Donor Newsletter - November 2017
Your support keeps history alive.
At the top of the season Jake's Gift was presented in Persephone Theatre's Backstage Stage. Part of the run included student matinees which are made accessible and affordable thanks to you. Jake's Gift was a one act play about a Canadian WW2 veteran's return to Juno Beach to find the grave of the brother who never came home.

Here is what one teacher had to say about her students' feedback:  “This was an incredible production. I'm pleased to have been able to expose my students to such a well-executed and unique performance about an important topic. They were really struck by the depth of feeling and the new perspectives that the play invoked.”

Your gift teaches the next generation about important Canadian history.
Jake's Gift (Julia Mackey)
Photo: Tim Matheson
Your donation is a great Treasure!
You literally put the wind in our sails! Without your support, large scale shows like Treasure Island would not be possible. Thanks to you, Treasure Island can be brought to life to wow and amaze members of your community.
Your gift builds wonderful sets! The amazing ship from Treasure Island is one of the larger sets that has been built in our production shop for a Persephone show. A set like this in made possible because of your support, thank you so much!
Your gift can sail a ship.
Treasure Island Cast
Photo: Stephen Rutherford
Your donation creates new friendships
When you donate to Persephone Theatre you are helping a young person create wonderful memories that will last for years. When you give you are creating a space where a student can take a Theatre School class or summer camp and make new friends.

Theatre classes and camps are available throughout the year. Each class or camp gives the students and opportunity to grow in their creativity and connect with others. Your gift makes this growth and connection possible
"My Favourite Camp Memory"
drawing by a theatre school student
Your donation brings young people together. 
Thank you for your 'sip'port!
Thank you to all who joined us in October for our annual wine-tasting fundraiser, A Taste of the Arts ! We were so happy to raise a glass with you and raise funds for Persephone Theatre. We can't wait to do it again next year!
Thank you for making a difference for everyone who participates in Persephone programming! Have questions or want to learn more about Persephone Theatre programs? Feel free to contact me by phone or email!
Megan Kent
Fundraising and Donor Relations Manager / 306-384-2126 ext 238

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