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Inside you'll find information around regarding Worldox Complete Care, How to See in Outlook if an Email has Been Saved in Worldox and Affinity University.

Worldox Complete Care
Need Help Administering Worldox? 
Paul Unger - Partner
Many firms and legal departments don't have or want dedicated I.T. resources to manage, update, maintain and train Worldox users. Worldox Complete Care (WCC) is a service offering that solves this problem. WCC is all about budgeting and reducing your costs so you can focus on other areas of your operation. Affinity's deep talent pool of document management advisors, allows us to support your Worldox database, resolve problems before you even notice and escalate issues so you get to the right person faster. To top it off, we have a 99% up time guarantee. Complete Care Pricing is based on the number of users you have at your firm.

Complete Care Includes:
  • Dedicated WCC team, weekly communications and updates!
  • 24/7 Mission critical support.
  • 99% Uptime guarantee for your Worldox database. Quarterly system audits and analysis.
  • Daily monitoring of Worldox indexer and databases. Worldox new user setup.
  • Preventative maintenance, bugs & patches. Complimentary upgrade to new version.
  • All service updates included. Unlimited access to Affinity University training videos.
  • Worldox security administration. New user training video for unlimited use.
  • Technical support with 1-hour response times. New feature and/or version training video for unlimited use.
For information about Worldox Complete Care, please contact
How to See in Outlook if an Email has been Saved in Worldox
  Paul Unger  - Partner
Would you like to see in if you already saved an Email in Worldox without having to jump over to Worldox? With a few steps, you can customize Outlook to add this field in your Inbox view.

After an email is copied or moved to WORLDOX, the source message can now be flagged with a message (typically the target path and Doc ID). This feature uses the "Follow Up Flag" field in Outlook. The Flag Text is customizable and uses the same syntax as File Stamping. The default is "Copied/Moved to WORLDOX (Path\DocID)". To turn this feature on, have your administrator open WDAdmin and go to Edit > Preferences > Worldox > Email. Edit the Value to Yes for Add Flag Text after Copy and Add Flag Text after Move (the default is No).

Next, you must customize the view in the user's Inbox. For each user who desires to see this indicator in their inbox, open Outlook and right-click on any column. Select Field Choser. Drag and drop the Follow Up Flag field into the desired column position in Outlook.

The end result look like this in Outlook:

For more information about Worldox, please reach out to us at!  
Worldox Instructional Videos Now Available Through Affinity University!
With Affinity University, for as low as $30 a month, firms of any size can give all your users on-demand access to over 95 instructional videos right at their PC. It gives your attorneys and staff unlimited, all-you-can-eat access to short videos on Worldox, MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Amicus Attorney, PracticeMaster, NetDocuments, Clio and much more. It is a fantastic way to educate new hires or re-educate existing users.

Some of the Worldox topics in the Affinity University Library include:
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Web Mobile and Remote Access Options
  • Bookmarks
  • Quick Profiles
  • GX4 New Features Training
  • Relations
  • Categories
  • Favorites
  • Adding and Editing Use
Stay tuned for even more topics to be added. 

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