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Managing Big Data's big risks
In the last 15 years, we have witnessed an explosion in the amount of digital data available

From the internet, social media, scientific equipment, smartphones, surveillance cameras, and many other sources - and in the computer technologies used to process it. "Big Data," as it is known, will undoubtedly deliver important scientific, technological, and medical advances. But Big Data also poses serious risks if it is misused or abused. Already, major innovations such as internet search engines, machine translation, and image labeling have relied on applying machine-learning techniques to vast data sets.  + Read More
Meet The New Developer: The Data Scientist
The world is changing at warp speed

What seemed like science fiction just a few years ago is now almost mainstream. Our thermostats know when to turn the heat up or down, depending on our routine behavior and the weather outside. Some cars have the intelligence to drive themselves. And from selling coffee in Japan to patrolling shopping malls in Silicon Valley, robots are taking the place of humans. As artificial intelligence (AI) gains traction in the real world, technology professionals need to rethink the skill sets needed to move a business forward.   + Read More
Fake News: How Big Data And AI Can Help
Until big data becomes more sophisticated and reliable, we need to focus on educating people

Recent huge political decisions like Brexit and the U.S. presidential elections surprised journalists and professional predictors alike with their unexpected outcomes. In the aftermath, one major contributor has been identified as "fake news": stories and memes with no basis in truth that may have been created to sway the outcome of these political events. One worrying bit of reporting from Das Magazin and Vice suggest that political strategists in both the Brexit campaign and the US presidential election used sophisticated personality tests based on social media activity to feed specific fake news stories to highly targeted segments of the population in order to influence their votes.   + Read More
Big Data Explained
What is "Big Data"?

In five questions or less, an industry expert defines and explains a technology, term or trend - with this installment seeing Robert Dagge, Managing Director at Dynistics, tackle the Big Data buzzword.   + Read More
12 leading niche vendors in the BI and analytics market
The Niche Players

Niche Players do well in a specific segment of the BI and analytics platform market - such as cloud BI, customer-facing analytics, agile reporting and dashboarding, embed-ability or big data integration - or have a limited capability to innovate or outperform other vendors. They may focus on a specific domain or aspect of BI, but are likely to lack depth of functionality elsewhere. They may also have gaps relating to broader platform functionality, or have less-than-stellar customer feedback. + Read More
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