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Tips for Fabulous Lashes

Blog by Julie Miller, R.N.


Another one of those wonderful signs of aging that I have certainly noticed............. my eye lashes are thinner and shorter. For some of us our lashes may thin by 1/2 by the age of 60, may become lighter in color and they may become 1 mm shorter. Fortunately there is a rescue medication called Latisse. They don't know how it works but it is believed to increase the percentage of hairs in the active growth phase, as well as make the active growth phase longer.  For the majority of users this leads to improved length, thickness and color. It is very easy to apply daily at the base of clean lashes with a thin eye liner brush. After the 1st month you should see improvement (if you are using it daily as instructed) and that improvement will continue up to 4 months.  At that point, if you are happy with the results then it is just a matter of maintenance. For some that is cutting back to every other day application and others can go a week depending on their eyelash growth cycles. The active ingredient in Latisse is used as an eye drop for glaucoma, which is how they came to discover that it also lengthens lashes. It is tolerated well, occasionally it can cause some itching or redness. It is a prescription medication but we have a written consent you can fill out if you stop by the office or if you are in you can talk to any of our providers and they can get you started. Here are some Tips for applying Latisse from Kimberly, our marketing director.


Sparkling eyes in July: Since we are focusing on the eyes, I wanted to tell you that I have been using the Neocutis, Luminere eye cream.  It has been about 1 year now and I really like it. Neocutis is a fairly new skin care line and their products are known for growth factors which stimulate cell turnover and growth leading to a newer fresher skin cell. Many of their products also have antioxidants so it is a power-packed product.  Luminere eye cream feels soothing going on and it is highly concentrated with growth factors.   The skin around the eye has smaller pores and little hair so it is more difficult for products to penetrate into that area. The higher concentration of growth factors really helps the effectiveness.  It also has ingredients to help with puffiness and dark circles. It is non irritating so you can use it on the upper and lower eyelids. This is my all time favorite eye cream!  Next month we will share information on their Swiss Rewards program.  I hope you enjoy the special. The starter kit is a very cost effective way to get to know their products.  


Micro Needling update:  It has now been about 7 months since my first needling and I had my 3rd back in February.  I have deliberately not treated with anything else to see what improvements I continue to have.  It is very hard for me to see the subtle day to day changes in my face but the other day I thought, "I think it is time for Botox".  I looked at when I had it last and it had been 6 months but overall I was still doing well.  I usually go 4-5 months. Obviously, I have movement but the creases aren't as deep.  The only thing that is different, is the needling.  It is thought that it stimulates collagen and that process takes months so............  I definitely see improvement around my eyes! Any day now they are suppose to be sending the new turbo model but that is what they said last month so I am hoping it comes soon.  Not sure what is better about this new turbo model but I will let you know.


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