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July 2016

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Like a lot of Americans, you may be feeling a bit anxious these days. From the Orlando shootings, to the upcoming presidential election, to Brexit, there's plenty of reason to feel rattled. But remember this:  America is only a tad over 200 years old - a baby (albeit a big one) compared to the rest of the world! Like all babies, our nation is still growing, adapting, and finding its place in an always-changing world. Each of us is responsible for guiding and protecting this beautiful "child" of ours. We can do it, we will do it, and our national future is bright.  Wishing everyone an inspiring and hopeful Fourth of July! 

All the best,

Joseph S. Karp
Joseph S. Karp

Genny Bernstein
Genny Bernstein
Adele S. Harris
Adele S. Harris

Chad Steskal

Rachel Zetouni

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Free workshops  
Our next free workshops are scheduled for August. Please spread the word to your neighbors, friends and family!

Next year, it's all about YOU
Soon, recommendations you receive from your financial advisor regarding your tax-advantaged retirement accounts must be based on just one factor: your best interest - even if that means less money in the advisor's pocket. The Department of Labor's new fiduciary standard goes into effect in 2017. 

Apply for this V.A. benefit before the look-back arrives
The Veterans Administration intends to begin "looking back" at asset transfers made by applicants for Pension, and for Pension with Aid and Attendance. It is widely believed (though unconfirmed) that implementation will start in December. Apply for this valuable but little-known benefit before the look-back goes into effect; doing so could mean substantial savings for you and your family.

Joseph Karp named 2016 Super Lawyer
For the 10th year, Joseph Karp  has been named to Thomson-Reuter's roster of "Super Lawyers." The honor is based on outstanding professional achievement and peer recognition, and is awarded to less than 5% of attorneys in the state.

Medicare observation status notice faces delay
Have you been formally admitted to the hospital? Or are you on "observation" status? Hospitals must soon begin notifying Medicare beneficiaries of their status. However, we encourage you not to wait to be told. As soon as you (or your loved one) are moved into a room, ask! The distinction between formal admission and observation status may not mean much to you as a patient, but could make a huge difference when you get the bill.

Keep us up to date
Recognizing that life is never stagnant, we invite clients to meet with us for a complimentary estate plan review every three years. Please take advantage of this offer! Also, notify us whenever there is a change in your contact information, so we can continue to inform you of important developments. Any changes in your mailing address, phone, email, etc. should be sent to   updatemyinfo@karplaw.com.
Tell your grad: Scammers have them in their sights
Financial abuse of older people is rampant, but the young are not immune. Graduates struggling with student debt should be aware that they are prime targets for crooks promising them financial relief. 
Report: 1 in 9 over age 65 have Alzheimer's
Celebrated basketball coach Pat Summitt died June 28 at age 64, following a five-year battle with early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. While the chances of staying healthy are in your favor, the prevalence of the disease makes it one of our clients' greatest fears. Everyone's estate plan should include legal and financial arrangements that anticipate possible incapacity. 

Living trust administration, probate are different
Attorney Karp recently answered a question from someone puzzled over why a successor trustee consulted a lawyer. 
Florida 2016 Sales Tax Holiday
This year's sales tax holiday begins Friday August 5 and runs through Sunday, August 7. School supplies and many clothing items may be purchased free of sales tax during this time frame. 

Thank you for your referrals!
Is there any greater compliment to our law firm than when you refer someone to us? We don't think so! Please encourage your referrals to mention your name when they contact us. We want to let you know how much we appreciate you!
A sign of the times on Broadway
Even the Great White Way is noticing that American society is growing older. Actor Frank Langella netted a 2016 Tony Award for his portrayal of a man developing dementia in the hit play, "The Father." The show just ended its Broadway run, but we're hoping the production will make its way to Florida in the future.

Every young adult needs a health care surrogate 
Both you and your child may be surprised to know that once he is 18, you are no longer authorized to get information about his medical affairs, or to make his health care decisions in the event he cannot. That's true even if he is still covered under your health insurance policy. Can you imagine how powerless you would feel if you were prevented from assisting your child in a medical emergency? The solution is for your child to establish a health care surrogate naming you (or a sibling or anyone else he chooses) as his health care decision-maker. Contact our office and we can arrange for your young adult to execute this very important document.
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