August 19, 2016


President Obama signed 3rd class medical reform into law as part of the FAA Reauthorization bill. FAA has 1 year to develop and enact rules in line with the reforms. Until the rules are in place pilots fly under the "old" conditions.  Here are the highlights of the reforms:

Pilots who have held a valid medical certificate any time in 10 yrs prior to July 15, 2016 may not need to take another  
            FAA medical exam. This period applies
            to both regular and special issuance

If you've never held a medical certifi-
cate or it has lapsed more than 10 yrs before July 15, 2016 you need to get a
            medical certificate 1 time.  

If you develop certain cardiac, neuro-logical or mental health conditions you'll  need a 1x special issuance for
            each condition.

Under the new forms there are operating limitations:  5 passengers + PIC will be allowed to fly in a 6000 max
            gross weight a/c, flying at altitudes
            below 18,000 ft mL and at speeds up to
            250 kts.

Pilots under exemption may not operate for compensation or hire.  

 Every 4 years you'll need a physical from a state-licensed physician. 

 Every 2 years you'll need to take online training in aeromedical factors and keep certificate of completion in your

If flying outside the U S under these reforms check with the country's 
aviation authority to makes sure you're
            in compliance.

Embraer introduces Phenom 100 EV. 

This 1-pilot and 5-7 pax jet features Prodigy Touch avionics based on the Garmin 3000, and modified Pratt & Whitney PW617F1-E engines. 

Prodigy Touch is touch-screen controlled with larger hi def displays, split screen capability and a more capable wx radar. P&W engines offer more range, faster rate of climb and better hot and high performance.  With 4 occupants the EV's range is 1178 nm. 

Inside the cabin the aisle is wider and the USB charger outlets have been relocated compared to the Phenom 100. Aircraft is expected to enter the market in the first half of 2017. Mexico's air charter company Across and the Emirates Flight Training Academy are dual launch customers.

West Star has received STC approval for ADS-B Out.  Approved models include Challengers 601-3A and 3R, Falcon 900B and 900EX a/c equipped with Honeywell GNSSU GPS and Rockwell Collins TDR-94D transponders. WSA also offers the lateral performance for vertical guidance functionality along with the ADS-B component.  

Sikorsky VH-92A completes critical review. Sikorsky has demonstrated compliance with the 
U S Marine Corp requirements for transporting the President aboard a VH-92A. This clears the unit to begin assembly, evaluation and testing of a fleet of aircraft to be conducted under a $1.24 billion fixed-price incentive contract awarded to Sikorsky by the Navy in 2014. 

Pres and CEO of Ross Aviation Jeff Ross shares his aspirations for 6 FBOs divested by BBA in the Landmark acquisition. Bases are at ANC, FAT, HPN, IAD, SDL and TRM. KSL Venture Capital of Denver CO invested $190M to acquire the bases and has subsequently turned to veteran FBO management firm Ross Aviation for daily operations. 

WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY FOR COMPETING IN THIS CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENT?  Local management is the key.  Rather than leading from a distance, we hire people who can navigate and thrive in the local business environment. Mgrs are empowered to find people in the community who are customer-service oriented....who want to strengthen existing relationships and attract new customers. People are what make a great company.

Aéro Montréal Innovation Forum 2016

by Don Van Dyke, ATP/Helo/CFII, F28, Bell 222

Most pilots see aircraft only as finished products, often featuring striking cabin luxury and impressive function-ality.   However, the beauty of aircraft is more than skin deep. It bears witness to devoted effort by untold thousands whose work in design, development and manufacture makes flight available to mankind.

Celebrating its 10th year, Aéro Montréal is the think tank of the aerospace cluster centered on Montréal, Québec.  This year over 1000 aerospace reps from Canada and abroad attended  to learn about the latest technological advances, to explore business opportunities and create sustained collaborations.

There are 2 flagship projects being pursued:  MACH which aims to foster collaboration and innovation within the global supply chain and improve performance and competitiveness of suppliers.  And  SA2GE   which seeks to develop new technologies for cleaner and quieter aircraft, including end-of-life aircraft and engine management.  READ MORE.   

