April 19, 2018
Dan's Blog
Let me start off with an important announcement.... We need two very organized and detail oriented people to take over the running of our Charger Cards Program AND earn 50% tuition reduction for each parent.
Our Parents' Club is looking for two new Charger Cards co-chairs to begin immediately to learn how to run this fund raiser, and then take over the program in August for a minimum commitment of two years (the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years). Shadowing of current Charger Card chair, Megan Kirk, would take place now so that you are well prepared to step in to the role of co-chair by August, when Megan steps down after her time running the program. Some of the co-chairs' work can be done remotely, but some must be done at school, such as order processing and Friday morning window sales.  The time commitment varies seasonally, but averages eight hours per week, per co-chair. Attention to detail and organizational skills are a must, and strength in working with numbers and providing customer service is a plus. It helps if one of the co-chairs knows Excel and QuickBooks. Each chair position earns a 50% tuition reduction for each co-chair's child.  Another benefit of chairing the Charger Cards program is that it is a great way to interact with our St. Louise community and make a positive impact in an important school program. You can find a friend and apply together, or apply independently and the Parents' Club will help pair up a co-chair with you.  If you are interested or have questions on the position, please contact Megan or Kelly Miller, incoming Parents' Club President.
By running Charger Cards, the Parents' Club raises funds which benefit the school. One benefit are the "Enrichment Grants" the Parents' Club pays for. These grants are requests by teachers to the Parents' Club each fall to consider paying for special programs the teachers would like to bring to school to enhance your children's education. Many of you have had your children's education enhanced with visiting authors brought to our library, "Living Voices" actors brought to our social studies classes, and musical acts performing in our parish hall. It is also a Parents' Club-funded Enrichment Grant which is paying for this coming Tuesday's special assemblies.

On Tuesday, Taproot Theatre's Road Company will be presenting two dynamic educational plays about relevant social issues and provide your kids with safe steps to approach them. Parents' Club is funding Taproot Theatre to travel to the St. Louise Parish Hall to perform Alexandra and the Dragon for grades K-5, and Cyber Zoo:  It's Nothing Personal for grades 6-8.  Dealing with social issues, bullying, and disrespect is not always easy. Taproot Theatre productions equip students with the skills they need to resolve social problems and form lasting friendships. Thank you to the Parents' Club for the generous grant that makes this educational and entertaining experience possible. You may learn more about the two performances HERE.

Thanks for reading, 
Mr. Fitz
In last week's Family Envelope, you received your very own packet of information for our November 2018 Auction. You'll hear the theme "It's a Wonderful Life St. Louise" a lot over the next eight months, and what a fitting sentiment!
Most of the papers and forms in your Auction packet had to do with auction procurement. "Procurement" is a fancy way to say "get us some nice donations." It actually comes from the Latin "pro" - meaning "forward" - and "curare" - meaning "take care of." This explains why it's only April, but we already want you to step forward and take care of your commitment of getting donations for November's Auction.
We ask you current school families to turn in your minimum required value of $225 in goods or services of auction procurements/donations by the early deadline of May 31. (New families joining St. Louise in the fall have a September deadline.)
If you miss this early deadline of May 31, late procurements/donations will be asked to increase the minimum required value to $275. So not only is there a financial incentive to start procuring now and getting in your donations by May, but there are practical reasons for doing so. The summer months and September are already so hectic for families with children, and in addition, many businesses begin their charitable donations calendar in January and run out of their donation allotment halfway through the calendar year (i.e. June). If you approach businesses now, you'll have a better chance they'll still have something to donate. And to further entice you to start your procuring now, our Auction director Julianne is offering a prize for all those who go above and beyond and procure/donate items by May 31st which are at least $350 in value. Details on what prize you'll get are named in your Auction packet. And if you're not able to put your finger on that packet right now, I'll make it easy on you. Click HERE.
Thank you for starting now to procure for It's a Wonderful Life. I'm looking forward to St. Louise parents once again working hard for a successful Auction!
Upcoming Calendar of Events  
  • Bake Sale - proceeds benefit junior high activities

  • StL Black Hat Day - students may wear their black StL hat indoors today
  • Coffee & donuts in the Auction office after morning drop-off

Tuesday, April 24
  • Taproot Theater Assemblies in parish hall to teach social skills; thanks to Walk-a-Thon proceeds for paying for these; grades 6-8 attend at 8:45; grades K-5 at 10:15; parents are welcome to sit in
  • CYO Track practices begin

 Saturday, April 28
  • Spring Spruce-Up, 8AM-12PM; meet outside the north wing of the original school with your yard gloves, wheelbarrows, rakes, weed-digging tools, etc.


