Your September 2016 Worldox Newsletter
Welcome to our September Worldox newsletter. We are proud to continue to provide you with the best Worldox information, tips, tricks and more. 

Inside you'll find information around Generating an Index of Files in Worldox and Using Workspaces to Create your Paperless Matters. This month's newsletter also includes information about a recent press release from Worldox that spotlights one of our clients.
Generating an Index of files in Worldox
Have you ever needed to send a set of files to someone outside of your firm? Did you require a breakdown or index of the files being sent? In both Worldox GX3 and GX4, World Software has made the process of creating an index very easy. Instead of manually creating a spreadsheet listing your files. You can simply export a list of files, including only the information you desire. Below we will discuss how this is done, the process is the same in both GX3 and GX4.
Step 1: You need to access the list of files that you will be sending outside of the firm. You can access these files any way that you like, including Direct Access, if the files belong in a single  matter or by a Search, if the files live in different locations within Worldox.
Step 2: Once you have your list of files pulled up in Worldox you will need to determine what information you would like to include in the index. You control this information by choosing which columns are displayed. This example shows the file description, size, date created & date modified.

Step 3: Now that you have the columns you want and 
they are organized in the layout you prefer. You can select List>Export from your top menu. The system will then prompt you to name your CSV file and give it a location to save to, outside of Worldox.

Step 4: You will want  to open your CSV file and ensure the  information  displayed is what you wanted to export and that all files being sent are included. Here is an example of what your CSV will look like after the export.

For more information about the generating index files in Worldox contact  
Using Workspaces to Create your Paperless Matters
My Workspace is a folder list view of your selected matters or projects.  In other words, you can pick exactly what matters you want to see, in a folder view, and be a double-click away from all the documents in your matter.
The My WorkSpaces category in the navigation pane remains empty until you "subscribe" to a matter in your client files cabinet, bookmarks, or other folders in enabled cabinets.

To Create a Workspace:
  1. Right-click on My Workspaces and select Subscribe to [desired profile group].
  2. Select the desired client/matter or area within the selected profile group and click OK.
  3. Once it is created, right-click and rename the Workspace to something meaningful to you (by default, they are typically named the client & matter code).
  4. To unsubscribe, right-click on the workspace and select Unsubscribe. 
TIPS: Use Filters to see the desired document types. You can create standard filters for all Workspaces that look like something this:
... or you can simply use the Filters tab to display the desired document type (or other criteria):

Finally, don't forget about Worldox's fantastic viewer that you can use to preview the documents in your matter or project. Use the View button, or the in-line new Viewer in GX4:

For more information and tips about Worldox, contact
Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency!
Did you see the recent news, Innovative Firm Culhane Meadows Leverages Worldox Cloud Technology for Greater Efficiency? We are honored to be a part of this project and proud that Worldox has showcased our great client, Culhane Meadows. Below is the an excerpt Press Release from Worldox:

When Culhane Meadows needed a document management system that would enhance their innovative and agile business model, they chose Worldox Cloud. Each attorney supplies his or her own equipment and either works from a small rental office or from home, making costly infrastructure and staff no longer necessary. Worldox Cloud is easy to use and allows their attorneys to work from anywhere.

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