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 All the best food in the Bay Area on one street!!!!!!
Saturday August 20th, 2011
11:00AM - 7:00PM
Folsom Street Between 22nd & 26th Streets

It's fairly amazing when little ideas turn into big realities. We are lucky enough to watch it happen every day at La Cocina, and even more lucky that our own little idea, the San Francisco Street Food Festival, happened to follow something of that same course.  


About four years ago we were sitting around thinking, well, why don't the vendors at La Cocina get the shine they deserve? Now, it's worth mentioning that shine means attention, and also worth mentioning that they deserve it because their food is amazing.


The reality, of course, is that in a city, in a world, in a place where so many of our consumer decisions are made before we've made them through buzz, marketing, hype and happenstance, it's easy for a talented and driven chef to get lost in translation. We imagined our festival as a solution. A way to taste everything that San Francisco has to offer, and to make your own decision. This, you would think, is the best food in San Francisco. Not because you'd heard it , but because you had tasted it. 

We are so very proud to present this year's festival. A collection of over 60 talented, driven, hungry entrepreneurs from across our city and across the country. We are thrilled because La Cocina's participants shine so brightly, because the talented chefs and restaurant owners of this city work so hard to prove that they, too, can cook on the street and so proud that chefs from across the country are willing to fly here just to cook with us.



In a little more than a month, the streets of the Mission will be full of the best food in the Bay Area. We know you're going to join us. Of course, there's a lot to do before then, and we're hoping you will do it with us. We've made it fun. Think about joining a team and playing in our scavenger hunt, about grabbing a passport early, and telling your friends about it, or even just following us on Facebook and Twitter. Most of all, don't just think about coming, make sure you do.


It's great to talk about people making a living doing what they love to do, but it's even better to taste it.




 La Cocina's Mission Neighborhood to Turn into Street Food Extravaganza


As any competitive eater will tell you, food goes down easier when you're standing up. With over 60 vendors serving up their best offerings, you'll be glad to have that competitive advantage at the 3rd Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival!


On Saturday August 20th, eight blocks in San Francisco's Mission district will be blocked off to traffic as established foodies and curious noshers alike graze on some of the best food the Bay Area has to offer.

As always, the San Francisco Street Food Festival will showcase many outstanding small business that are part of La Cocina's incubator program. But the festival also gives a select group of Bay Area restaurants and chefs the chance to serve their renditions of street food the way it was meant to be served - on the street! 

Bring cash and comfy shoes.


 Street Food Festival


Taste Delicious Street Food from Around the Country at the Festival


While we know we do street food well in San Francisco, part of what excites us is that it's a nationwide phenomenon, enlivening the small business scene everywhere. That's why we're elated to have representatives from the best of America's street food cities signed on to join the Street Food Festival in 2011: LA's Global Soul, Ingrid's Lunchbox from Madison, Portland's Big-Ass Sandwiches and Skillet Street Food from Seattle. Read more about the businesses and the people behind them.


La Cocina and The Go Game Bring Back The Street Food Scavenger Hunt!


Scavenger Hunt Challenge


We hate to brag, but this year's Scavenger Hunt, in collaboration with The Go Game, is going to be kind of awesome. We're guessing you're into food if you've made it this far into the newsletter, and if you're smiling it's probably because you like words. Or because you're bored at work. But we'll take that too. Either way, this year's scavenger hunt will have you laughing, crying and learning new things about this city, and we can't wait to play it with you.


Chock full of prizes (hello free ice cream!) the hunt begins August 11th and lasts for 10 days, with the grand prize winner getting free VIP passes at next year's festival and the chance to win quite a few dope prizes along the way. So, put on your thinking caps, call your friends and start thinking of an adorable name. This one's got yours on it.  


Designed to challenge local foodies and help them discover what makes this city so darn special, the hunt begins August 11th and culminates with bonus missions and an awards ceremony on August 20, at the Street Food Festival. 


DATE: August 11th - August 20th

ENTRY FEE: None! It's free!


For updates and game clues, follow @streetfoodsf

For any other questions, contact: 


Wells Fargo Vote Your Vendor Small Business Competition


Hapa ramen 


We started this whole festival thing as a way to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the entrepreneurs who make La Cocina what it is. Most of our clients began selling from their homes and from the streets, with an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit that drove them to want the life that economic freedom promised them. As our festival has grown, we are thrilled to be able to continue to offer the opportunity for small and burgeoning businesses to strut their stuff on the big stage, and this year Wells Fargo has upped the ante, offering small business assistance to the winners of our competition along with free booth space.

So, know someone who deserves a shot? Register their business here, and get their votes in by the 29th. Or, better yet, think someone on this list could rock the festival? Make your voice heard and vote for them, spread the love and tell your friends. And then, well, come try their food. 


The Second National Conference is back! Better than ever...




For the second year, La Cocina will host the National Street Food Conference on August 21-22 at Fort Mason Center. The 2011 Conference will focus on the culture, economics and policy of street food with an extended look at small business incubation nationally. It is intended to be an open forum for ideas, an exchange between vendors, consumers, regulators and dreamers, and, hopefully, a place where changes can be set in motion to create more viable options for low-income vendors. Tickets can be purchased here

The Conference and Sunday Brunch will be held Bayside at the beautiful Fort Mason Center.


For more information of the festival please visit our website and for more news of our festival click  here 



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