September 6, 2016

Gulfstream IV and V aircraft are approved for data link solution. FAA has approved Gulfstream to upgrade GIV and GV aircraft with FANS over Iridium (FOI) using the TrueNorth Simphone FANS 1/A+ data link unit (DLU). Once installed the stand-alone unit enables data connectivity over the Iridium satellite communications network, allowing for FANS communi-cation in remote coverage areas. Mandates require FANS 1/A+ for the most wind-efficient North Atlantic Ocean flight tracks. After Jan 30, 2020 aircraft without FANS 1/A+ will not be permitted to operate in NAT region above 28,000 ft.

Dramatic drop in number of people living in extreme poverty.
From a peak of 2.2 billion in 1970 there are currently 710 million people living in poverty, marking a significant global achievement. Extreme poverty is defined as those surviving on a daily income of $1.90. While incomes have surged for some of the poorest people in the world, the lower and middle classes within the world's richer countries are seeing fairly stagnate incomes.


Will you be in DC area on Sep 22?  

Duncan is hosting a free NextGen seminar on Thurs Sep 22 from 8:30 am to 2:10 pm. 

ARINC Direct, Honeywell, Satcom Direct,
L-3 and Rockwell Collins will join Duncan presenter Regl Avionics Sales Mgr Mark Francetic to share practical info on ADS-B and FANS 1A mandates.  

For more information contact Mark at

For schedule of 2016 NextGen seminars visit .

Brad Elliott
EPIC Fuels supplies jet fuel to new Desert Jet Ctr at TRM. Desert Jet Ctr TRM (Palm Spgs/Thermal CA) is  working out of an interim facility directly on the airport's main arrival ramp. 

Above is an artist's rendering of its new 5-acre aviation facility expected to be com-pleted  by the  end of 2016.
Familiar face Brad Elliott is gen mgr at Desert Jet. He has been in the FBO business for 15 yrs with a stint at Showalter Flying Service at ORL. 
Desert Jet will have full executive a/c handling services, parking, inside hangarage, terminal services, aircraft detailing and is a Citation-certified repair station. Base also accepts the EPIC Card.  

FAA has released Pt 107 regulations for commercial small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) usage. Regs took effect Aug 29. Here are key operating points courtesy of NBAA:

Rules applies to unmanned aircraft weighing  less than 55 lbs.

Operations are restricted to daylight and 
civil twilight.

There's a 400 ft altitude operating restriction.
There are exceptions allowed near structures. 

Testing on AW609 tiltrotor continues.
 Photo shows an AW609 coming in for a landing at the Leonardo-Finmeccanica Philadelphia facility.  It's expected that the Philadelphia base will assemble an aircraft to enter the test fleet in 2017. Facilities in Italy, UK an Poland continue to play critical production roles. 
   Leonardo-Finmeccanica confirms that certification is on track for 2018. There are agreements in place for nearly 60 units from customers around the world, including Bristol Group and Era for offshore and EMS configurations of the helicopter/turboprop.

Conklin & de Decker release Aircraft Performance Comparator for 2016.  Updated program allows users to compare and overlay aircraft interiors and exteriors while evaluating critical performance data points.  Added features this year include recalculated and updated helicopter chart data, new aircraft additions and new aircraft images. 


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Value of a helicopter is that it's a point-to-point machine. It's capability to land in a small space and save the ground time of traveling from airport-to-destination is needed as urban traffic worsens. More heliports in city centers are needed. HAI and other organizations have been fighting the good fight for many years and have some success to show for it.  

How would go about gaining acceptance for more heliports in city centers? Take into account the threat of terrorism and changing the mindset of elected leaders at all levels.  


Program Mgr
Jerry Autrey
West Star GJT

When installing a communications system the option chosen depends on the size of aircraft and its use. Small aircraft often use an Iridium system or ground based system such as the Gogo Biz for voice data and Internet. The Iridium type can be used worldwide with very few coverage limitations while the Gogo data and Internet is available in the US and portions of Canada and Alaska. Larger aircraft that operate worldwide will probably prefer an Aero H based Swift Broadband system for data, voice and FANS operations. Some legacy systems from Rockwell Collins and Honeywell can be upgraded to meet the latest requirements. Compatibility is related to aircraft size, type, operating area and potential for upgrade of existing equipment. An STC is required for Wi-Fi systems and some antenna installations.

Challenger Leader 
Mitch Robson
Duncan PVU

Just as a general tip, a quick, pre-planning call between the customer, sales, project mgr and team leaders a week or 2 before the aircraft inputs would be incredibly helpful. This way everyone can go through the work order together, line by line, and identify any additional work or potential issues before the aircraft arrives. This is a great time to identify things like additional service bulletins that may affect  the work.