Airbus H175 delivers 1st helo in VIP dress. This medium twin was outfitted with soundproofing, electrically deployed foot-steps, dimmable windows and other features for an unidentified private customer. 

TRU Simulation + Training expands av mx training. From its Textron Aviation campus at ICT (Mid-Continent Arpt, Wichita), future courses planned to be available in 2016 include mx and avionics courses for the Caravan 208, CJ series, Excel series, Sovereign, Sovereign+ and Latitude as well as the Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza models. Aircraft technicians receive class room instruction featuring 3D modeling and animation, along with hands-on training in the center's 35,000 sq ft hangar. 


MRO mgrs are offering tips to make the maintenance process easier on the psyche and wallet. There are 3 topics sprinkled through this edition of Perception on:  Cockpit Avionics, Interiors and Engine Overhaul. Additional responses will be appear in future issues on Cabin Avionics and Paint. 

If you have a question you'd like answered just send it to One of the experts will weigh in.


Have a solid understanding of inspection and due item status on the aircraft to avoid surprises. If unsure ask for a mx research technician to assist in developing a work package that will eliminate surprises both during the course of the mx visit and when the a/c is returned to service.

Airframe Mgr Chad Doehring of Duncan LNK

Electric and Solar Success Stories

Airbus E-Fan 1.2 gave daily exhibitions at Oshkosh.
This is the 2nd experimental aircraft from Airbus. It sports a hybrid electric + gas engine to reduce vibration and weight of the plane. Discrete electric fans powered by batteries are much quieter than fossil-fuel engines. (For more information on the Airbus E-Fan 1.1 which was awarded Professional Pilot's Tech Av Development Award of 2015, click here:

Solar Impulse 2 completes solar flight around the world.
 Dr. Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg completed the 1st round-
the-world solar flight after 12 yrs of research and design.  Aircraft is powered by 17,248 solar cells that transfer energy to 4 electrical motors that power the plane's propellers. It runs on 4 lithium polymer batteries at night. The plane's wingspan stretches 236 ft to catch the sun's energy. View the 16-stop flightpath here.


Brazil's embattled
Pres Dilma Rousseff
Impeachment trial imminent for Brazilian president. Four days after the Olympics end in Rio, suspended Brazilian Pres Dilma Rousseff's will battle an impeachment trial. On May 12 she was suspended on accusations of breaking the budget law and illegal accounting practices.  It will take 54 of 81 senators (2/3 of the voting body) to permanently remove the president from office. Reading this impeachment as a political move, pundits anticipate it won't destabilize Brazil in the short run.

British July retail spending up. After the UK voted to leave the European Union on June 23, most business and consumer surveys expected a sharp economic slowdown. This prompted the Bank of England to cut interest rates for the 1st time since 2009. However July 2016 numbers from British retailers are up 1.9% compared to spending in July 2015. This is the biggest rise in consumer spending in 6 months.  

Germany has modest expansion in Q2. Economy expanded 0.4%, 2x what was expected. ING economist Carsten Brzeski claims the economy is benefitting from domestic consumption, quickened by cheap money from the European Central Bank and by the influx of refugees.

(NOTE: Information for this section is derived from Wall Street Journal, Reuters and other economic resources and is snapshot in time. It's not meant to encourage investment or endorse any ideas.)

A peek inside China's debt. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) China is expected to run a moderate budget deficit of 3% of GDP this year, with a manageable debt load equal to 46.8% of the economy. China ranks 100 out of 184 countries. With these figures it appears China can manage any slowdown in its economy. However the IMF is measuring central govt debt only. In China, 80% of public spending comes from local government. Bearish investors are predicting large-scale devaluation and bank crises in the near future. 

Ukrainian leaders seeking investors to develop solar power near Chernobyl.  Sunshine is 1 of the only things that can be harvested in the nearly 1000 sq mile exclusion zone around the defunct nuclear reactors.  

Pripyat has been abandoned
since 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Japanese economy is flat in Q2.  Falling exports, a strong yen, flat domestic spending and a dip in corporate investments have led to a growth of only 0.2% compared to 2% in Q1. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe committed to spending another $276 billion in stimulus.

