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Explore Favorite Matters in GX4 and learn all about Client/Matter Connectors .  Then, check out how to register for our only Worldox Bootcamp in 2016, our continuing Beyond the 3Cs Webinar Series and our FREE educational webinars
Favorite Matters in GX4
The revamped method of building Favorite Matters is one way Worldox GX4 makes saving and finding matters easier for everyone. Favorite Matters build dynamically based on your history of opening documents and saving documents (Favorite Files). When you open or save a document within a matter, Worldox automatically adds that matter into your Favorite Matters. Unlike earlier releases of Worldox (GX3 and earlier), the Favorites in GX4 follow you around to different areas of the Program.

As an example, let's say you search for and open an operating agreement in the Ibiza Condo Property Matter. Once you do that, the matter now appears in the Favorite Matters area within the Navigation Panel located on the left hand side of the screen. Now when you want to see all the documents in that matter, all you have to do is double-click on that matter and the documents will appear in the list view. 

When saving documents in the future, the Ibiza Condo Property Matter also now appears in the SAVE dialog box, and when you double-click that matter on the left, the Client and Matter fields automatically fill-in, saving you the trouble of completing those fields.  
Finally, those Favorites also appear in Outlook as well, which means if you want to move those emails into Worldox, you can simply drag and drop them into the Favorites drop folder that is automatically created for you.  To copy them, simply hold the CTRL key when dragging and dropping. 

Favorite Matter drag and drop folders in Outlook are also linked directly into Worldox.  When you click on the folder in Outlook, Worldox loads within Outlook and lists the documents for that matter.

Administration of Favorites
Because Favorite Matters are automatically generated, it is important to note that in GX4, the population of the Favorite Files list has changed from a number-of-documents approach, to a date-based approach. Rather than holding the last user-set number of documents (usually 30 - 40 documents) accessed from a cabinet, the Favorite Files list now by default holds the last 30 days of documents accessed from a cabinet. This value is found in the WDAdmin program in the Worldox preferences section. In the section labeled Favorite Files History, you can change the default from d30 (30 days) to a value that makes sense for your users (d180?). 


For more information about Worldox GX4, please contact


Client/Matter Connectors
Many firms have accounting or practice management systems that have built-in integrations with Worldox that will automatically transfer new or updated clients and matters into the Worldox tables. Indeed, World Software encourages these integrations, and offers their API (Application Program Interface - or the tools for writing directly to the Worldox database) free of charge to these vendors.
However, there are still many systems that do not have direct integration with Worldox. For those systems, we recommend that your firm install a Worldox Client/Matter Connector, which can be set to read your system's client/matter tables periodically throughout the day, and update your Worldox tables directly. 

This prevents any manual updating of Worldox tables and avoids one of the most common support calls we get - the accidental creation of a matter that is related to all clients! It also ensures that Worldox and your Practice Management/ Accounting System are always in sync.
Connectors can be programmed to access almost any third party database (via ODBC drivers), and can be further configured to "inactivate" closed matters and set them up for archiving. 

Some of the most common connectors we configure are for Juris, Omega, Elite, Aderant and PCLaw -but as stated above, often times we setup connectors for "bespoke" systems that use a SQL database. We've even setup connectors to read directly from an Excel spreadsheet!
Connectors typically cost $1500 as a one-time license fee, with an annual $300 maintenance charge.
So, if your firm does not use any automated Client/Matter import system, reach out to us at and find out how we can automate that part of your Worldox system! 

Think Spring!  2016 Worldox Bootcamp this May!
Join us for our only 2016 Worldox Bootcamp, where you will receive intensive training that will enable you to tap into the full power of your Worldox Document Management System. Taught by our own Gregory Bray, your instructor will detail everything from saving a simple document to creating security profiles and document retention plans. Worldox Bootcamp is great for new users, existing users who need a refresher course, or, to "Train your Trainer." Go back to the office excited to unleash the full power of Worldox! 
Webinars for Worldox Users!

Join us for the last Worldox-focused webinar of our Beyond the 3Cs Webinar series. This series is designed to give current users additional insights into using their existing products more productively and efficiently, focusing on a specific feature or benefit that is widely underutilized. This short webinar - only 20-30 minutes - will make an immediate impact on your daily use. 

with Bryce Phillips
March 31, 11:30 am EST


Other topics available, too!

Check out all webinars on the Affinity Consulting Webinars page.

Webinars for Everyone!

Webinars, webinars, webinars!  At Affinity Consulting Group, we take our role as your Trusted Advisors seriously, and part of that is our commitment to providing the knowledge clients need to succeed!  We are bringing you many topics over the next few weeks.  Jump on the  Affinity Consulting Webinars page for registration and more details. 

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with Debbie Foster and Alison Lukan
April 7, 1 - 1:30 pm EST

with Stacy Devlin
May 10, 1 - 1:30 pm EST

with Barron Henley, Debbie Foster, Paul Unger, Scott Bassett (Moderator)
June 14, 1 - 1:45 pm EST


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