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June 26, 2015
To all 2015 Assistant Rabbans and Ladies,


Below please find your invitation to the Daytona Beach CVB reception that will take place in Houston.  We look forward to seeing you there and to have the opportunity to tell you all about the upcoming Imperial Session in Daytona Beach in 2017.


See you soon...
2017 CVB Sponsored Reception
When:   Sunday, July 5th From 4:30 to 6PM  
Where:  Hilton Americas Ballroom B
What:  Beer, Wine, Finger Foods & a special 2017-Fireball Drink

  • Meet Imperial Sirs and Ladies
  • Daytona Beach Convention and Visitors Staff
  • Daytona Beach Ocean Center Staff
  • Daytona Beach Welcome Video
  • Fun- Fun- and more Fun

If you are an Assistant Rabban don't miss this exciting fun time. You will have the opportunity to meet many people who will help you when you bring your Nobility to Daytona Beach in 2017. Come enjoy a good time and get to know your counterparts.

Shriners Imperial Session 2017-18 | 352-205-0114 | bobwagner@embarqmail.com | http://www.imperial2017.com/
2300 Pembrook Dr.
Orlando, FL 32810