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Supreme Court nominee

President Trump has nominated federal appeals court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Now the battle of forcing ideas on America begins. If confirmed, the court would become solidly conservative. The Supreme Court is the last resort for interpreting the law and getting justice, and if the court is going to rule only one way, the conservative way, we are in serious trouble. We hope if confirmed, justice Kavanaugh will find a way to make the right ruling instead of imposing his conservative or liberal ideas on us. Click here for more ...

World cup update

All the big teams are out: Argentina, Germany and Brazil are out. The fans are crushed, but the the games are becoming more interesting as we enter the semifinal today. France is looking very strong. What do you think? Click here for more ...
TPS for Yemen

The Department of Homeland Security decision’s to extend the Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to nationals of Yemen for another 18 months through March of 2020. This renewal will grant Yemeni nationals who already have TPS an extension of their temporary legal status with the ability to work.

The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) welcomed the move and is urging the world to work and stop the war in Yemen. Click here for more


The boys who have been trapped in a cave in Thailand are starting to emerge, as the rescue operation continues. The 12 boys have been trapped for 17 nights in the cave and all of them have been freed in a daring operation. We wish them the best as they recover from their ordeal. Click here for more ...

Real Estate Market Update

Houses needed

We have several clients looking for homes in the Dearborn and Dearborn Heights area. If you have a home for sale, call 313-819-0101 for a free analysis.

Michigan News

Scam warning

Michigan Attorney general is warning residents about a texting scam that seeks to steal personal information and plant a malware into your phone. The scam is called "smishing" which is when scammers send a text message to your phone and asks to click on a link or correct personal information. Click here for more ....


A Dearborn man will be sentenced today in the home daycare case, where a toddler shot two other children with a gun he found at home. If you own a gun, please secure it; Children are curious and could hurt themselves and change your life for ever. Click here for more ....

Auto Show

Detroit Auto Show could move to June beginning in 2020. What do you think? Click here for more .....

Power rate increase

You could be paying more for natural gas and electricity. DTE is asking for an average 9.1 percent for residential customers, 4.3 percent for many commercial users and 4.5 percent for schools, colleges and universities. The rates, if approved by the commission, would take effect in May 2019. Click here for more ....

Get accepted into Medical School!

Medical schools are extremely competitive. 
Acclaim College Counseling can help highlight your unique qualifications to make you stand out!

Call Acclaim College Counseling
Phone: (248) 994-7650

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Al Ajami restaurant for sale

A premium high-class restaurant in Dearborn is for sale due to retirement. ONLY THE BUSINESS IS FOR SALE. The restaurant features a gourmet menu, excellent service and a loyal and affluent clientele; it seats about 200 people, and about 40 percent of its business is catering to businesses, parties and private homes.

This the business opportunity you have been waiting for to own one of the best restaurants in Southeast Michigan and have access to the best and well trained chefs, cooks, and wait staff. 
For more information, call Khalil at 313-819-0101.
Ask The Doctor With Dr. Shamma

US Arab Radio is honored to host Dr. F. Nicholas Shamma, one of the best infertility doctors in the state every third Tuesday of the month to discuss infertility issues and information.

The show is broadcast on WNZK 690 AM from 8-9 a.m. EST.
Your Health  

If you're considering a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment, such as an herbal supplement, do your homework first. Here's how to weed out misinformation.   

Married to your work? Balancing time at your job and time at home may help you feel less stressed and healthier. Try these helpful suggestions.

Community events

Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce

The Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce is holding several events this year. Click here to check out their calendar


ACCESS provides an array of services and programs to the community. Click here for more information.
Other News


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