Fall is Coming                                  August 2015
   (we promise!) 
First Annual Moonlight Barn Dance

Mark your calendars now to save the date for our first ever Moonlight Barn Dance on Friday, November 6. This will be an event you won't want to miss, and if you've never been to our facility, a wonderful opportunity to see where it all happens. We're planning a wonderful dinner al fresco, a great band and we're even bringing in a dance floor! Stay tuned for more details.
Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Michael Helms, one of our most faithful volunteers. Michael originally came to HHH last Spring to fulfill Community Service hours. He has been involved in pretty much everything, from loading and stacking hay to helping desensitize new horses and has become a favorite of many of our riders.
Hay Delivery Day!

Michael has shown tremendous dedication this summer, showing up day after day and learning the ins and outs of
the barn operation. He has also stepped up to the task of training our community service volunteers, which is a huge help so they can be productive and helpful right away.
Michael & Jeff

We are sometimes lucky in that individuals who come to volunteer for a one-time or short duration decide that they enjoy being at the barn and becoming a part of HHH; we are fortunate to have Michael on board and appreciate his "can-do" attitude!

Plenty of free natural fertilizer available at the barn - get ready for your Fall garden! Call the office (863) 452-0006 for pick-up details.

Senior Visitors
Buddy and Neale.

Mr. Neale McDonald, a resident at Fairway Pines, came to the barn recently for a special visit. Horses were a major part of Neale's life in Indiana where he raised and trained Walking Horses.

Neale could definitely appreciate all the intricacies of managing a barn like ours and he was impressed with the procedures we have in place for feeding, turnout, cleaning stalls, etc.

As most of us who appreciate horses realize, being in their presence can be a tremendously healing and joyous experience. We loved having Neale visit and hope he comes back soon.

Thank you, Volunteers!  

Janet Tindell of Cornerstone Hospice brought a gift basket of appreciation for our staff and volunteers for Nancy Brihn's "Ride of a Lifetime"; if you didn't see the articles in the News-Sun or Highlands Today, check out our Facebook page for the full story of this lovely lady fulfilling her dreams of becoming a cowgirl at age 73.

Bits and Pieces

Rubber Bands

Do you get vegetables at the store with the thick rubber bands on them? Please consider saving them for us so we can use them for our safety (peacock) stirrups on the English saddles. The "official" safety rubber bands (shown below) are designed for quick release of the rider's boot and are very expensive in the tack stores. However, the grocery store version serves the same purpose just fine and you can feel good about recycling!

Who knew that broccoli could also be a source of safety equipment?
Peacock stirrups for safety.

Euipment/Supplies Needed

If anyone has a chainsaw or electric leaf blower in good working order that you could donate, we are in dire need of both these items. Although we do have both at the barn now, they are limping along and require constant "fixing" and adjusting. Thank you volunteer Larry Harbison for your engineering expertise in keeping both of these pieces of equipment going!!

We have an ongoing need for several items that need constant replenishing; Purina Complete Dry Cat Food, paper towels, toilet paper and cups. If you could pick up an extra the next time you're doing your own grocery shopping, we would really appreciate it!
Whew! This summer has been challenging; between extreme heat and extreme rain, it's been one for the record books! Kudos to our hearty riders and volunteers for staying the course. The number of riders this summer increased 40% since May; and we're looking forward to a very active Fall with schools back in session. We'd love to see you come out and participate; as a volunteer or visitor.

August 13 will be our last Summer Session lesson day; we will be starting back with the Fall Schedule on September 8. This break will give us a chance to do some work around the barn and get ready for a very busy Fall; please call Marcia on September 1 to start scheduling regular lesson times.

If you have any suggestions or comments for this newsletter, please email us at heartlandhorsesflorida@gmail.com or give us a call - we'd love to hear from you!

See you at the barn soon.
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