Friday, May 11 
  • Mass with Grandparents, 9AM; followed by reception at school

Saturday, May 19
  • Auction Deck Party, 6-8PM; RSVP here (limited childcare is available, so if you want to take advantage, please RSVP immediately and let us know the # and ages of your kids)

Hello, St. Louise Families!
Here are the 3 things you need to know about It's " A Wonderful Life at St. Louise" this week:
1. Our Annual Deck Party will be Saturday, May 19, from 6-8pm. Don't miss your chance to sign up early for high demand parties, purchase Auction night tickets at a discounted price, and more! RSVP today either via the evite you received via separate email, or by sending a note to We are offering childcare this year! Spaces are limited so please RSVP now to take advantage of this benefit!
2. Procure! Donate! Underwrite! Purchase! Thank you to the families who have completed their Procurement/Donation forms and have already turned them in! Click HERE to refer to the Family packet, complete our online Procurement/Donation form, or review any Wish Lists or requirements! Consider purchasing Charger Cards to Nordstrom, Amazon, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma to donate to the big event this year.
3. Thank You! A BIG THANK YOU to Gaby Gonzalez and Marian Zappala for putting together our procurement contest prizes last week! Also, thank you to Marinell Zevenbergen for bringing doughnuts for our Coffee & Doughnuts Friday in the Parent Lounge/Auction Office last week. And, thank you to Sheldon Sequeria, Jackie Munson, Annelise Kertson, Mari Sullivan, Wendy Blank, Arlene Isaaksen, Edna Hewitt, Krissy Ledesma, Gaby Gonzalez, Marian Zappala and Megan Kirk for stopping by and/or working so hard to pull together great auction experiences! And finally, thank you to Amy Manne for taking on the Committee Chair role of Parties and Sign Ups! Welcome Amy!
Stop by tomorrow morning for coffee and doughnuts in the Parent Lounge/Auction office! And, if you find you cannot stop by in the morning, I'm working on getting an evening option going too. I'll keep you posted.
Thank you so much to this wonderful community - your energy, dedication and generosity to the auction continues to warm my heart. We're all so fortunate to be here!
Visit the Auction website for all auction information, plus, you can fill out your procurement forms online this year!
Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director
Chess Team Brings Home 1st Place Trophy

         Last weekend, four members from the St. Louise Chess Club attended the St. Anne Chess Tournament in Seattle. In the K-1 U800 Division, Dane Milton and Rachel Sloss helped St. Louise earn the 1st place team trophy. In the 2-3 U800 Division, Christopher Antezana and Nathan Victor participated.
Congratulations to these four St. Louisers for giving their best efforts in their challenging groups and representing St. Louise school very well! Thanks to their coach, Oscar Antezana.
Please Wear Your Nametag

As Mr. Fitzpatrick mentioned last month in the Parent Bulletin, the parish staff transitioned this winter to a green-colored lanyard/nametag system so their employees are more identifiable. Our school staff has now done the same - with each teacher, instructional assistant, Kids' Club staff supervisor, school administrator, and office staff member now wearing the green-colored lanyard as shown at right, along with their nametag.

We hope this will help those of you who don't know teachers/staff by sight (because they don't work in your child's grade levels) as you see them walk around the grounds or into buildings. It should have the added benefit of proving hospitable to visitors who will know whom to immediately approach if they walk on campus and seek direction. 

, SCHOOL PARENTS! We need you to please remember to follow our procedures:
Pl ease follow these procedures whenever you are here at school to visit.   Only then - after wearing a yellow nametag - are parents, grandparents, and other visitors then permitted to walk the school hallways or step onto the playground at recess. Thank you for working with us!   (Wearing a nametag is not necessary for large events such as school Masses or concerts, or if immediately and straightaway dropping off or picking up your child.)
Last Chance to Join Track & Field

Registration is open HERE for all 4th through 8th graders to join the St. Louise Track & Field team, and it is closing soon.  Track practices will begin this Tuesday, April 24, and will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm at Odle Middle School. 
Track Meets will be:
  • Preliminary: Saturday, May 5
  • Relay Meet: Saturday, May 12
  • 8th Grade Pentathlon: Sunday, May 13
  • Qualifying: Saturday, May 19th
  • Championship: Saturday, June 2
If you need a track t-shirt please mark the applicable box when registering.  The t-shirts are $10 and are needed for the meets.  They are the same as last year, so if you already have one from last year, you don't need to purchase another one.  If you have questions, please contact Amy Wilken, CYO track coordinator.

Way to Go, Chargers!

          Four of our volleyball teams made the CYO Playoffs! They begin first-round tournament play with the following schedule:
  • Our 8th grade boys' volleyball team has their playoff game tomorrow night at 7PM at Holy Family in Kirkland.
  • Our 8th grade girls play at 10AM Saturday here at St. Louise.
  • Our 7th grade boys play at 1PM Saturday at St. Francis in Burien.
  • Our 6th grade girls play at 1PM Saturday at St. Luke in Shoreline.    

Get to a gym and cheer on the Chargers!

The Parish Is Hiring

St. Louise Parish seeks an ideal team player to serve as Pastoral Assistant for Junior High Youth Ministry. The successful candidate will be an active, practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church; enthusiastic in evangelizing middle school youth; have three years of successful experience in youth ministry including two years coordinating a Confirmation program; excited about preparing youth to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation; some formal training in theology or systematic catechesis; highly motivated with excellent interpersonal skills; able to lead teams of volunteers effectively. Competitive salary and excellent benefits in accordance with Archdiocesan guidelines. Contact Jonathan Taasan for more information and application packet. Open until filled.

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