Cooler temps on the way!              September 2015
OK, maybe it's a bit of a stretch to have the "leaf peeping" picture above, but a couple of early mornings in the 70's really feels encouraging! 
Kuhn Memorial Ride Dates for 2016!

Once again, through the generosity of the Putnam Family, the 2016 Ride-a-Thon is scheduled for April 29 - May 1. This year we will have even more Friday night activity planned, so if you've only gotten there on Saturday in past years, make a special effort to get out on Friday night for the full weekend of fun! More details will be coming soon on the website where we will have the capability to sign-up and register online!

Rider Spotlight

Please meet Debbie Kennedy, one of most deciated riders. Debbie was one of the "faithful" who rode all summer long in the tremendous heat and ALWAYS had a smile on her face!

Debbie ready to ride.

Debbie has a special affinity for HHH since she grew up with her own horses. As she explains:

 "I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011 at the age of 54. Prior to diagnosis, I was having issues with frequent unexplainable falls.  The lesions on my brain have caused issues with balance, spasticity in my legs, muscle weakness and slurred speech. I find that exercise helps to maintain muscle strength so, I do all I can to stay active."

Debbie & Lucky negotiating the bridge.

"Heartland for horses and handicapped is one of the activities that I participate in. I notice improvement in the movement of my hips after my riding session which makes it easier for me to walk with an aid.  I also enjoy the interaction with the staff, other participants and horses which enhance my moods. I am thankful to have horse riding as an option to improve my mobility and am grateful for the staff that make it all possible."

Debbie's commitment and dedication is an inspiration for all of us. Thank you Debbie for being part of the HHH family! And many thanks to all the volunteers who continue to be there for our riders to help them strive towards their goals.
Projects Completed During Session Break

A very special thanks for all the volunteers who worked so hard on the projects that were going on during the between-session break! We were able to take out several very dangerous dead trees in the pasture, get lots of noisy bush hogging done, pressure wash and paint all 14 picnic tables, expand Rocky's paddock with permanent fencing and build new paddocks. Whew!!

Timber! We were glad to see the last of this dead tree
Getting them down is only half the job - then the cutting and stacking begins!
Picnic tables all pressure washed to remove old paint
New stall paddocks started and permanent fencing for Rocky's pasture.

Picnic tables now one color; just in time for the Barn Dance.  

George is exhausted from all the activity!

We are incredibly blessed to have so many wonderfully talented volunteers with generous spirits! Thank you Larry Harbison (aka Mr. Chain Saw, Beth & Larry Andrews and Marvin Grube.  

Bits and Pieces

Get Well Ben!

Ben underwent a $300 surgery to remove cancerous growths this week; please keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery and no recurrence of these tumors. Although we plan for regular medical care on an annual basis, exceptions like this do occasionally come up.

Tye is another one of our stalwart team members who unfortunately has severe allergies, especially during the summer months. If anyone would be willing to sponsor his medication and supplements for this condition, please call Marcia at (863) 452-0006. He has no problems as long as his condition is well-managed so we are doing everything possible to make sure we keep him comfortable and in working condition.

Volunteer Training September 3, 9am

If you haven't been out for awhile or know anyone who is interested in volunteering, please remember the training session scheduled for Thursday, September 3. We have also had several requests for an additional training session to be scheduled in the early evening weekday or on Saturday. If you would like to see an additional session scheduled, please call the office (863) 452-0006 and let us know. If you leave a message, please leave your name, phone number and email as well as what time/day you would prefer.

We're ready and excited to have the Fall session starting back up on Tuesday, September 8. Please come out and see all the changes, meet the new horses and just catch up in general; we've missed you!

If you have any suggestions or comments for this newsletter, please email us at or give us a call - we'd love to hear from you!

See you at the barn soon.
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