April 12, 2018
Dan's Blog
You will be receiving some very important paperwork in the red Family Envelope that your child is bringing home today! We are kicking-off the 2018 Auction ("It's a Wonderful St. Louise") with all the forms, FAQs, and incentives you need to get started on helping procure donations! Thank you in advance for your help at fulfilling your family's Auction commitment - at a minimum - and going above and beyond - at a maximum - with extra donations and perhaps even sponsorship.

It will soon be time for the teachers to create class rosters for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. To accomplish this task, our teachers have a number of objectives to reach in order to help them make the best choices for the best learning environments next year for all students. These objectives include:
  • balanced apportionment of boys and girls;
  • equal distribution of students' academic performance levels;
  • provision for positive student leadership in each class;
  • separation of students who may have negative effects on certain other students;
  • facilitation of the development of new friendships; 
  •  accommodation of individual student needs through a particular learning environment.
You'll notice what isn't mentioned in this list of objectives is "fulfilling a parental request for a specific teacher." The teachers are not able to accept requests. They have listened to you via parent conferences and other discussions this year, and have gotten to know your children extremely well these past eight months. This is all the information they will need to make class placement choices for the upcoming year. I'm sure you appreciate the difficulty were we to allow parents to request teachers, especially realizing that it is never as simple as moving one child. Class placement has a domino effect, and the movement of one child usually impacts half a dozen classmates, making for an interconnected, complicated process. I ask you to please trust the knowledge and professionalism of our teachers to make the best choices for assigning their students to specific classrooms for the fall.
However, should you - after my superb and thorough explanation above - still want to put in your two cents regarding class placement, your one avenue to do this is in writing to me. I will take your request into consideration but will not be able to promise you it can be accomplished. I keep track of the number of times a parent has made a teacher request in past years, so please understand that I will only be able to seriously consider requests that, not only document compelling reasons, but are from parents who do not have a history of making a previous request for that child. If you have a need to place a request, please email me or send me a letter by no later than next Thursday, April 19.

Another deadline is approaching, but with an even closer date - this Sunday, April 15. This is the deadline to apply for a Tuition Assistance Grant for the 2018-19 school year if your family will need financial aid in order to make attending St. Louise School feasible. St. Louise is committed to make a Catholic school education accessible to our current and prospective school families by providing these grants.  The decision to award grants is determined by the school's Finance Committee after parents complete the necessary online application through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment process. (Note that the Finance Committee does not see families' names, only their financial information; the families remain anonymous to all but our bookkeeper and me.)

I strongly encourage any family who has a financial need to complete the application HERE. Note that applications submitted by this April 15th deadline are more likely to receive assistance for the upcoming school year, as the majority of St. Louise grants are awarded to these early applications.
St. Louise Tuition Assistance Grants provide financial aid to approximately 10% of our students each school year.  Families receiving tuition assistance are typically asked to pay part of the actual cost of tuition; "full scholarships" are infrequently awarded. These tuition assistance grants are based solely on financial need. The grants are able to be funded due to the generous contributions of school donors to our Father Phil Wallace Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund.
If a Tuition Assistance Grant will help make a Catholic school education accessible to your child(ren), by no later than this weekend, please complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application online, pay the $30 application fee, and mail or download the required supporting documentation. The fee collected by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is to compensate this company for the financial aid assessment and advisory services they provide St. Louise Parish School. The $30 fee is non-refundable, even if you are not awarded a tuition assistance grant. Families will be notified of their award amount by June.

