May 31, 2018
Dan's Blog
If you are the parent of a grade 2 through 8 student, your child is bringing home today his/her MAP Growth test results. MAP Growth is a computer adaptive test of math, reading, and language (grammar and writing) that students take nationwide, and the Seattle Archdiocese has mandated for all Catholic elementary schools to take in grades 2-8 up to three times per year. St. Louise has chosen to take these only two times annually - once in the fall and once in the spring. Your 2nd through 8th grade child's test results coming home today in a sealed envelope are accompanied by a cover letter from me, explaining how to interpret the scores.
Please remember that MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) scores are just one data point that teachers use to determine how a student is performing. Please do not fret over these scores but use them as one of many ways to assess how your child is progressing in the areas of math, reading, and language. There are so many other ways to assess your child's progress - daily homework assignments, quiz scores, end-of-unit tests, teachers' comments at conferences, etc. Plus, the MAP Growth test does not assess your child in the areas of science, social studies, physical education, religion, the arts, or in the all-important areas of social skills and faith formation development.
If you want proof that your child is receiving a high quality, Catholic education, don't dwell on the score on the math or reading portion of the MAP. Instead, look for evidence that your child is strengthening his/her relationship with God, is learning how to see Christ in all classmates, and is placing a value on being a kind, caring person. Unfortunately, these outcomes are impossible to prove objectively with a test. Perhaps we can subjectively verify these outcomes are taking place when we look at a school Mass where one class does an admirable job leading the student body in prayer. Or perhaps evidence that our students are picking up essential Christian values will be assessed by Mrs. Legnon and Mrs. McKenna reporting back to me tomorrow after recess on how some students demonstrated sportsmanship when playing soccer. I happen to know one way I assess if our students are achieving the desired outcome of developing into kind, caring persons is to listen to the substitute teachers who come here to teach and also sub in other schools. I consistently and unsolicitedly hear them say a variation of praise such as: "Of all the students I teach in the various schools, St. Louise students are definitely the nicest kids!"
Moreover, each year, our 8th grade graduates are accepted into all the Catholic high schools (Seattle Prep, Holy Names, Eastside Catholic, O'Dea, etc.), and this is no small task, as these schools, which have limited space each year in their incoming freshmen classes, turn down hundreds of students who aren't able to score well on their entrance tests and/or do not display impressive report card marks and comments. However, the Catholic high schools constantly report to us how impressed they are with St. Louise students. Our exceedingly high acceptance rate of our graduates into these highs schools provides further evidence that we have a strong program that develops strong students.
St. Louise School's purpose is to educate your children's hearts as well as their minds. As teachers and parents, we need to put our first emphasis on developing good kids and second in importance on developing smart kids. So, with all my diminishing of the importance of standardized tests such as MAP Growth, why does our school still have our students take them? To be honest, one reason is simply because the Archdiocese wants all the Catholic elementary schools in Western Washington to take them so they can use our impressive results for promotional purposes and to garner grants from foundations. Additionally, we believe assessments help prepare your children for future big tests they will take, such as high school entrance exams and later their SAT/ACT tests. Another way MAP Growth helps the teachers and me is it allows us to review both the individual and grade level results and find specific areas in our curriculum that either individual students or an entire grade of students could improve upon. Furthermore, these test results motivate our teachers to continue to work at their never-ending quest to perfect their instructional methods.
Let me repeat - our school continues to use MAP Growth test results as one way to assess how our students are doing, but certainly not as the only way and especially not as the most important way. And parents of 2nd through 8th graders should treat these results the same when you view them today. Parents with questions about their children's scores may talk to their child's teacher or to Mr. Fuerte (our school's chief test administrator), Mrs. Woods (regarding reading/grammar), or Mrs. Bannick (regarding math).                                     

Parents of current PreK through 7th graders can get a jump on choosing which volunteer jobs they'd like to perform next year. We have opened up our online sign-up form for the various jobs, committees, and programs that need your help.

By June 18, please sign-up for your volunteer job(s) you're interested in for the upcoming school year - noting that we'd like both mom and dad to sign-up separately. If you don't find the "perfect" job of the dozens listed, remember that the teachers will explain at September's Curriculum Night how they will need volunteers in their classrooms during the year. Plus, this Parent Bulletin will list newly developing volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Please go HERE to get started signing up.
Each parent is asked to complete his/her own unique form by June 18. You will be notified in the coming months by the faculty member or volunteer chair heading up the committees/programs for which you checked the boxes, of when you''ll be needed and/or of which specific work days/times/jobs you'd prefer.

