ProFish' New USDA Catfish facility!
Due to the new federal guidelines, blue catfish must be processed in a USDA inspected processing plant. A few weeks ago we finished the build out of a processing room in our DC based warehouse that is for the sole purpose of filleting this local favorite. Please speak with your salesman and have a complete tour of all our facilities. Wholesale seafood warehouse and commercial fish smokehouse. ou are guaranteed to learn a few new things!
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Straight from the Fish Monger
Crab News:
 Venezuela: Season Opens for processing  October 15.  Give it 3-4 days after
Maryland: Expected to be picking until mid to late November.  Pasteurized Inventory growing but very expensive
Gulf: Some in.  More expected this week
Columbia/Mexico: Bits and Pieces
Indo Market: All indications are market will be rough until early next spring.  Expect no price decreases due to lower production and increased demand
From the West Coast:

Yellowtail Jack: coming out of the Northern Baja in Mexico.   Yellowtail Jack has not been assessed and rated by any seafood watch program, but the methods used to catch Yellowtail are gentle on the environment and light on the fish populations, especially in the case of hand line and hook & line caught fish.  

Blue Marlin:  In from Hawaii, we have been having great success with this fish for quite a while now, the guys ant Garden & Valley are really treating us right.

Monchong:  I had 100# come in this morning and already half of it is gone, jump on it now as I don't know when I'll be able to replace it!

Barramundi:   We have about 100# of fresh Barramundi fillets from Bali.  These are 16-24 ounce sides, skin off and pinbone removed.  

From the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico I have the following:

American Red Snapper, I received a few hundred LBs of large American Red Snapper from New Orleans this morning, most are in the 6-10# range and look fantastic, it's good to have the local boats back out after all that happened this past season.

Red Grouper:  Wild Seafood was able to get me 100# of domestic red grouper from Madiera Beach, FL.  His boats are back in action and we will have another good shot arriving  Thursday.

Tautog: In from Massachusets, tautog, AKA Blackfish, are looking great

Trigger: In from North Carolina, I hope to add a few more of these later in the week, so grab 'em quickly as only 80# arrived.

Other fish in limited quantities:
Opah (maybe 20# of fillet available)
Walleye Pike, 30# of 2-3# whole fish out of Lake Eerie
Sheepshead, 25-30# of fillets available.

Check out what's in the oyster cooler!
Oysters in stock:

Oysters Locals (Virginia/Maryland) 100 ct  33036
Oysters Belon (Maine)  33035B
Oysters Blue Pt (Conn) 100 ct  33030
Oysters Breaded  33050  
Oysters Chesapeake Gold (Maryland)  33030CG
Oysters Chincoteague (Virginia)  33030C
Oysters Choptank Sweet (Maryland) 100 ct  33030CS
Oysters Deep Cove  33030DC  
Oysters Duxbury Bay (Massachusetts)  33030DB
Oysters Fanny Bay (British Columbia)  33060FB  
Oysters Half Shell (frozen)120 per  33048
Oysters Holy Grail (Maryland)  33030HG
Oysters James River 100 ct (Virginia)  33037
Oysters Kumamoto (Orig - Japan) 120ct  33060K
Oysters Malpeque (Prince Edward Island) 100 ct  33035M
Oysters Mirada Bay 120 ct  33060MB  
Oysters Naked Cowboys (New York)  33030N
Oysters Rappahannock (Virginia) 100 ct  33030R
Oysters Rip Tide (Massachusetts)  33030RT
Oysters Shucked Count  33046  
Oysters Shucked Select  33045
Oysters Thatch Island (Massachusetts)  33030TI
Oysters Wellfleet (Massachusetts)  33030WF
Oysters, Fat Baby  33030FB
Oysters, Irish Point 100 ct  33030IP
Oysters, Madhouse  33030MH  
Oysters, Miyagi  33060M
Oysters, Stellar Bay  33060ST
Oysters, Sunset Beach  33060SB  
Oysters, White Stone  33030WS
Oysters, Wildcat Cove  33060WC

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