Thanks for reading, 
Mr. Fitz
Take a look at the information sheet in today's red Family Envelope that explains the annual ACRE: the Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education. This test is given nationwide to 5th and 8th graders, with our students taking it next week. The info sheet shows our results from last year. The results help our teachers see potential areas where we might need to strengthen our religion curriculum. The results might also show parents potential areas for emphasis in their family's faith lives.
Upcoming Calendar of Events  
  • All-School Mass to celebrate the Easter Season, 9AM; come join your children and sing, "Alleluia!"
  • All our teachers, Mr. Fuerte, & Mr. Fitz will be attending the Matthew Kelly/Dynamic Catholic presentation in the church this evening as part of the faculty's theology training

Sunday, April 15
  • Auction's Mother/Daughter Tea Party on the deck, 2PM

Thursday, April 19
  • Bake Sale - proceeds benefit junior high activities

Friday, April 20
  • StL Black Hat Day - students may wear their black StL hat indoors today

Tuesday, April 24
  • Taproot Theater Assemblies in parish hall to teach social skills; thanks to Walk-a-Thon proceeds for paying for these; grades 6-8 attend at 8:45; grades K-5 at 10:15; parents are welcome to sit in
  • CYO Track practices begin

 Saturday, April 28
  • Spring Spruce-Up, 8AM-12PM; meet outside the north wing of the original school with your yard gloves, wheelbarrows, rakes, weed-digging tools, etc.

Friday, May 11 
  • Mass with Grandparents, 9AM; followed by reception at school
  • We would love to have your children's grandparents (or special relatives if grandparents aren't around) to join us for this special, annual event. This morning includes a special liturgy, honoring grandparents for their special roles in their grandkids' lives, and then immediately following Mass, grandparents and grandchildren enjoy a reception in their classrooms. The morning ends at 10:30.
  • If you would like your child's grandparents to be mailed a special invitation to this event from the school, please complete the form provided in today's red Family Envelope and return to the school by April 20. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Wagner.

 Auction News 
Hello, St. Louise Families!
In today's Red Envelope you will receive your Family Procurement Packet. It is also available on our website by clicking HERE.  It is officially the start of Procurement Season to support the auction!

This year's packet looks a little different as we have made some additions and changes to the Procurement Process. Here's an overview of the changes:
  1. Defining your Donation Style: This new infographic was designed to help you easily determine the way you like to donate for the auction and will help you quickly and easily select a quality item or donation that will bring in the maximum dollar amount at this year's big event
  2. Procurement Form Revision: We have updated our procurement form to reduce the amount of time it takes to fill out the form. Two more things to remember about this form: First, please fill a form out for each item you donate; Second, we are not printing these in duplicate anymore, so if you need one, you can simply print one yourself.
  3. St. Louise Fast Facts: Thanks to parent Todd C. for the suggestion to give our community some "talking points" as you ask businesses for donations. This flyer gives three strong reasons (including the data that supports them), to donate to St. Louise.
Visit the Auction website for all this information, plus, you can fill out your procurement forms online this year!
For those of you who are well-acquainted with the auction process, you might be asking, "How do I sponsor the auction this year?" Stay tuned and we'll cover that next week!
Stop by the Auction Office/Parent Lounge (sorry - no disco ball, yet!) any time the outdoor sign says "We're Open." There is coffee, tea, water and snacks. Hang out with me, instead of in your cars before you pick up in the afternoons, or right after morning drop off!
Your support and generosity is so appreciated! Thanks especially this week to the Swilleys, Nightingales, Wilkens, and Zappalas, for your time, creativity, your home, and your donations!
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director
Parent Quote:
Thanks to St. Louise Parent, Liz D. for her wonderful quote this week. When asked what is so special about our community, Liz said:
"St. Louise feels like home."
It is a wonderful life here at St. Louise! Thanks, Liz!
Auction Tip of the Week:
The Double Dip!
Want to meet two school requirements at once?
Purchase Charger Cards that are on the Wish Lists for the Auction. Then use them to purchase Auction items. You'll meet two obligations at one time, with the same dollars!

Please Wear Your Nametag

As Mr. Fitzpatrick mentioned last month in the Parent Bulletin, the parish staff transitioned this winter to a green-colored lanyard/nametag system so their employees are more identifiable. Our school staff has now done the same - with each teacher, instructional assistant, Kids' Club staff supervisor, school administrator, and office staff member now wearing the green-colored lanyard as shown at right, along with their nametag.