Thanks in advance for all the time and talent you'll be giving to the children and faculty!  If you have any questions about this sign-up form or other volunteer questions, please contact the Parents' Club's new coordinator of volunteering, Jen Sharp.
Thanks for reading, 
Mr. Fitz
A follow-up to my blog from last Thursday...
As a response to last Thursday's blog on screen-time, your fellow parents replied to share the following monitoring software/apps they are using to do monitoring in their homes, besides the site I originally suggested. Good luck finding the one that will work best for you:
Let me stress again, if you have "given access" to your child of a cell phone (remember, YOU pay the monthly charges so YOU OWN the phone), family rules need to be set. This is what you will do when your child reaches age 16 and you "give access" to driving the car. You know...the car YOU own, YOU pay insurance on, YOU pay for the maintenance costs. You will set up rules about who can ride in the car, how fast the car can be driven, how to check the mirrors and look over your shoulder before changing lanes. This is very similar to giving access to your child to a smart phone (and/or internet-accessible tablet).
Thus, the rules you set up when you give access to a phone to your child should include what they are allowed to do with it, when they are allowed to use it (please have a "check-in" time when that phone must be returned to you every night to be charged in your charger in your bedroom), and what monitoring software/app you have set up on the phone to monitor texts, Snapchat and Instagam posts, etc. 

Upcoming Calendar of Events  
  • Auction Procurement deadline - thanks for turning in your minimum $225-value donation-form(s) by today; the minimum value increases to $275 if donation/procurement comes in after the 31st

  • Science Showcase in the parish hall - parents invited to view science projects from 9am-12pm and 1-2pm.
  • Used Uniform Sale in the St. Louise Room (central wing of original school) from 2-4pm.

Saturday, June 2
  • CYO Track Championship Meet at Highline Stadium, Burien
  • Skyward closes down its parent-portal today to enable teachers to privately start inputting 3rd trimester grades and comments for upcoming report cards

Thursday, June 7
  • Graduation Day for our 8th Graders, the Class of 2018 - Mass at 9am; Commencement at 7pm

Friday, June 8
  • Seventh graders' Rocket-Launches on the soccer field from 1:10-2:30; parents welcome to come watch

 Sunday, June 10
  • Mother/Son Event at Waterhouse Center in Snohomish

Monday, June 11
  • Orientation for Newly-Enrolling Parents at 6:30PM in the library; Mentors invited to contact their assigned families to suggest meeting in the lobby at 5:45-6:15PM; Charger Gear on sale in lobby during this timeframe.

Tuesday, June 12
  • Field Day for K-7; students allowed Free Dress of athletic/outdoor wear
  • Campus Security presentation from Homeland Security expert in the parish hall; adults only invited from 6:30-8:30PM

Wednesday, June 13
  • Final day for daily milk and hot lunch
  • Final session of After-school Kids' Club

Thursday, June 14
  • Final session of Before-school Kids' Club
  • No extended day Pre-K
  • NOON DISMISSAL for all

Friday, June 15
  • End-of-Year Liturgy at 10:30AM; all parents encouraged to attend
  • Family Picnic at 11:30AM; parents to pick up children from homerooms
  • NOON DISMISSAL for all
  • Yearbooks distributed
  • Volunteer Hours must be logged in by today (minimum 40 hrs.) and Auction, Charger Cards, and ASGC Commitments completed by today - in order for your child to be mailed his/her report card and/or to have transcripts forwarded to new school; thank you!
Saturday, June 16
  • "Safe Environment" class in parish hall from 8-11AM; go HERE to register
Come Join the Mentor Team

           While we are busy ensuring all of this school year's commitments are completed, let's take a moment to think of new families preparing to join St. Louise School this coming Fall. You surely remember back when you were newly enrolling in our school and needed to make all the preparations to transition to this wonderful community - and with it came many questions!
  Join the Mentor Team and support new families with comforting basic information. Be that familiar face and easy-to-turn-to online support to assist as needed during their integration from May through the Fall, and beyond.
           Mentor hours count towards your volunteer commitment (for this school year or next), and it is a great way to meet and welcome new friends. For more information on how you can mentor a family - preferably with a child in the same grade level as your own - please reach out to one of our Mentor Coordinators right away: Daisy Mendes  or Laura Bonner
 Open Gym for Men's Basketball
          The St. Louise Gym is open for men's basketball on Monday nights from 7:30-9:00pm.  This is a great way to get some exercise and meet other dads and men from St Louise School and Parish.  If interested, please contact Chris Hoffman for more information.
Summer Camp Comes to St. Louise

