March 2017 
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Thank you for continuing to learn during your healthy lifestyle journey. Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? It is a great time to focus on healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes for the entire family. In fact, health goals are most successful when all family members join in and support one another.
Learn tips below and check out the helpful links for a family-focused healthy lifestyle approach!
If you are trying to prevent diabetes, it is important to have your A1c (blood sugar) lab test rechecked six months after starting any weight loss or exercise efforts.
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March Is National Nutrition Month

Sydney Sells, DTR
University of Northern Colorado Dietetic Intern
Create a healthy lifestyle for the whole family! This month, zone in on what matters most, and get everyone involved with making healthy choices. Whether it's in the kitchen or playing outside more, there are many ways to make healthy activities into fun that everyone can enjoy.
Healthy plate, healthy home
Creating a variety of flavors, colors, and textures on your plate ensures you get the nutrients you need.
  • Choose colorful vegetables to brighten up your plate. Serve exciting colors with more bland-looking foods, choose a new, in-season vegetable to try each week.
  • Snack on whole fruits, or make into yummy smoothies.
  • Choose lean proteins like poultry, fish, and plant proteins to feed growing muscles.
  • Opt for whole grains. Try whole-wheat breads and pastas, or quinoa, oats, or barley as unique alternatives.
  • Offer non-sugary drinks at dinner. Try non-or low-fat milk, unsweetened milk alternatives, or seltzer water with fruit
Get everyone to help
Get the whole family involved in the kitchen. Plan out specific, age-appropriate jobs to create something everyone will enjoy.
  • Take a family trip to the grocery store and let kids help choose fruits and vegetables they want to try for the week.
  • Have kids create fun shapes and faces with their vegetables.
  • Let kids practice their portions by following a MyPlate model to dish their own plates.
Connect with each other at every meal
Eating together around a table establishes strong bonds in every family. Find out what each other has been up to.
  • Opt for eating around a table without distractions. Meal time is a great way to connect during the busy week.
  • Choose fun written topics from pieces of paper in a bowl to get the conversation going and see where it takes you.
Get moving
It doesn't matter what you're doing-make it a point to get fresh air outside and play. Take a walk, fly a kite, play with your pet, or go to a park. All activity adds up-have fun with it.

Remember your 5210
  • Make sure to get five servings (or more!) of fruits or vegetables every day.
  • Limit screen time to two hours or less.
  • Get at least one hour of physical activity five times a week.
  • Choose more water or low-fat milk instead of sugary drinks.

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