The Loft is a working artists' studio expanded to include a gallery and shoppe exhibiting more than 30 artists and artisans.  O ffering drawing classes, workshops, museum and gallery day trips & a monthly art salon.  Lots of unique, one-of-a-kind gift items and home decor to choose from as well as vintage and antique furniture and objects.

 The Loft is where Art Happens in Culpeper! 

Art Studio, Gallery (over 30 local and regional artists), Drawing Classes (Tuesday evenings with life model), Weekend Workshops (for adults and kids), Special Exhibits (artists and art groups), Day Trippin'! (chauffered day trips to selected artistic and creative venues), and ArtSpeak! (a monthly social gathering of creative folks, free and open to the public)!  

"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." 
-Audre Lorde

Many congratulations to Nancy Brittle for the sale of her TWO paintings this past month; Lemon and Valley View, two lovely oils!

Want to get involved creatively?  Come to ArtSpeak!  We meet on the last Thursday of each month @ 7 @ the Loft, this month the date is April 27th. Everyone that is creative or is interested in creative pursuits is welcomed!  It's not only visual artists, but also writers, musicians, and supporters of the arts.  No obligations, no dues, just your interest.

Yoga at the Loft continues!  Fridays at Five.  No Fees.  Donation Only and it all goes to the Humane Society of Culpeper!

Please scroll down to view our new workshops and day trips this month!   Don't forget the Day Trippin' this month, April 19, to the National Gallery of Art in DC for the Frederic Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism!  Sit back, relax, leave the driving and parking to me.  I can only take 4 people in my limo, so sign up quickly!  Always a great time.
Me, my babies,and my knees,
Patty at the Loft
Call Out for Artists!

One of the several exciting exhibits that arts a'loft is funding this year is Barebones; anything naked that is drawn, sketched, painted, colored in crayon, made of iron, constructed of tin cans or stitched together with fibers is acceptable.  It can be framed, matted or taped to core board, I don't care.  And this just in; it doesn't have to be a woman!  There are naked tree branches, skulls and femurs.  Surprise me.  Artists, let's lean into this for a July exhibit!  Submissions by June 1st, please.  All work will be juried.  No cost to submit and submit more than one!  35% consignment fee if sold.  Scroll down to see flyer.

Culpeper Walls! arts a'loft is joint venturing with the CRI (Culpeper Rennaissance) to paint murals on some boring, plain or just unsightly Culpeper building walls.  Start imagining!  Get your ideas on paper! Submission forms will be forthcoming soon!    ANYONE can submit their ideas, it does NOT HAVE TO BE historical or pastoral.  It can be something totally different, unique, clever, witty or your wall can celebrate Virginia horse country, the vibrant wine region here or highlight famous people from the area.  CRI has already identified buildings to paint in town, volunteers will prepare the surface for painting, and this IS a paying gig!  Don't think you have what it takes to produce a large mural?  Got a great idea?  Would love to work on a wall mural?  Consider gathering a group of artists!  Worried about transferring small image to large wall...stop it...volunteers will help either with grid work or projecting image, whichever way works best for you.  Scaffolding, paints, brushes, and rollers will be provided.  Volunteers prepare the surface for you and will apply the varnish and protective coat after completion!  So start imagining now!

Great opportunity for artists and awesome for Culpeper!
Here's what's Happening 
at the Loft 

Day Trippin'

April 19, Wednesday, Washington, DC

National Gallery of Art

Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism


April 1
Lou Messa; Acrylic Painting  Workshop!

April 15
Candace Clough; Glass on Glass!

April 22
Mark Saylor, Photoshop!  

Next Quarter Workshops Published May 1st Newsletter!
Regularly Scheduled Events 

Regular weekly and monthly happenings at The Loft.
Sketch by Patty Werick
Life Model Drawing Sessions
Tuesdays at 6pm
Please note NEW time! 6pm!

Individual guidance provided, no extra charge, or for established artists who just want the practice to keep hand and eye coordination fresh.  $20/session, or $15/each session, when you purchase 4 sessions at $60.
(All levels welcomed!) 
Must Pre-Register @ 202-669-5195 (my cell)

The registration is necessary in order to put you on an email distribution list to keep everyone informed of any cancellations.
Young woman practicing yoga in a urban background
Yoga at the Loft!  Fridays at Five!

It's BAAAACK!  Fridays at the Loft @ 5pm.  Rory Lyszcek will lead us through an hour of stretching and relaxation.  Be strong, be supple, be relaxed...and feel good about it!  Donation goes to the Culpeper Humane Society!  

Do something good for yourself and give to animal rescue!  
Art Salon Gatherings
Last Thursday of each month, 7pm

This month; April 27th!

ALL creative people or people that love the arts are invited to this strictly social gathering, the only requirement is a curious mind; painters, photographers, potters, jewelers,  iron workers , and not just visual artists, but authors, poets and musicians as well...if you want to share ideas, resources, request critiques, or just laugh and enjoy spending time with like-kind people conversing, please join us!   Get inspired!
No obligations.  No dues.  Come whatever date you can come. 

The Loft | 107B East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA  22701 | 202-669-5195 (cell) | 
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