July 30 - August 3 - Sports Extravaganza (a few spaces remain)
  • Special Co-Teachers for the week: Kaitlin Casey (8-12);Jacintha Vimal (12-5); Maria Zambrano (8-3)
  • Get ready for a week filled with opportunities to exercise the body - and mind - in a non-competitive setting. We'll have classic games like dodgeball and capture the flag. We'll also have traditional sports such as baseball, volleyball, cross country, basketball, and more!
August 6-10 - Island Escape (a few spaces remain)
  • Special Co-Teachers for the week: Terry LB (8-12); Jacintha Vimal (12-5); Maria Zambrano (8-3)
  • We are seeking for talented dramatists, mask makers, shadow puppet performers, artists, singers and dancers to present a culminating Island Escape performance on August 10th.  Family and friends will be welcome to this great show!  Artist will also have a blast as we make icy tropical fruit drinks; sing Hawaiian welcome songs; design tissue paper Leis; learn the Hula; dance the Filipino Tinikling; play games such as Hula Hoop till you drop, Pass the Coconut, Limbo, and more!
August 13-17 - Wacky Water (a few spaces remain)
  • Special Co-Teachers for the week: Nicole Howell (8-12);Marilu DeLaTorre(12-5); Maria Zambrano (8-3)
  • Get ready to splash! Wave bottles, water relay races, sponge ball toss, beach ball races, water balloon sheet toss, clouds in a jar, shaving cream rain clouds, walking water experiments, and more!

Need more info?
We would love to answer any of your questions.

Hello, St. Louise Families!

Today Is the Day
Today is the day - the final day to turn in your Procurement/Donation form for items or cash valued at $225.00 or more! Please fill our your form online by clicking here, or submit one to the office no later than 4pm today. If you donate $350 or more by today, your children will be on the Free Dress list for this coming Monday.

Please note: If your minimum $225 donation-form arrives later than today,  the amount needed to meet your auction requirement goes up to $275.
We are so thrilled to add the Munar Family at the Bronze Sponsor level, and the Doggett and D'Costa families as Charger Underwriters! Thank you so much for your wonderful generosity!
3 Things You Need To Know about It's a Wonderful Life
1. Turn in your procurement/donation forms (online or in paper form) to the school or auction office no later than 4pm TODAY! Thank you for getting those donations in! If you wish to make a cash donation, click  here.

2. Charger Blessings (our  STL etched glassybaby) is selling at an incredibly fast rate - 52 of our 100 have already sold. Do not wait to order or stop by our table outside of Charger Cards on Friday morning to purchase. Just $85 provides a wonderful donation back to St. Louise, plus, you have the next glassybaby in the Charger Series!

3. Tuition Raffle tickets! We will be drawing the big winner on Friday, June 15th. We are planning to sell them outside the Charger Cards office tomorrow morning ...unless we are sold out by then! $50 each or $125 for 3. You can email to let us know how many you would like, if you can't make it to school tomorrow morning.
Thank you for all you do - especially during this end-of-year season. We are so grateful for you! You make it a Wonderful Life at St. Louise!
Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director
Sign Up for Soccer Now

Registration is now open for CYO Soccer to any St. Louise children who will be entering Kindergarten through 8th grade in September.
It's not too early to begin planning for soccer, since teams must be registered before school starts! Soccer practices and games for all grades will begin on or before the first week in September.
You may sign up your upcoming grade K-8 (current grade PK-7) student-athletes HERE.
Parents who are interested in coaching soccer at any grade level, please contact St. Louise Soccer Coordinators, Christie Allemand and Maria Kelly-Doggett at and register as a coach HERE.
Please reach out to Christie and Maria if you have any questions.
Science Showcase Is Tomorrow

          Come to our annual Science Showcase tomorrow, Friday. Parents may tour the Parish Hall from 9:00am-12:00pm & 1:00-2:00pm. Explore the variety of science materials and original projects on display from grades PreK-8.  Hope to see you there!

 Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you for logging in a minimum of 40 volunteer hours by the end of the school year (June 15) by going HERE and clicking on the "Submit Hours" link. Still need hours? Check out these opportunities...
  • We can always use more "Adopt a Garden" volunteers, as the east end of the school building and school lawn near 156th is in dire need of upkeep with weeding. The good thing about this volunteer job is you can come on evenings or weekends to do the work, and you don't have to check in with anyone. Just bring your yard tools and put the weeds in the green yardwaste cans.
  • We need a full day's help on June 12th for field day supervision. You would contact Chris Evans to sign up to help.


