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The Definitive Data Management Glossary
Solutions Review compiled the most complete Big Data glossary of terms available on the web

With over 50 terms defined and growing daily, this resource is sure to help keep you hip to all the latest and greatest lingo in enterprise Big Data. One constant in this software sector is disruption. Companies are now requiring Data Management tools for use with analytics that can handle the management and processing of diverse data formats, both internally and externally. This evolution makes terminology and vocabulary an integral part of keeping up to date with all the changeover.  + Read More
The Amazing Way GE Is Combining Big Data And Electrons To Create 'The Internet of Energy'
The global energy industry is facing disruption as it transitions from fossils to renewables

Its challenges include balancing growing demand in developing nations with the need for sustainability, and predicting the effect of extreme weather conditions on supply and demand. Against this backdrop, GE Power - whose turbines and generators supply 30 per cent of the world's electricity - has been working on applying Big Data, machine learning and Internet of Things technology to build an "internet of power" to replace the linear, one-way traditional model of energy delivery.   + Read More
Netflix Demonstrates Big Data Analytics Infrastructure
Netflix is a very data driven company

Tom Gianos, senior software engineer at Netflix, and Dan Weeks, engineering manager for Big Data Compute at Netflix, discussed their big data strategy and analytics infrastructure at Netflix during QCon San Francisco 2016. This included a summary of the scale of their data, their S3 data warehouse, and Genie, their big data federated orchestration system. In order to explain their requirements, Weeks explained that the biggest big data challenge at Netflix is scale.  + Read More
The Complete Guide to Master Data Management
Master Data Management is supported by three major elements

Information Management is an umbrella term used to define the overarching practice of managing data throughout its lifecycle, from creation to deletion. Data is utilized in many formats, and collection methods vary based on what the data will ultimately be used for. As a part of the overall Data Management schema, Master Data Management (MDM) is a software-enabled discipline that focuses on the uniformity and accuracy of an organization's master, or reference data.   + Read More
15 Big Data Technology Developments You Should Know
15 product rollouts solution providers following the big data space should be aware of

The big data industry is off to a fast start this year with many companies - both established vendors and startups - debuting new or upgraded software for business analytics, data management and other big data jobs. While these new and updated products cover a broad range of big data technologies, some common themes run through them - primarily answering the challenges of how to simplify the chore of combining and preparing data for analytical tasks, and how to make data from widely diverse sources easily accessible to analysts, data scientists and other users.  + Read More
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