We hope this will help those of you who don't know teachers/staff by sight (because they don't work in your child's grade levels) as you see them walk around the grounds or into buildings. It should have the added benefit of proving hospitable to visitors who will know whom to immediately approach if they walk on campus and seek direction. 

, SCHOOL PARENTS! We need you to please remember to follow our procedures:
Pl ease follow these procedures whenever you are here at school to visit.   Only then - after wearing a yellow nametag - are parents, grandparents, and other visitors then permitted to walk the school hallways or step onto the playground at recess. Thank you for working with us!   (Wearing a nametag is not necessary for large events such as school Masses or concerts, or if immediately and straightaway dropping off or picking up your child.)
Join the CYO St. Louise Track & Field Team

Registration is now open HERE for all 4th through 8th graders to join the St. Louise Track & Field team.  If you need a track t-shirt please mark the applicable box when registering.  The t-shirts are $10 and are needed for the meets.  They are the same as last year, so if you already have one from last year, you don't need to purchase another one.  
Track practices will begin on Tuesday, April 24, and will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00-6:30pm at Odle Middle School. 
Track Meets will be:
  • Preliminary: Saturday, May 5
  • Relay Meet: Saturday, May 12
  • 8th Grade Pentathlon: Sunday, May 13
  • Qualifying: Saturday, May 19th
  • Championship: Saturday, June 2
If you have questions, please contact Amy Wilken, CYO track coordinator.



Some of our students "became" famous Americans this week,

as part of the annual "History Makers" project undertaken in 5th grade. 




Sign Up Your Kids for St. Louise's Summer Camps

          We are thrilled about our CHARGERS' ADVENTURE SUMMER CAMPS, and we want YOUR KIDS onboard as we embark on a summer quest filled with fun, faith, learning, sports, creativity, and lots of outdoor exploration. Every week, we will have water splashes, music, cooking, science and more.  All in a safe, flexible and loving environment surrounded by caring staff and friends. Come aboard and enjoy a fantastic time with us!
          These camps will run in weekly sessions each Monday through Friday from July 30 through August 24. Kids entering grades K-5 in the fall will be eligible to sign-up, and camp is open to both our school students and other kids who go to church here and/or live in the neighborhood. Perhaps you can encourage one of your child's neighborhood or sports-team friends to attend?!
          Whether you need one week of camp to "keep your kid busy" this summer, or if you could use all four weekly sessions so your child is cared for when you're at work throughout August, you can register your child for St. Louise's Chargers' Adventure Summer Camps HERE.
          For more information, please see our website and/or contact Maria Zambrano.

Thank You for Your Donations

          In the name of St. Louise School families, we will be donating approximately $1,375 to Catholic Relief Services this month - thanks to you and your children's participation in our Ash Wednesday Soup Lunch and Lenten Rice Bowl donations. We appreciate your generosity!
          Donations to Catholic Relief Services support projects that assist fellow brothers and sisters in need, both internationally and here in the United States. Seventy-five percent of Rice Bowl donations help fund development projects overseas that help increase and maintain communities' access to food. Twenty-five percent of your contributions fund local poverty and hunger alleviation programs in Catholic dioceses throughout our country. For more information, visit HERE and HERE.

Our Students Are Well-Balanced Individuals


          Student Learning Expectations - SLEs - are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School. These 12 SLEs comprise four categories important to the development of a well-rounded student: an active Christian; a life-long learner; a well-balanced individual; and a community member. Each month, one or two different SLEs are focused on school-wide until the 12 expectations are covered by the end of the school year. March's Student Learning Expectations focused on throughout the school were:
  • #3.1: "A St. Louise student is a well-balanced individual who practices positive social skills by taking responsibility for one's own actions and showing respect.
  • #3.2: "A St. Louise student is a well-balanced individual who develops mind, body, and spirit by experiencing the arts and participating in physical activity."

