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How Worldox Checks for Redundant Emails
- Chris Martz, Consultant
One great feature of  Worldox is the redundant email checker. Simply stated, this feature checks to see if anyone else has already saved that same email. Say that an email is sent to the firm, and 4 firm members are copied on that email. The first person opens the email, determines it should be saved to  Worldox , so uses the Copy or Move button within Outlook to save the email. 

Meanwhile, the second person copied on that email also opens the email and determines it should be saved into  Worldox , however when person 2 hits the copy or move to  Worldox  button,  Worldox notifies person 2 that the email already exists in  Worldox . This is a great feature and keeps the client matter folder from being overrun with several copies of the same email. So how, exactly does it work?

First and foremost, we will assume that the Indexer is up and running properly and that Outlook is correctly installed on the Indexer so that emails can be profiled in to Worldox . In order for Worldox to properly check your email for redundancy, you MUST use the Copy to Worldox or Move to Worldox buttons in Outlook.

If you drag and drop the email to the Workzone, it will not check to see if the email already exists in Worldox (AND it will change the modified date of the email to today's date.) If, however, you use the Copy or Move buttons in Outlook, then Worldox will use 4 criteria to determine if an email is redundant. Those criteria are, by default:
  1. Sent Representing Name - This is the person who SENT the email to the recipient.
  2. Client Submit Time - The time stamp on the email message.
  3. Subject Line - Title/Description of the email message.
  4. The Profile Group - Intended destination if the email message, (Note that saving the same email to a different matter does not by-pass the redundancy checker. If the email was originally saved to the Clients Cabinet and the second email is attempted to be saved to the Clients Cabinet as well, it will be flagged as redundant.)
Assuming all of those criteria are the same, Worldox will flag the email as redundant and let the second user know that it has already been saved in to Worldox.

For more details about Worldox redundant emails or for more information about Worldox GX4, please contact
  Favorite Matters v. Quick Profiles
- Steve Best, Partner

In versions of Worldox prior to GX4, users were encouraged to create quick profiles to quickly access matter related content stored through the Worldox interface.

Quick Profiles are basically save templates that enable one to store and use for future saving that will automatically fill-in the client/matter related fields for quicker saving. 

Figure 1_ Quick Profiles List Building

Figure 2 Favorite Matters Used While Searching
Similarly, but not quite like Quick Profiles, in GX4, the list of Favorite Matters actually builds automatically and dynamically as you save content to matters.

Figure 3 Favorite Matters Dynamic Lists

Worldox now anticipates your Favorite Matters list as you save content to those matters. Double clicking on a favorite matter, like a quick profile, will fill in the client/matter fields for you. But unlike the Quick Profile, the favorite matter list is built FOR you. Quick Profiles require user input. Favorite Matters do not. And, if you wish to remove a favorite matter, simply right click and select "remove".

Further, Favorite Matters will also build dynamically in the Worldox subfolder schema in Microsoft Outlook permitting even easier drag and drop e-mail saves.

Figure 4 Drag and Drop Email Folders from Favorite Matters

For more information about Quick Profiles and Favorite Matters, contact  
First Annual Worldox User Conference 
Do you manage your firm's Worldox? Have you encountered a situation that you wish you could have resolved earlier or possibly without outside assistance? If so, then the upcoming Worldox User Conference may be just what you're looking for. On October 17-19th, World Software will be hosting its first Worldox User Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

This three-day conference will include training sessions on topics such as mobility & sharing, add-on's & work flow tools, best practices for exporting\importing & retention policies plus many, many more informative sessions. You will also get to meet with and learn from the management team at World Software starting with the President, Ray Zwiefelhofer.

Not only will there be great training, you will also have time to network with other professionals who are Worldox Administrators. You will be able to compare notes and learn from each other's experiences. Attendees will earn their own Worldox Administrator certification, along with the knowledge and confidence to get the most out of their firm's Worldox.

Follow this link HERE for more information, as well as a registration form.

Meet Amy
- Amy Reardon, Client Development Coordinator

Our Worldox clients are very important to us!  We are pleased to announce our Client Development Coordinator who is dedicated to giving exceptional customer service to our current clients!  We want you to have a person to reach out to when you are interested in other ways we can help your firm.  Amy is a great resource to our company AND to you, or great clients.  If you want to learn more about training, webinars, Affinity University or provide feedback, please contact Amy.  
She rocks. 

Webinars for Everyone!
Free Webinars
Webinars, webinars, webinars!  At Affinity Consulting Group, we take our role as your Trusted Advisors seriously, and part of that is our commitment to providing the knowledge clients need to succeed!  
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