ONE Aviation has announced a new Eclipse model dubbed "Canada." 
  • It has a Garmin G3000 Flightdeck 
  • Pratt & Whitney 615 engines provide more thrust: 1170 lbs vs 980 lbs
  • ft of increased wing span means
    range extends to 1400 nm
  • Canada can take on more fuel:
    321 gallons vs 241 gallons
  • Increased gross weight is
    now 6900 lbs
  • There's more useful load:
    2787 lbs vs 2311 lbs
  • Operational ceiling has
    increased to FL430
  • Canada can cruise at 0.65 Mach
    all the way up to FL430
  • Improved hot and high performance
  • Price tag: $3.495 million

ViaSat is providing IFC to govt aircraft. ViaSat has been awarded a contract with the US Defense Info Systems Agency to provide sr leaders and support staff with global communications and in-flight broadband services. ViaSat says the service will allow for a "Situation Room in the sky." The in-flight broadband connection enables streaming of full-motion and high-definition intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance video, HD video conference calling and other capabilities.

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62 Signature bases added to US Sterling Card network by Air BP.  Air BP Sterling Card customers will be able to refuel at 62 US Signature locations starting Aug 1. Sterling Card can be used to pay for aviation fuel along with other flight support services.


Here are a few brain exercises courtesy of AARP. Games will enhance agility, memory and concentration. Check  what is the highest level 
you can  perform at today.

  TRAINS: Attention

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TRAINS: Memory, Attention, Language


Technical Sales Mgr Aaron Berg at West Star GJT

ADS-B and FANS require an STC or mfr service bulletin to comply. We verify the existing GPS receivers are WAAs. if they aren to we would upgrade those. In some situations a stand alone GPS  receiver can be installed to provide the transponders with position data.

Mgr of Avionics Bill Forbes at Executive Aircraft Maintenance SDL

My advice is to know what you want to gain and to be as involved as possible in all the decisions, even the "little stuff." The aesthetics and the layout options are something that you will be looking at every time  you fly the aircraft.  We want to make sure you're getting exactly what you want and what works best for you in the cockpit.

Mike Duncan of Citation Svc Ctr ICT

Equipment from the OEM is typically preferred for cockpit avionics upgrades, as it has been integrated and tested with full support of the mfr and is installed by type certificate data or a service bulletin.  There are often alternative, less expensive options that will meet the same goal but may not have full functionality with existing systems and required additional engineering and certification efforts.

Mark Francetic, Regl Avionics Sales Mgr Duncan 

When it comes to the upcoming NextGen mandates plan early.  Some of the ADS-B solutions are not forward-fit compatible. DCL (Departure Clearance Operations) for CPDLC will be right around the corner. Operators should ask whether the equipment they will install is forward-fit compatible.

Dir of MRO Services Greg Laabs at Banyan FXE   
Aircraft modifications such as avionics upgrades or system mods will typically entail research on the part of the facility's sales and production team. For a larger mod package they will ask for model, part and mod status numbers of components to ensure a more accurate quote. Many aircraft in service have had previous mods or upgrades accomplished which change how the systems interface. Acquiring this data up front will ensure an accurate quote and assist in engineering and parts ordering.

Av Tech Product Mgr Jim Hehnen of Constant CGF.   When deciding to upgrade to ADS-B, look at your flight profile to see how aircraft will be utilized in the future. If LPV and CPDLC is not that important then a lower cost, less invasive WAAS & ADS-B upgrade might be a better fit. If there will be a lot of LPV approaches and or CPDLC capability then a different WAAS/ ADS-B approach might be required.

First flight of Erickson and Helicopter Transport Svcs advanced composite blades. Composite main rotor blades were tested on the S64 Aircrane and CH54 Skycrane with success. Flight testing is to continue for several months and certification is expected late in 2016. The new blades are designed to increase aircraft performance at high elevations and temperatures while also increasing fuel efficiency. They will also reduce manufacturing costs and maintenance costs.