  • There is still a need for volunteers to set up and sell at tomorrow's Used Uniform Sale. If you can help from 1:00-4:30, please email Marisa today.
 We Love our Volunteers!
Why do the following volunteers deserve a standing ovation?
Silvia Macias, Elizabeth Armenta, Carolyn Yepez, Veronique Tano, Ruth Kerschbaumer, Paul McCulloch, Mari McMenamin, Karen Garvizu, Rocio Garcia, Diane Sloss, Michael Stapleton, Palma Conces, Anneliese Kertson, Edith Rodriguez, Sharon Victor, Katie McCaslin, Amy Au Yung, Shilo O'Connor, Genevieve Bekkerus, Mary Black, Lara Kammereck, Michelle Kujath.
Because they volunteered all year as playground supervisors, helping to keep your children safe in all kinds of weather! Mrs. Legnon and Mrs. McKenna appreciated their assistance tremendously.

 Students Are Expected to Be Life-Long Learners
         Student Learning Expectations - SLEs - are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School. These 12 SLEs comprise four categories important to the development of a well-rounded student: an active Christian; a life-long learner; a well-balanced individual; and a community member. Each month, one or two different SLEs are focused on school-wide until the 12 expectations are covered by the end of the school year.
          May's Student Learning Expectations focused on throughout the school was:
  •  #2.2: "A St. Louise student is a life-long learner who communicates effectively through writing, speaking, and listening."
Below are highlights from some of the classrooms on how they have been working on achieving this SLE, not just in May but throughout the year:
        Beyond their usual written responses in all of their subjects, 5th graders have large projects during the year which showcase these developing skills of writing, speaking, and listening. One such project is the History Maker Scrapbook.  Mrs. Cervantes' and Mrs. Talevich's students wrote about their chosen history makers, presented information to visiting parents and students at their Hall of Fame, and listened intently to their classmates' presentations. Additionally, the 5th graders interviewed family members throughout the year and each time wrote up the interview questions and answers into a report. They interviewed a military veteran (or a parent who knew a veteran) and wrote a Veterans' Day Report in November. Additionally, when studying the Sacrament of Baptism, the 5A and 5B students interviewed parents about their Baptism day.
        The 1st graders tied the listening, speaking, and writing expectations all together in their Insect science unit. The students read books independently and listened to read-alouds that taught them about insects and life cycles. They took what we learned and made observations of their live classroom insects. Finally, Miss Helfen's and Mrs. Howell's students wrote down observations about their classroom insects, wrote stories about insects, and drew diagrams of these various insects. You'll get a chance to see all of these examples at the Science Showcase on Friday.
        Eighth graders finished their research papers in Mr. Gallant's language arts class. This process allowed students to expand their formal writing knowledge using principles of research and sourcing, as well as crafting analytical thesis statements. Their chosen topic could not conflict with Catholic doctrine, with topics ranged from bilingual education to college tuition rates for low income families. After writing these 6-8 page reports, the 8th graders individually presented their findings in front of a class-wide audience. Students listened to their peers during this time, with a few students called on after each presentation to comment, and thus showing their listening skills.
        Mrs. McAllister's 2nd graders also wrote research reports, albeit much less elaborate than the 8th graders' papers. The 2nd graders read books on an animal, taking notes about their animal's physical features, habitats, etc. They then wrote the reports using these notes, making sure to rewrite in their own words so they wouldn't be plagiarizing. After their first drafts were edited, the students wrote final drafts, some as long as 12 pages!
        Finally, our 3rd graders achieved the May SLE of the Month when they presented their oral biography reports. The students first read about and researched a famous person, and then they wrote out notecards that highlighted the important information they wanted to share about this person. Next, they dressed up as their famous persons and presented this information orally in the first person, pretending they were this person. All the 3rd graders did a great job in this entire writing and speaking process, and these reports are extremely important in giving them practice and confidence when speaking publicly. Before these reports were given, Miss Etter and Mrs. Berlin also reviewed the expectations for all the students listening in the audience. These expectations included keeping their eyes on the speaker, their hands free on their desks, and not engaging in any side talk.

Miss Casey's 2nd graders completed posters that described their family's heritage. These posters included pictures and descriptions of their ancestors' country's specific culture. When done, the 2nd graders then shared their posters with the class, using "speaker" voices. As each student shared, the rest of the class practiced their audience skills by sitting politely and listening attentively. Ben (at left) and Henry (at right) show their family heritage posters.

Our preschoolers, through whole-group discussion and interactive writing, generated a list of questions about zoos and animals, created a research plan, a compiled a list of zoo vocabulary words. Then Mrs. Salmon had her Pre-K students each create an animal research journal where they recorded research findings in pictures and words (written and/or dictated to a teacher). The preschoolers then wrote and decorated invitations for family and staff members to visit their "Pre-K Zoo." Last week, the students greeted their visitors, welcomed them to the zoo, explained various elements of the zoo, and ended by thanking their guests for coming. Below, Declan shows his grandmother the class's list of vocabulary words during their tour of the Pre-K Zoo.

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