The Loft is a working artists' studio expanded to include a gallery and shoppe exhibiting more than 30 artists and artisans.  O ffering drawing classes, workshops & a monthly art salon.  Lots of unique, one-of-a-kind gift items and home decor to choose from as well as vintage and antique furniture and objects.

 The Loft is where Art Happens in Culpeper! 

Art Studio, Gallery (over 30 local and regional artists), Drawing Classes (Tuesday evenings with life model), Weekend Workshops (for adults and kids), Special Exhibits (artists and art groups), Day Trippin'! (chauffered day trips to selected artistic and creative venues), Photography Meet-Up (meeting once a month) and ArtSpeak! (a monthly social gathering of creative folks, free and open to the public)!  And now Yoga at the Loft, Fridays @ Five!
Still coming off the high from the hugely successful Opening Night of the Borderlands exhibit.  Due to extensive marketing; newspaper advertisements and press releases, emails, flyers and with a little help from our friends at Foti's, Grass Rootes, and Grill 309, plus a fabulous spread in the new NOVA magazine, She!, along with Nol Putnam's numerous 'admirers', the Loft experienced an all-time high attendance of about 175 people opening night!    Proseco, fabulous food provided by our own Samantha, music by genius Jordan Bryson and lots of fascinating people created the perfect   
to experience these haunting and poignant photographs.   

Borderlands was a product born from ArtSpeak!, so thank you to all those participants that contributed with ideas, suggestions and bashing about the limitless possibilities. Many many thanks to Mark Saylor, for his keen eye and lighting genius, Nol Putnam, for his nakedness and his profundity, Samantha Whitesides for her willingness to be open and experiment, Eric Bynum for being the sound virtuoso he is, and my husband, Bill Werick, for his invaluable input, supporting me and everyone else in this creative endeavor.  I'm astounded and impressed with the writing talent that we have in this county!  Published authors; Miriam Polli (if you have not read her "In a Vertigo of Silence", rush to Amazon and buy, NOW), Laura Bynum (she has written a novel that features one of my all time favorite character!) and the just amazing writers; Nol Putnam, Bill Werick, Tori Pitts and Stefan Hall.   If you missed it, the audio portion is on the Loft's webpage where you can listen in the comfort of your own home to the authors' recordings and view their favorite photo that inspired it.

The Loft is taking a break and will not be offering any workshops this month!  Moo and Marina are exhausted.  

Yoga at the Loft has been fantastic...and sparsely if you are shy and don't like've found your home!  Friday afternoon at 5pm sharp, we are on our mats on the floor breathing and releasing, stretching and lengthening, improving our flexibility and's awesome!  My friend, Rory Lyschek, leads this weekly practice with grace and ease, best of all, it's donation only! That's right, donations go to the Culpeper Humane Society, and last month we were able to send them $75!  So now you can indulge in relaxation and fitness and contribute to animal rescue at the same time.  That's a good hour spent.  See below for more details.

Our continued programs; Tuesday nights at the Loft at 7pm of the Life Model Drawing Classes/Sessions! resumes on Tuesday, November 15!  ArtSpeak!, a social gathering of creative people (no matter what artistic medium you work in, be it visual, music or the written word) will be cancelled this month and our Christmas 2016 ArtSpeak! Party will be in December!  We'll talk, drink, eat and repeat.  More details to follow.

We are offering another fabulous Acrylic Painting Workshop with Lou Messa in December!  Saturday, December 3rd!  Demos and painting with guidance from Lou!   All levels welcomed.  Relaxed, fun and you leave with finished work you created!  Only ONE slot open for this workshop, so hurry and register now!  

We will be having a Kids' Holiday Gift-Making Workshop on December 10!  A whole day to create gifts for parents, teachers, family members and friends.  Lots of really cool creations that kids get to choose from to create.  Instead of purchasing manufactured gifts for kids to give....invest in them, so they can give gifts they made to their special people.  More information to come.  All ages, we have different items for different age fingers and attention spans.  

  Patty from the Loft, 
with Marina and Moo

Here's what's Happening 
at the Loft
in November !


Not even one!  I'll be napping with my dogs and cats, and riding my horse every chance I get! 
Enjoy your turkey day with pasta and wine!

Photography Meet-Up!
Annual Pies Culpeper
November 22
8am to Noon, meet at the Loft
 Presbyterian Church Annex on Main Street

Happening at the Loft in December

Acrylic Painting Workshop
December 3
with Lou Messa
10am to 2pm, $175

Still to Come in December! 
December 3rd, Kids' Holiday Gift-Making Workshop; creating art gifts for family, friends and relatives.
Photography Meet-Up in December The Blue Ridge Chorale,  promoting the winter concert series. 
Regularly Scheduled Events 

Regular weekly and monthly happenings at The Loft.
Silhouette Yoga Art Background on Canvas Background
Yoga at the Loft!  
Fridays at Five!

We have great energy at the Loft!  

Perfect for yoga, meditation, and relaxation.  Rory Lysczek will be hosting Yoga at the Loft every Friday @ 5pm! 
No obligations, No weekly commitment, No packages to purchase!

Best of all; Donation only!  All donated monies will be given to the  Culpeper Humane Society!  Now you can align your body & mind & give to animal rescue!

Come every Friday, every other Friday, or one Friday a month.
Please bring your own mat.  

Life Model Drawing Sessions
Tuesdays at 7pm
Resuming Tuesday, November 15!
Individual instruction provided, no extra charge, or for established artists that just the practice to keep hand and eye coordination fresh.  $20/session, or $15/each session, when you purchase 4 sessions at $60.
(All levels welcomed!) 
Must Pre-Register @ 202-669-5195 (my cell)

The registration is necessary in order to put you on an email distribution list to keep everyone informed of any cancellations.
Art Salon Gatherings
Last Thursday of each month, 7pm
ALL creative people or people that love the arts are invited to this strictly social gathering, the only requirement is a curious mind; painters, photographers, potters, jewelers,  iron workers , and not just visual artists, but authors, poets and musicians as well...if you want to share ideas, resources, request critiques, or just laugh and enjoy spending time with like-kind people conversing, please join us!   Get inspired!
No obligations.  No dues.  Come whatever date you can come. 

The Loft | 107B East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA  22701 | 202-669-5195 (cell) | 
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