Your Worthiness

YPL Newsletter - Sign of Cancer Edition 
             If you have ever felt a sense of being unworthy, you are not alone.  Most people suffer from institutionally-created feelings of unworthiness, which, usually, start with the erroneous concept of "the Fall" or what is, also, called "Original Sin."


The question is, "Is the thinking behind such feelings valid?"


The simple answer is, "No.  Not at all."


Every one of us has come into life with the potential to fully realize his or her divine essence no matter what their sex or race or level of evolution up to this lifetime.  No particular sex or race is any less worthy, less equal or less chosen in terms of its divine essence. 


            You enter your term on this plane with free will and a chance to co-create in our planet's evolution on however large or small a scale you wish.  "The Fall" only means your soul has willingly taken on material form and, with that, a temporary ignorance of your divinity.  Your quest is to find your way back to your divine self...your way "home."   There is no "Sin" in that.  On the contrary, it's the most noble of aspirations..., the pursuit of elevation, of transcendence.


 Clearly, you wouldn't have been given your spark of divinity to pursue this endeavor, if you weren't worthy of it. 


Life is the process of manifesting our power to co-create and achieve our destiny.  The only "Sin" would be in failing to realize our worthiness. 


Our powers as co-creators are enormous!  And, the purpose of Creation is not complete until all of us manifest our piece of the Creator's Plan.


            If you are one who prays, try this...  "Lord I am worthy.  You have said the Word and my soul has been healed."


You are worthy.  You are special.  Own it!



The above was inspired by a channeled

       writing from Archangel Michael.

       If you would like to read that entire text,

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