, St. Louise Families!

Thank You
By the time we reach the actual auction date one thing you will be tired of hearing me say is that we have the most dedicated, engaged and generous families. In my line of work, it is truly one of the greatest blessings to see. This week, we have received such wonderful sponsorships, volunteer engagement and fantastic donations for our event in November! I am so grateful to all of you - thank you!

Our volunteers have made stellar contributions this week - thank you to Cindy Wagner and  Shannon Stevens for their help selling glassybabys, Cheryl Sutton, Marian Zappala, and Julian Maney for selling Raffle tickets, Gabby Schmidt, Megan Kirk and Shannon Stevens for procurement item data entry, former student Erin Harvey for organizing and copying, and Laura Leach for all of the website updates!

This week, I'm happy to share some wonderful news -  iSpot donated at the Golden Charger level, Advanced Orthodontics at the Silver level, and  Han Santos and the Woelfl Family at the Bronze level! Thank you also to the Curran, Kirby, and McCulloch Families who all joined our Charger Underwriters Club!  Thank you all so much for your contributions supporting our community! 

2 Ways to Grow Your Procurement & 4 Things You Need to Know about It's A Wonderful Life at St. Louise!
The 2 Ways to Grow Your Procurement Donation:
1) Matching: Find out if your company has a matching program. If they do, you can double your gift to St. Louise. Ask your HR department, or visit your company's intranet site to find out more. We routinely receive matching gifts from Microsoft, Boeing and many other companies.
2) Charger Cards: If you need to meet your end of year Charger Card requirement, use those purchases to support the auction and buy cards to donate. We are really in need of Disney, airline and car rental cards, pizza and Red Robin. And remember, you can take advantage of Credit Card Fee-Free week early and make that purchase this week or next!
The 4 Things You Need To Know for Next Week:
1) Make a Sponsorship or Underwriting donation next week and your child(ren) will receive a candy treat on Friday the 25th! You can make your donation via check or by clicking here.
2) Tuition Raffle tickets are available, but going fast! Purchase them at $50 each or 3 for $125. Only 200 will be sold, so this is a great opportunity to have a chance to win half-tuition for the 2018 - 2019 school year! Sales of tickets take place every Friday morning outside the Charger Card office! Drawing will take place on 6/15.
3) If you cannot make it to Saturday's Deck Party, but want to take advantage of all of the special deals offered, find a friend who is going and send your credit card or check info with them so they can purchase for you!
4) Please continue procuring and finding items to donate even after the May 31st deadline. Finding a great item over the summer is still a benefit to how much we can raise at our November 10th event!

Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director
Sign Up for Soccer Now

Registration is now open for CYO Soccer to any St. Louise children who will be entering Kindergarten through 8th grade in September.
It's not too early to begin planning for soccer, since teams must be registered before school starts! Soccer practices and games for all grades will begin on or before the first week in September.
You may sign up your upcoming grade K-8 (current grade PK-7) student-athletes HERE.
Parents who are interested in coaching soccer at any grade level, please contact St. Louise Soccer Coordinators, Christie Allemand and Maria Kelly-Doggett at and register as a coach HERE.
Please reach out to Christie and Maria if you have any questions.
 Volunteer Opportunity
         Our St. Louise Athletic Board is looking for volunteers to shadow the current Soccer Coordinators for our grade K-8 CYO program. You would learn about the tasks of this position this summer and fall, and then be handed the baton to take over in the summer of 2019. If you are interested in learning more about the Soccer Coordinator position, please contact current coordinators Maria and Christie.

 Summer Work
Recommended for Some Students & Required for Others
          The teachers have prepared both recommended and required Summer Work for your children entering grades K-8 in the fall. The recommended math work is to beat the "summer slump" that develops if kids don't keep their brains engaged. The recommended reading for
the primary and intermediate grade students and required summer reading assignments for current grade 5-7 students is important to stretch throughout all three summer months.
          Please don't allow your child to read all the books or complete all the work math work the first weeks of vacation so he/she is done before the 4th of July. Similarly, please don't allow your child to procrastinate and wait until the last week in August to work on them. Spread out the work throughout June/July/August, making it a comprehensive summer of refresher-learning - just as someone training for a race would run a few miles each day, and not just sprint all the miles on only the first day or last day of training.
          A hard copy of Summer Work was sent home last week. For a soft copy, go HERE.
Book Fair Supports our Library

The 2018 Scholastic Book Fair held in our school library last week was a huge success. Thank you to all the St. Louise families for your support and generosity in this fundraising event. Mrs. McIntosh, who ran the book fair, reports the sales were $10,600, and our St. Louise library will receive half of this total - $5,300 - to purchase new books for our students' book circulation. What a great way to help keep our library current with up-to-date titles, from all genres, for the students to enjoy.
          The success of this year's book fair was due to all the amazing helpers who volunteered their time. A big thank you
goes to Veronique Tano, Anna Jung, Ruth Kerschbaumer, Carolyn Yepez, Angela Fernandez, Kristina Yumul-Abueg, Sharon Victor, Amy Manne, Michelle Kujath, Tina Tsao, Trinette Kuester, Alice Shaw, Marinell Zevenbergen, Gabriella Schmidt, and Jeannie Vahlsing.

Two More Track Meets Remain

          Our St. Louise Track & Field Team has two more CYO competitions. The Qualifying Meet is this Saturday, May 19th, at 10:00am at Highline Stadium (251 S. 152nd St., Burien). Then the Championship Meet is Saturday, June 2, with the All-Comers at 10:00am  and the Championship at 12:00pm. This is also at Highline Stadium.
          Go, Chargers!


From the St. Louise Class of 2017, Trevor Tang, Katherine Gooding and Kate Wilken (L to R) were all inducted into the National Honor Society at Sammamish High School. The three qualified because they each had 3.7 or above GPAs, strong recommendations from teachers, and completion of a student essay which included their list of recent community service.  Now that they have been inducted in the National Honor Society (NHS), Trevor, Katherine, and Kate need to maintain their GPA, participate in five NHS-sponsored or connected service projects annually, complete 20 additional hours of community service per school year, attend monthly meetings, and demonstrate strong leadership and character.  Different high schools may have slightly different requirements, but it's obvious that to be inducted into the NHS and to remain a member, a student must be a hard worker and of upstanding character!

See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page