Duncan to open avionics work-away location in San Antonio. On the SE side of SAT (San Antonio Intl Arpt) Duncan will establish a work-away location to quickly respond to customers' needs.  Thirteen-year Duncan veteran Greg Ashpaugh will be available to travel to customer's aircraft to take on avionics repairs and installations.

Pentastar renews ARGUS platinum status. Platinum rating by ARGUS is the highest safety rating awarded to air charter operations that comply with superior safety and maintenance standards. 

Kearns Aerospace Maintenance (KAM) makes 2 staff announcements. Larry Miller joins the MRO as Quality Assurance Dir and Bill Mitchell has been promoted to VP of Ops.  KAM is located in Daleville AL near Ft Rucker and NAS Whiting Field. MRO offers an understanding of commercial, DoD and govt contract aviation. Mx, repair and overhaul are performed on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft at its 100,000 sq ft facility.  

Curacao Air Terminal Services TNCC earns IS-BAH certification.  Air Elite Network FBO Jet Centre Curacao TNCC (Curacao Intl Airport, Curacao) congratulates its ground handler for its commitment to safety. 

BLR Fast Fin available on H125.  BLR is now accepting pre-certificaiton orders for its FastFin Tail Rotor Enhancement and Stability System for Airbus H125s. FAA certification is expected in Q3 of 2016. FastFin brings benefits including increased effectiveness of the H125 anti-torque system and a reduced pilot workload. System is standard with the Bell 412EP.


Challenger Ops Mgr
Tim Parrish at
Bombardier TUS

If a customer chooses to keep their aircraft down during an entire engine overhaul, I would recommend scheduling it with 1 of the large inspections: either the 96-month or 120-month. Any other work can be scheduled during an engine overhaul as well.

Engine Sales Mgr Dave Grup of Citation Service Ctr ORL

Engine overhauls are expensive and without proper representation in the overhaul shop you can end up spending money needlessly. Work with your shop to ensure you understand the entire process. It takes between 50 and 60 days to complete and engine overhaul.

Program Mgr Learjet/Gulfstream T J Jaeger at West Star GJT

On an engine overhaul you want to plan in advance....that's the key. Overhaul process can take up to 65 days depending on the engine make an shop schedules. It's a good time to catch up on any mx and upgrades while the aircraft is down.

Regl Sales Mgr Jay Randall of Constant CGF.  Engine overhaul process can become costly so understanding what the over and above charges will be prior to starting the work is a suggestion.  Many engines are covered under some type of warranty program. It's essential to understand what that program will and won't cover.  


Program Mgr on Interiors Steve Barnes at West Star GJT.

Number 1 recommenda-tion is to plan in advance and have the details figured out prior to a/c arrival so there are no delays or surprises.  On how long a refurb will take: a smaller cabin aircraft like a Citation 560 or Lear 60 will be about 9 weeks.  A midsize aircraft like a Challenger 605 or Falcon 50 will be about 12 weeks. Average for a large cabin a/c like a Falcon 900 or GIV is about 14 weeks.

Challenger Ops Mgr 
Tim Parrish at Bombardier TUS

In refurbishing an aircraft interior, the key thing a customer needs to understand is the interaction between the wood and finish. Taking time to understand how the 2 will interact can greatly affect the customer's satisfaction over the life of the interior.


Jan received the Wesley L McDonald Distinguished Statement of Aviation Award by the National Aeronautical Assoc (NAA) in 2013.  Pictured from L-R above are NAA Chairman Walter Boyne, Jan Barden and other award recipients Hugh Risseeuw, Bruce Whitman and Matt Zuccaro. 

Founder of Aviation Personnel Intl (API) Janice K Barden passed away on Aug 2nd in San Francisco CA.  Barden contributed to the aviation community for more than 60 years.  She is survived by her husband Chuck McKinnon, daughter and current president of API Sheryl Barden and her grandson.

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Socks and sandals: Is this combination ever socially acceptable? A signal from the Men's Fashion Week 2016 promoted models wearing
 the  formerly chastised footwear duo. For those seeking further creative inspiration for their sock and sandal combinations, the Twitter hashtag #socksandsandals is home to the latest sightings and relative reactions to people wearing the fashion faux pas.  

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