Happy Fourth!                                           July 2015
George knows how to keep cool; don't move!
In spite of the heat, we have a full summer program. Our riders and volunteers are showing their commitment and dedication by coming out and helping us all get used to the new  schedule and office procedures. By Fall we should be a finely tuned machine!
                                                                                                                                                     A special thanks to all the parents and caregivers who are being so understanding about new scheduling and paperwork requirements. Everything we are asking for is an effort to improve the quality and safety of the HHH Therapeutic Program.
Volunteer Spotlight

With Beth and Larry Andrews we got a two-fer in our volunteers. Beth and Larry moved to Sebring about a year ago from Dellroy, Ohio where they raised show quality Quarter Horses and Paints and also volunteered at a nearby therapeutic riding program.

Beth says that one of the first things she researched when they decided to make the move to Florida was where she could be around horses and found HHH via Google. After years of being the primary caregiver for several family members and a cancer survivor herself, she says that being around horses "makes me feel alive again". There's that magic at work!!

Thank you Beth and Larry; we are grateful for all that you do.

Miss Joy gives Ty a morning stretch....ahhh, hurts so good!

Fun Station Outing
Ben makes some new friends.

Fun Station lived up to it's name when a group
of 21 children came out to learn and ride. It was
fun to see some familiar faces of riders who were
with us during this year's school
program and
we look forward to having some new riders from this group.

Although this was a large group, all the volunteers
agreed that this was a wonderfully behaved group
and it was a pleasure to have them.

Thank you Boys and Girls for waiting your turn, standing in line patiently and following directions!
Come back soon!

More New Members of the HHH Team

We have two new horses in the barn. Whiskey is a 7 year old Paint from Osceola County. Whiskey's former career was pleasure riding and trails. We think he is enjoying life at HHH due to his calm, cool manner with just about everything!

Buster Brown was a working ranch horse and we love his laid-back attitude. Even though he's only 9 years old, he's "been there and done that". We think he's been wondering where all the cows are hiding!

Every horse is not suited for therapeutic work; all new horses come into the barn on a 30-day trial to see whether or not this environment is a good fit. Many thanks to all the volunteers who put in their time and effort in helping these candidates understand what their new job is all about. The job description for a therapy horse includes patience, trust and tolerance; big shoes to fill!! 
    Chris and Michael introducing Whiskey to his new job.
    Kayla and Brianna simulating a therapeutic lesson on Buster.

Bits and Pieces

Water, water, water!! Several things; most important, don't forget to take care of yourself and drink plenty of water; remember that our horses get just as thirsty! Please check that all buckets in the stalls are topped off and water troughs in the pastures are full. Also if you are leading a horse, please offer him a drink between sessions, and don't forget water for yourself - we have plenty in the kitchen if you forgot to bring your own!
    Wrong way to leave hose; water dripping and spread on ground.
    Right way to leave hose; unfortunately this one is so kinked it won't lie flat!
No doubt about it, Summer in Florida is challenging, especially around a barn. Thanks and kudos to all our fantastic volunteers and feeders who are keeping the wheels turning during this time. You are the ones that make it happen.

If you have any suggestions or comments for this newsletter, please email us at heartlandhorsesflorida@gmail.com or give us a call - we'd love to hear from you!

See you at the barn soon.
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