Your December 2016 Worldox Newsletter
Welcome to our December Worldox newsletter. We are proud to continue to provide you with the best Worldox information, tips, tricks and more. 

Get ready for the end of the year. Inside you'll find information around  Cleaning up your Worldox Cabinets and  New Year Worldox Health Check. This month's newsletter also includes information about End of Year Archiving in Worldox.
Cleaning Up Your Worldox Cabinets... 
End of the Year Clean-up 
Steven J. Best - Partner

Throughout the year, as we have been working with our Worldox clients on upgrades from Worldox GX3 to Worldox GX4, we've found, more often than not, that cabinet (formerly profile group) set up and configuration may have been compromised over the years. By this I mean that some firms have added fields to their main cabinet that users now feel burdens them when saving and searching for documents.

An example might be where a firm decided to add and require users to identify a "practice area" when saving a document such as this:

When questioned as to "WHY" a firm has added this extra field, most replied that they didn't know, thought that this was how Worldox worked, or said that some predecessor had added this field and thought it was a good idea.

Yet another client designed their fields with the AUTHOR at the top (and designated as a subdirectory), causing matter related documents to reside in multiple locations depending upon who was identified as the author of the document. While Worldox can search and remember in which subdirectory a document resides, there is certainly efficiency loss if, at any time, a user wanted to use, for example, the DIRECT ACCESS function to access all documents for a particular client/matter.

Lastly, in yet another client firm, I discovered an added "SUBFOLDR" field which is a folder that seems to live on the server in an independent location. (see example above).

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New Year Worldox Health Check
-Paul Unger, Partner

Now is a great time to reflect on the past year and develop goals for the upcoming year. It is a good idea to do this with your software so you can maximize your investment and retrain your team about not only how to use the program, but also about important protocols within your firm.

How many times have you purchased a software program just to find that a year or two later people aren't using it as everyone had hoped? Everyone has good intentions, but there are features of the program never touched or perhaps now there are even "messes" within Worldox that need to be cleaned up.

It is all too common and it is a result of (1) "getting busy", (2) lost interest, and (3) failing to provide training to reaffirm protocols.

The good news is that it isn't too late to get back on track ...take action! With Worldox Health Checks/System Audits, we do the following:

* Check to see if you are running the latest version and release of Worldox
* Provide custom short lunch and learn training sessions to your users
* Survey your users to see what kind of problems/complaints exist
* Examine what features are not being used
* Run a report to see what document types are not used
* Run a report to see what users are avoiding the system
* Examine logs to see if your network is causing database or performance issues
* Examine logs to see if you Indexer is performing correctly

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End of Year Archiving in Worldox
Bryce Phillips, Legal Technology Consultant

Now that the end of the year is upon us, it is a good time to consider some house cleaning when it comes to our document management system. Archiving and maintaining your Worldox tables and files is an important part of managing Worldox. World Software has developed some comprehensive tools to assist with the end of year cleanup. These tools range from built in archiving ability and document retention policies to an automated bulk archive tool that will archive based on many different parameters such as a matter closed date.

Why should you archive your files or clean up your client matter tables annually? Archiving your files will help you maintain a healthy lean environment for many years to come. When you archive your files, you are moving them out of the production database, which will help keep only the most recent or relevant files in a matter file list, cutting down on the time it takes to navigate to and locate a relevant file.

Maintaining your client matter table is another large component of year end maintenance that can often go undone. By making an annual pass through your client & matter table, you can mark your matters as inactive or "closed" or even mark clients as inactive or "closed". Doing this will ensure that you and your users are not searching through old clients or old matters. Also, by maintaining this routine you are cutting down on the work that is required every year. If we were to leave this for 3-5 years before we clean it, imaging how many items would merit being archived or closed.
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