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It's been an uphill climb but LI@B-CC students are taking it like champs!  Students are learning the value of having a "don't give up, don't give in, stick to it" attitude for a cause much bigger than themselves. They are like the Terminator, they may get knocked down but continue to get back up to move forward on their projects. 

Despite the challenges, we are doing our happy dance celebrating a few of our successes.  A huge congrats to Surafel for "nailing" his presentation to Asst. Principal Sharif Robinson to bring classroom versions of Immigration/Refugee Town Hall Meetings to fellow B-CC students.  A standing ovation to Alondra and Evelin for a well done presentation to the Counseling Department of Westland Middle School for a Refugee Anti-bullying campaign for middle schoolers. Two thumbs up to our students who submitted Bills in preparation for Legislative Weekend. We are looking forward to sharing more good news about our upcoming B-CC TV commercial, our documentary, and our 5K run.

This Month In LI

March 6, 2018 
Leadership Training Focus:  Brand Builder

March 13, 2018
Professional Skills Focus:  Appearance (in person and on paper)

March 16, 2018 - March 17, 2018
Legislative Weekend

March 20, 2018
Leadership Training Focus: Hard Work as a Core Value

March 27, 2018

March 29, 2018
FUNDRAISER for 5K @ Bobby's Burger Palace in Montgomery Mall
Happy Birthday!!! 
 Trinity, Tina, Mariam and Salem

Town Hall Meetings Classroom Version
Chipotle Fundraiser for our 5K

Quote Pick of the Week:
"There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure."



To Do This Week In LI @B-CC

Group Leaders At Large:  Donica and Leslie

Media Crew:  Crew Leader Kaleb
-  Social media post on IG #bcc.immigration (Kaleb)
-  B-CC TV re-film commercial (Tina)
-  Immigration documentary group (Tatiana)
- target date for completion APRIL 15th
- complete 3 Interviews before March 22nd (Spring Break)
- delegate, delegate, delegate
-Filmers:  Tatiana and Semhal
-Editors:  Enis and Tatiana
-Music Selectors:  tbd
-Video Clip Selectors:  Kaimaya
-Screen Subtitle Selectors: tbd

5K Run Crew:  Crew Leader Cate and Angelina
-  Votes are in....5K location is Wheaton Regional Parks
-submit park permit application to reserve a date
- Fundraiser/Sponsorship for T-shirts 
-create flyers for fundraisers
-come up with a marketing strategy for fundraisers
-set a sponsorship/fundraising goal
-continue the search for sponsors, funders and partners

Town Hall Meeting Crew: Crew Leader Favor
-Secure classes to host Town Hall meetings (Surafel and Kimberly)
-Speakers (Mariam and Trinity)
-talk to list of speakers and get preliminary confirmations, dates and times available.

Refugee Anti-Bullying Campaign: Crew Leaders Alondra and Evelin
-Edit presentation to Westland (Alondra and Evelin)
-Fundraiser (Emily and Jakaylah)
-secure paperwork for Chipotle fundraiser and select a date
-secure paperwork for bake sale and secure a date
-create sign up list for bake sale
-create a marketing plan for the fundraiser
-Assign role plays and write scenarios for group members (Evelin)  

Student Feature of the Week:
KUDOS to Favor for hosting the "practice run" of our Town Hall Meeting series.  Favor came up with excellent questions to highlight our speaker's refugee experience.  Great job Favor!! 
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