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Let's Talk About Your Feet!    
Kristy Micklewright, RMT, BSc Kin 
Synergystix Partners in Health
Have you thought about your feet lately? Based on the principles of reflexology, your entire body is mapped out on the bottom, top and sides of your feet. Reflexology is the practice of applying... More  

Massage Therapy Improves Immune Function
Sara Battson, RMT Synergystix Partners in Health

In these final winter months, you may be concerned with your immunity towards a variety of seasonal illnesses. Receiving regular massage treatments better prepares the body's natural resistance... More

Do You Want Acupuncture But Hate Needles?     
Amy Lipsett, R.Ac, R.TCMP Synergystix Partners in Health
I was recently reminded at a health fair I attended, that many, many people are afraid of needles. I get it, who wants to volunteer to be a human pin cushion? Needle phobia is common and unfortunately it stops many people from benefiting from acupuncture...   More  

March is Childhood Arthritis Month
Helping to Hand Back Childhood
March is Childhood Arthritis Month.  Studies show  Massage Therapy can help decrease your pain and inflammation and increase your mobility. Learn more about our treatments for Arthritis at Synergystix 705-742-8244
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