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Inside you'll find information around regarding Auto Saving Emails, an update on the new Worldox Index as a Service  and Worldox System Health Check 

Auto Saving Emails
Bryce Phillips  - Senior Consultant 

Have you ever received an email while you were away from the office that you wished you could have saved right away, so you wouldn't forget? Do you receive emails that you wished would save directly to Worldox, without you needing to profile them? If so, you will want to continue reading to learn all about Worldox drop folders and what they can do for you.

So, what are drop folders? In versions of Worldox before GX4, you could setup drop folders in Outlook, but it was a manual process. In GX4, they are setup automatically. The drop folders contain specified profile information such as Client, Matter, DocType, etc. You can drag and drop your emails into these folders, so you don't have to specify this information when saving emails. To add even more functionality, using Outlook Rules, you can automatically save emails from a specified address into those drop folders, eliminating the need to manually save many emails into Worldox.

In Worldox GX4, to create your drop folders in Outlook all you have to do now is save an email or a document to a client\matter and just as that matter shows up in your favorite matters list, it will also show up in your Outlook drop folder list! This means no more manual creation to benefit from drop folders. Here is how it looks in your Outlook folder tree:

If you are an Exchange user, you can move an email to one of these drop folders from your iPhone or Android Phone or iPad, and the next time you start Outlook and Worldox, on your computer, Worldox will grab the email and profile it to the corresponding client\matter. This allows you to profile or save important emails while away from the office. In next month's newsletter, we will show you how to create an Outlook rule to integrate with Worldox's drop folders.

For more information on drop folders please email 
Worldox Update / Indexer as a Service
Paul Unger - Partner
IMPORTANT! Last month, World Software released GX4 Update WDU10. It is important to note that packaged within that update is the long-awaited Indexer as a Service update. If you run the WDU10 update, it will also push the new Indexer as a Service Update. While we believe ultimately the update is a good thing, you may not be ready for it. In order for Worldox to operate properly after the update, there are some critical items to configure before and after running the update! As such, please do not run the update unless you intimately familiarize yourself with those configuration items and feel comfortable performing them. This is NOT your typical Worldox update! This update is not a critical update at this point, so please do not worry about running this update right away. Our goal is to implement the update for most of our clients by the end of the year. We are spreading out/scheduling the updates out to maximize your uptime.

If you would like assistance with the update, we can send you a quick proposal. The timing/scheduling of installing the update depends on many factors (current code, number of users, and other environmental factors). Our recommendations are made on a case-by-case basis. If you would like a proposal, please email

Worldox System Health Check 
Summer months can sometimes be slower. That is a great time to look under the hood and see how to give some of your software and processes a tune-up. It is also a great time to conduct a review and roll out needed training. It is a good idea to do this with your software every year or two so you can maximize your investment and retrain your team about not only how to use the program, but also remind folks about important protocols within your firm. How many times have you purchased a software program just to find that a year or two later people aren't using it as everyone had hoped? Everyone has good intentions, but there are features of the program never touched or perhaps now there are even "messes" within Worldox that need to be cleaned up.

It is all too common and it is a result of (1) "getting busy", (2) lost interest, and (3) failing to provide training to reaffirm protocols.

The good news is that it isn't too late to get back on track ...take action! With Worldox Health Checks/System Audits, we do the following:

* Prepare a written report of all recommendations
* Check to see if you are running the latest version and release of Worldox
* Provide custom short lunch and learn training sessions to your users
* Survey your users to see what kind of problems/complaints exist
* Examine what features are not being used
* Run a report to see what document types are not used
* Run a report to see what users are avoiding the system
* Examine logs to see if your network is causing database or performance issues
* Examine logs to see if you Indexer is performing correctly

For more information, how we can help you, contact Paul Unger at

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