It may be summer break for the kids, but WCS is still hard at work!
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Summer has arrived after another great year at WCS!  We know the kids think that school closes for the summer, but that's actually not true. We're busy updating our buildings, attending Professional Development workshops, hiring new staff members, organizing supply lists and new books, and so much more!  
Be sure to read on for important information on our free summer lunch program, elementary reading challenges, and some online safety resources.

Keeping Kids Safe Online

A Summer Project

Graduation 2017

On May 26th Wilmington High School held their 144th commencement and graduated over 200 students!  If you missed it live on Facebook you can still see the video on the  High School's Facebook page here.

We wish all the best for these graduates as they head out into the world!  And we hope they remember to stay in touch with our Alumni Association.  
Once a Hurricane, always a Hurricane!
Don't forget about our Summer Lunch Program
For the 4th year Sodexo and Wilmington City Schools will offer free lunch to ALL kids 18 years and younger in the Wilmington area. 

So whether the kids are on campus for summer school, participating in an event at school, or they just want to come in from the heat and catch up with their friends, lunch is on us!

Children don't have to be enrolled in WCS nor the free lunch program to participate.  Just come and bring an appetite and visit with friends! Adult meals can be purchased for $3.00.

Lunch dates: Monday through Friday, May 30th to August 11th
  (excluding July 4th)
Times:  11am to 1pm, meals must be consumed on site

Summer Time Learning

The "summer slide" isn't at the park, it's what happens when kids don't read and learn over their summer break. They lose ground in learning and it makes for a much slower start to their school year. There are fun ways to keep kids reading. We have links to the elementary school reading challenges below, as well as other helpful website links for ideas.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Start a Facebook group with other parents and share ideas and books.
  • Check out the reading activities at the Wilmington Public Library.
  • Incorporate reading into everyday activities. Kids can read recipes while you cook, check off grocery list items as you fill the cart, start a book swap with their friends, read a story to a younger sibling or friend.
  • Read to your child and have them read to you, or perhaps an elderly relative who might enjoy the company.

  • Encourage your child to participate in the reading challenge for their elementary school. 

Reading Challenges:

Some additional websites:

Keep Kids Safe Online

Technology changes quickly these days. It seems that by the time we figure out one social medial app, teenagers have already moved on to another one.  It's hard for a parent to keep up with their child's digital life.  

It's a challenge to help them learn how to safely search for information, how to keep their information private, and how to avoid cyber-bullying.

We encourage parents to share ideas with other parents, talk to your kids about online safety, utilize resources to help kids learn how to stay safe online.  We've gathered some links to some online resources to get you started. 
Auditeria - Before
Summer Project

School may be out for the kids, but not for some of our year round staff! The summer projects and building deep-cleaning begins. With only 82 days until the first day of the 2017-18 school year, we have many things to get accomplished in a very short amount of time. Check back frequently to our Facebook page for updates on summer happenings and projects.

During the first few weeks of June, we will be making some improvements to the High School Auditeria resulting in the Auditeria  being shut down for a couple of weeks. Lighting upgrades, improved lighting controls, and new rubber stair treads will be installed. The upgrades will add pendant lighting to increase visibility at the table top level and expand the usability of the Auditeria for such things as classroom type instruction and professional development sessions. It will also create a much better testing environment for our students.

The Auditeria space was originally designed primarily for lunch and for theater productions. This space has become one of the focal points for WCS. Use of this space has greatly increased for after school activities, concerts, meetings, banquets, and most recently instructional space. Make sure you check out the improvements the next time you visit the Auditeria.

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