Your November 2016 Worldox Newsletter
Welcome to our November Worldox newsletter. We are proud to continue to provide you with the best Worldox information, tips, tricks and more. 

Inside you'll find information around Setting up email Drop Folders in Outlook and a recent Microsoft Office update issue for Worldox. This month's newsletter also includes information about Worldox Complete Care.
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Setting up email Drop Folders in Outlook 
-Paul Unger, Partner

Worldox email drop folders in GX4 are now automatically created based on matters that you touch in Worldox. You no longer have to create Quick Profiles in order to create them! It makes saving emails infinitely easier ... you just drag and drop emails into familiar Outlook looking folders and the emails are automatically saved into the correct client matter in Worldox! 

If you upgraded to Worldox GX4 a while ago, these folders were named based on client and matter IDs, which is useless to most people. If your drop folders in Outlook look like the screenshot to the right, you should change the formatting to long name descriptions! Do your folders look like this?

In Worldox Administrator (WdAdmin), go to Edit > Drop Folder Naming and change the setting to a backslash \ and Description (see 1 below) and then deselect Num/Code (see 2 below).

Now your Worldox email drop folders will look like the image to the right:

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Microsoft Office 2016 Update & Worldox
-Bryce Phillips, Legal Technology Consultant

At Affinity Consulting, we use this newsletter to keep our clients informed of any new product features as well as any potential issues they might encounter with their software. We take this responsibility seriously, so when we do notify our clients, it is because we have encountered an issue that warrants your notification.

Microsoft® has recently released an update that has been found to break the integration with both Worldox GX3 & GX4 in Office 2016. This update is listed as (MSO 1610) in the "About Word" menu shown below (3). If this update has already been installed in your office, your users may report being unable to save to Worldox via their Office applications. They may also report their Worldox open and save as buttons are missing from the file menu, where they are normally located. (4) 

At this time, we have spoken with World Software support and they are aware of the issue and are actively working on a resolution. The only known solution, at this point in time, is to roll back your version of Microsoft Office 2016 to an earlier release. The easiest way to roll back your version of Office might be to uninstall your product and re-install it. Once you have rolled back your version of Office you will want to make sure automatic updates are turned off. We will make sure to update our newsletter as soon as a resolution has been discovered.

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Worldox Complete Care

Many firms and legal departments don't have or want dedicated I.T. resources to manage, update, maintain and train Worldox users.  Worldox Complete Care (WCC) is a service offering that solves this problem.  WCC is all about budgeting and reducing your costs so you can focus on other areas of your operation. Our deep talent pool of document management advisors, allows us to support your Worldox database, resolve problems before you even notice and escalate issues so you get to the right person faster. To top it off, we have a 99% uptime guarantee.  Complete Care Pricing is based on the number of users you have at your firm.

Complete Care Includes:
  • Dedicated WCC team, weekly communications and updates!
  • 24/7 Mission critical support.
  • 99% Uptime guarantee for your Worldox database. Quarterly system audits and analysis.
  • Daily monitoring of Worldox indexer and databases. Worldox new user setup.
  • Preventative maintenance, bugs & patches. Complimentary upgrade to new version.
  • All service updates included. Unlimited access to Affinity University training videos
  • Worldox security administration. New user training video for unlimited use.
  • Technical support with 1-hour response times. New feature and/or version training video for unlimited use.

For information about Worldox Complete Care, please contact
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