Below are highlights from some of the classrooms on how they have been working on achieving these SLEs in March and throughout the year:

          Our fitness program in Mr. Evans' physical education classes is very intense and informative, helping to develop the mind, body, and spirit by having students participate in physical activity. Our primary grade level students focus on the correlation between the increase in effort and how it relates to an increase in heart rate. They learn how to take their pulse and focus on the importance of good heart health. Students also explore the role of oxygenated blood and how it fuels muscles. Our upper grade level students use this previous information to measure the intensity of their workouts using the target-train-zone test. Students evaluate their heart rates immediately following their workouts and use the mathematical formula of the target-train-zone to determine if they are "in the zone." All of the p.e. fitness workouts are science-based and balanced. Students participate in a warm-up to elevate heart rate, a core workout which consists of alternating muscular strength and muscular endurance movements, and conclude with a cool-down to achieve muscular flexibility.

          Developing your mind, body, and spirit by participating in physical activity can happen in places other than in the gym and p.e. class. For example, in Mrs. McAllister's 2nd grade science class, the students often walk outside to explore their topics. They have recently been learning about air and weather, so they experimented with bubbles and air outdoors. They also went outside to observe the clouds. In their new science unit on plants, they'll also be heading outdoors during science class to do their observations and recordings.

          Students in Mrs. Walker's grade 4-8 art classes began working last month on the annual Yearbook Cover Contest. They were challenged to design a unique cover that represents our school, demonstrates creativity, and highlights our academics, faith, and community.  This year the theme, "A St. Louise student is a well-balanced individual" inspired the cover art for our yearbook. While working on the yearbook cover contest, the 4th through 8th graders took an in-depth look at our current SLE and analyzed how they could illustrate this important expectation into visual imagery.  Many students were inspired by their favorite school subjects and chose to draw symbols to represent math, science, language arts, etc.  Others highlighted the arts, physical activities, and their faith.  Many ambitious artists used symbolism to represent the showing of respect and taking responsibility for one's own actions.  Overall, each student has worked hard designing a visual answer to how they are a well-balanced individual at St. Louise. The winning entries in the Yearbook Cover Contest will be announced by Mrs. Walker soon.
          In the school library, Mrs. McIntosh has made an effort to add books to the collection which relate to the SLE that St. Louise students practice positive social skills by taking responsibility for one's own actions and showing respect. In grades 4-6, students have been introduced to some novels with a "compassion for action" motto where through reading them, kids can gain compassion for others who have disabilities, medical issues, or social-skills deficiencies. Books such as Wonder, Mustaches for Maddie, and Out of My Mind show the reader how people react to situations they encounter and when you show respect and act responsibly, you are making the world a better place.

          In kindergarten, students brainstormed what are positive social skills, how do you show respect, and what it means to take responsibility for one's own actions. Then each kindergartener in KA and KB picked a few of those social skills which he or she most definitely promised to work hard to accomplish and wrote them down in a type of pledge/statement. This was accompanied by a picture. Below is Logan's promise to continue to improve being a well-balanced and kind individual.

          We can't end our discussion on SLE #3.2 without discussing the various musical and drama performances of our students in Mrs. LaRussa Banton's classes. Mrs. LB used an enrichment grant from the Parents' Club (thanks to the funds raised by the Walk-a-Thon!) to bring an opera performance to the grade K-6 students. The students enjoyed an operatic rendition of Hansel and Gretel in March, listening for the baritones, sopranos, and other opera components they have learned about in music class. Furthermore, Mrs. LB directed 40 students in the cast and trained 16 others as the beyond-the-scenes technical crew in this year's school musical, HONK! Jr. After rehearsing since November, the students performed over two nights at the Interlake High School Theater in March. Students not only learned about the theater and improved their singing, dancing, and acting skills over these five months, but they learned about responsibility, mentoring younger students, and team-building.
          Now in April, the focus schoolwide is on a new Student Learning Expectation. The SLE of the Month for April is:
  • #1.1: "A St. Louise student is an active Christian who seeks to develop a personal relationship with God as demonstrated by living out Gospel values and participating in liturgies, sacraments, and daily prayer."
Parents can help reinforce this expectation by discussing the meaning at home and brainstorming ways you and your family members demonstrate these same actions in your personal lives.

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