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  May, 2017
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CLTC Corp. for Long Term Care Certification 

Colorado Division of Insurance Gateway to the long term care section

Medicare The official  Medicare website

Aging Life Care Assoc. (formerly National Assoc. of Professional Geriatric Care Managers) Worth their weight in gold.

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Today as I write this is Memorial Day 2017.  One day of a long holiday weekend.  One day of barbecues, picnics, fun with family & friends.  Let's do & enjoy all those things, but more importantly, let each of us take a few moments, on this one day, to remember the sacrifice of those thousands upon thousands of men & women who served their country and never came home.


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Stacking: Does It Make Sense To Own More than One Policy? 




Let's say you want long term care insurance that will reimburse you for $6,000 per month.  But you can only afford (for now) coverage for $3,000 per month.  You expect your available income to grow during the next few years.  Buying the $3,000 per month policy today & then another, larger, policy later could be a good strategy provided: ...READ MORE





A plan to pay for Long Term Care services is not a financial plan.  But a financial plan that does not address long term care can not be a complete financial plan. 
  Ray Smith
 Raymond Smith, CLU, CLTC, MBA
 The Long Term Care Specialist

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