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What is Big Data? Everything you need to know
Comprehensive Big Data Overview

In a world that is rapidly becoming smarter and more connected, huge amounts of information are being generated and uploaded to the internet every day. This data can often hold incredibly useful insights for businesses, hiding information on such areas as customer habits, data trends, and much more.Data now comes in many forms, ranging from website cookies to social media posts, which means that processing this information is not easy. The unstructured nature of data in the modern world has led to the rise of ever-more advanced analytics programs attempting to make sense of the data deluge.  + Read More
Your guide to the top big data certifications today
Data scientists, data analysts and data engineers are in high demand. Here are the certifications that will give your career an edge.

Analytics are the lifeblood of any successful business, but IT pros with the right mix of skills and experience can be hard to find. These certifications can help prove you've got what it takes. Data and big data analytics are fast becoming the lifeblood of any successful business. Getting the technology right can be challenging, but building the right team with the right skills to undertake big data initiatives can be even harder.  + Read More
Math Isn't Biased, But Big Data Is
The biggest source of bias in data analysis is and always will be people

The remark that she found so funny was this, "You can solve the problem any way you like as long as you get the right answer. That's the great thing about math, it isn't cultural." She was amused by the contrast between my situation, and her own experience teaching social sciences, where everything is cultural and there is rarely any universally accepted truth. She was, at that moment, a bit jealous of my situation. She needn't have been.  + Read More
Your Competitors Are Using Big Data And You Should Too
If you aren't, you're falling behind

Big data is very important and I'm going to show you how it's used on an everyday basis. A few years ago, Under Armour acquired a company called MapMyFitness which is an app and a website. If you're a runner or a cyclist, you put the app on your smartphone, turn it on when you start a workout like a run or a ride and turn it off when you're done, that's all you have to do. When your workout is over, the app tells you where you've gone by putting a map of it on your mobile device or computer, it tells you how many calories you burned, which hills you climbed and how steep they were, how you rank compared to other runners or bikers, lets you connect to them if you want, find new routes, and many other things.  + Read More
15 Big Data, Analytics, and Data Science Influencers You Should Be Following
Every analytics and data science enthusiast out there ought to follow them

The data industry is a rapidly evolving space with the development of new technologies, methodologies, and platforms almost every other day. So, keeping pace with this industry can be challenging indeed I have, therefore, created a list of 15 tech and data science influencers who are not just a source of inspiration to data science professionals and aspirants alike but also ensure that you keep abreast of all new developments.  + Read More
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