Challenger Ops Mgr 
Tim Parrish
Bombardier TUS

Inflight entertainment (IFE) and communication s systems (satcom) are invaluable to passengers.
There are so many options in today's market,
it almost seems that if you can dream it, we can build it.
My advice is to truly understand your needs and then work with our 
network to design a system tailored to meet them.

Mike Duncan
Citation Svc Ctr ICT

There are several things that need to be considered before choosing
the proper equipment and installation of the IFE and/or satcom system:

1. Understand the features and limitation of the systems selected. For example an Internet connection may not work below a certain altitude, therefore the associated VOIP phone connection will not work if the connection isn't available.  

2. Selection a facility with a knowledgeable engineering staff to ensure the design meets the structural and electrical criteria. A quality control function will also make sure any certification issues are correctly addressed and the installation meets the design.

3. Availability of service from a facility after installation is also important, and a facility's track record should be taken into account. A quality mod ct. will have historical records and full support in addition to the physical installation.   

Av Prod Dev Mgr
John Wasmund
Constant CGF

IFE and satcom installations require interior access, so combining the installation with a large inspection that removes the interior or ties in with an interior refurb saves time and money.
Know the goals you're trying to accomplish with IFE and satcom-what are you trying to fix, accomplish or avoid? With an IFE system it helps to know how many passengers will be on the aircraft and if the IFE will be used for business, pleasure or a little of both.
Knowing this information helps prioritize what components are really needed.

Next sales market for helicopters?
Perhaps a budding aerial tourism industry is where helo mfrs can sell some units. 
   Maverick Helicopters is expanding its helo tour program by partnering with 4 Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas. They will use an Airbus EC130 ECO-Star for 3-hr excursions.  Maverick operates 40  helos split between 4 Phoenix/Grand Canyon locations and from 1 base in Hawaii. In addition its airline and charter arm operates 6 fixed-wing a/c. 
   Beautiful scenery from the air and landing at locations difficult to reach by any other mode of transportation is a nice package many cities could offer to enhance tourism.
A changing climate in business aviation expected Fall 2016 
by Alexa Paprosky 
US Environmental Protection Agency has deemed greenhouse gases from airplanes as an endangerment to public health, thus prompting progress towards new rules aimed at curbing emis-sions from passenger jets.  This fall will mark a pivotal point in the adoption of emissions standards and market-based measures set forth by the Intl Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) during its 39th Assembly   in Montreal scheduled for Sep 7 thru Oct 7. 
   While business aviation's contribution to emissions may appear insignificant when compared to the en-tire intlal aviation sector, the bizjet community must prepare for the implications of adopted standards.



Mgr Bill Forbes
Executive Aircraft Maintenance SDL

Doing your homework is the key. I recommend going on websites to research what MROs handle paint....and asking your peers who have had recent paint jobs. Once you have a list find one that's in your budget and work from there.

VP Kent Stauffer
Constant CGF

All aircraft must be inspected frequently which requires removing certain panels and access covers of the aircraft often. Strategically if you can design the color or scheme, especially complex ones, around these frequently accessed areas, you can reduce the need for touch ups after mx events. Great paint jobs will last a long time and creative and intricate paint schemes can last even longer with a little bit of planning and foresight.

Airframe and Accessory Mgr
Rod Christensen a
Duncan BTL

Have a firm understanding of what corrosion limits are accepted on your aircraft and understand the ramifications of corrosion.  Paint is a maintenance item vs something done to enhance the looks of the aircraft. Keeping the aircraft exterior protected and clean goes a long way to help slow the corrosion process.

Program Mgr of Paint Dept 
Mark Birmingham
West Star GJT

Research will help answer key questions.
How good is the company on service after the sale and completion of the paint of your aircraft? Does the company really do their best to fix any problems that may occur?  

Every day you come across unusual stories and people.
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Helicopters over the Hudson fly floating billboard into the record books.  Branding by Air, an aerial marketing firm, flew into the Guinness World Record books for the largest aerial projection screen.  In an incredible effort to promote the MTV Video Music Awards, a pair of helicopters cruised over the Hudson with 1 aircraft towing a 250-foot-wide banner while the other projected video onto the floating advertising screen. The stunt was tested for over 2 yrs and engineering ingenuity was employed to ensure a flat surface upon which the video could be properly projected. Footage of the airborne billboard can be found here:

Smart tattoo turns skin into a touchpad and stores data on microchips.
Called DuoSkin, MIT Media Lab is setting out to create on-skin user interfaces with gold leaf as a conductor...and for stylishness. Applications for DuoSkin are quite varied depending on what is "loaded" into the tattoo. It can remotely control a phone, substitute for identification, track body heat, and substitute as a communications device. No more talking into your watch...a new com will be on your forearm. View video here:

Murray Smith
Alexa Paprosky
Earlene Chandler


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