Your August 2016 Worldox Newsletter
Welcome to our new and refreshed Worldox newsletter. We are proud to continue to provide you with the best Worldox information tips, tricks and more. 

Inside you'll find information around the new Worldox ribbon in Word and Excel and Indexer builds. This month's newsletter also includes information about the new Annual Worldox User Conference.
Enhanced Worldox Ribbon - Word & Excel
Worldox GX4 greatly enhanced the functionality of the Worldox ribbon in Microsoft Word and Excel. Included now is the ability to not only clear or update the footer/doc id stamp, but now you can save, save as a new file, search, access favorites, and much more. Below is a full description of all the buttons now available on the Worldox ribbon.

1) Quick Profiles
Drop-down list displays Quick Profiles that you have saved with complete information to save you time filling out profile forms.

2) Favorites
Drop-down list displays all the same Favorite Matters shown in your Worldox Navigation Panel, Favorite Matters flyout menu on File Save dialogs, and Favorite Matters in Microsoft Outlook.

3) Open File
Alternative way to launch Worldox Interface to find or navigate to documents.

4) Save File
Invokes Worldox Save.

5) Save as new File
Forces a Save as new Document.

6) To Find
You can now run global searches directly from Word, without switching to Worldox. Enter word or phrase here to search and hit (5) Search for the DocID or Name - Content

7) Search for the DocID or Name - Content
This is what you hit after entering the word or phrase in (4) above.

8) QuickSaved Documents
Use this to view a Worldox file list of any documents you saved with the green QuickSave button in Word or Excel.

9) Same Profile
Use to view a Worldox file list with any files that have the same profile as the file you currently have open in Word or Excel.

10) Document Favorites
Shows recently used or viewed Word or Excel files.

11) Update Footer
This option updates or re-inserts the DocID stamp on the page

12) Stamping Options
Clear Whole Stamp - Clear Worldox Stamp Code and Placeholder
Clear Stamp Code - Remove Stamp Code Only, leaving Placeholder
Temporarily Clear Stamp - Temporarily Remove Worldox Stamp Code for Printing
Wipe Footer - Clear Entire Footer (for cleaning legacy footers)
Insert Stamp Field Code - Insert the Worldox Stamp Code at Current Cursor Location (example: use if you want to insert Doc ID on last page only right below the signature block)

13) This Document Only
Disable Stamp - Disable Stamping in this Document Only
RE-Enable Stamp - Re-Enable Stamping in this Document
Check Stamping Status - Tells you if Stamping is Enabled or Disabled in this Document

14) Refresh Caption
Refresh Document Caption to Show Description and DocID in the Title Bar

15) Refresh DropDowns
Refreshes all Ribbon Drop Down Menus (like Quick Profiles and Favorites)

16) Make PDF from Doc
When you select the Make PDF, your default PDF program such as Adobe Acrobat, pdfDocs, Nuance, etc. will launch and display the PDF output

17) File Options
Insert File - To Insert a File within this Document
Insert Picture - To Insert a Picture within this Document
Open Doc with Repair - Open Document Microsoft Repair Option Enabled

18) Information
Integration Version - Identifies what Worldox integration template is being utilized
Document Compatibility - Show what version of Word for this document
Setting Switches - Show Word Switches

For more information about the enhanced Worldox Ribbon, contact  
Worldox Administrative Tip - Indexer Builds and  Defined Temp Folder Location
World Software has always had a recommendation that your indexer computer have "Free Local Disk Space of at least 50% of the disk size of the documents being indexed." In other words, if the documents in your cabinets take up 500GB of space on the file server, then your indexer computer needs to have 250GB of free space on the C:\ Drive. In many setups, the C:\ drive of a computer is often setup to run just the operating system, while a second partition (say the D:\ drive) is setup for any data work.  

Unfortunately, by default, the indexer program simply uses the local appdata folder for the current logged in user as temporary storage for files while the indexes are being built. With GX4, the space recommendations are even more important, and we are seeing many firms add hard drive space to their existing servers. If this is going to be done, you will need to add some code to the Worldox.ini file to tell Worldox to temporarily load documents for indexing into this new space rather than the existing local appdata folder.  To do this: 
  • Close the indexer
  • Add the following switch to the Network location of \Worldox\Worldox.INI file
    • [Config]
    • where D:\ is the location with enough free hard drive space
  • Then restart the indexer, making sure to use the wdmirror.exe /wdindex switch to pull down the new switch.
  • Build your Text and Profile Databases.
The indexes should now use temp space on the bigger hard drive rather than on the smaller C:\ drive. Hopefully this will avoid future space concerns on the OS partition. 

For more information and tips about Worldox, contact
You're Invited to the First Annual Worldox         User Conference
Do you manage your firm's Worldox? If so, then the upcoming Worldox User Conference may be just what you're looking for. On October 17-19th, World Software will be hosting its first Worldox User Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

This three-day conference will include training sessions on topics such as mobility & sharing, add-on's & workflow tools, best practices for exporting\importing & retention policies plus many, many more informative sessions. You will also get to meet with and learn from the management team at World Software starting with the President, Ray Zwiefelhofer.

Not only will there be great training, you will also have time to network with other professionals who are Worldox Administrators. You will be able to compare notes and learn from each other's experiences. Attendees will earn their own Worldox Administrator certification, along with the knowledge and confidence to get the most out of their firm's Worldox.

Follow this link HERE for more information, as well as a registration form. 
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