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How to make sure your big data solution actually gets used
Big data & analytics solutions are worthless if nobody uses them

So you've sold the business value and return on investment for your big data solution to upper management, and the project is up and running. Should this be all there is? The question you should be asking is how the project will project stand the test of time and continue to be used productively in company operations. If a project doesn't successfully cement itself into the business for the long term, you get shelfware.  + Read More
Automating Predictive Analytics Through the Evolution of Models
The holy grail of predictive analytics is to provide business users with direct access to the power of predictive analytics without exposing them to unnecessary risk

The risk, in this case, comes when business users don't fully understand the powerful tools that they are wielding and then acting upon inaccurate or non-robust predictions. Several companies are navigating these dangerous but bountiful waters by utilizing principles of biological evolution. These systems create variants of 'pretty good' models and then test them to see if any of these variants are better than the original. If so then they try variants of those improved models. The process stops when optimal accuracy is achieved.  + Read More
The Best Big Data Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2017 Based On Glassdoor
Looking for a job in Big Data?

Employees would most recommend ThoughtSpot, Wavefront, Kyvos Insights, Looker, Sisense, Google, Domo, SAP, Qubole and Paxata to their friends looking to work for a business analytics, data management, big data platform, or data protection and security analytics company in 2017. These and other insights are from an analysis to determine the best big data companies and CEOs to work for this year. + Read More
Is Big Data Doing More Harm Than Good?
When numbers lie, we should stop listening to them

In 1931, a 25 year-old Austrian named Kurt Gödel defied logic, literally, with his incompleteness theorems which proved that every formal system eventually fails. What made this discovery even more devastating was that Gödel himself was a logician and his theorems took the form of a logical proof. Essentially, he used logic to kill logic. Of course, the systems we rely on every day are not formal logical systems. They're far more vulnerable. From flaws in the design of their hardware and software, to errors in how data is collected, analyzed and used to make decisions, real-world technologies are riddled with weaknesses.  + Read More
3 immutable qualities of successful data science
Data scientists from Uber, Spotify, and NBC share the requirements for justifying projects, communicating outcomes and achieving commercial success

Nearly every police-procedural show has at least one character stereotyped as the 'nerd', such as Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, Abby on NCIS and Felicity on The Arrow. A common trope during scientific conversations in these shows is for a non-science lead character to interrupt the 'nerd' with "In English, please"-prompting the 'nerd' to simplify their spiel so it's more easily understood by the team.   + Read More
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