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Adding Data to People, Process and Technology
The old adage, "people, process and technology" is as old as I am - probably you too.

In fact I suspect we will all likely call on this adage in at least one work-related meeting or dialog every week or so. We are told, over and over, that everything comes down to, "people, process and technology. It so happened that a colleague of mine shared around our MDM community today a link to an article titled, Thinking about ERP in an ever-changing world of data, by Anthony J Scriffignano, SVP, Chief Data Scientist, Dun and Bradstreet.  + Read More
Business Intelligence: the business case behind successful IT projects
Over the past 22 years many organisations embark on internal IT projects, yet only a scant few could have been classified as being truly successful. Of the rest: they fail

Many IT projects fail to reach the finish line and are abandoned, quietly ignored and eventually forgotten about, with the remnants being sneakily swept under the carpet.Plenty were dragged, often kicking and screaming, over the finish line to deliver a small proportion of what was originally promised.   + Read More
What's The Best Path To Becoming A Data Scientist?
How can I become a data scientist?

There's a lot of interest in becoming a data scientist, and for good reasons: high impact, high job satisfaction, high salaries, high demand. A quick search yields a plethora of possible resources that could help - MOOCs, blogs, Quora answers to this exact question, books, Master's programs, bootcamps, self-directed curricula, articles, forums and podcasts.  + Read More
Why the promise of big data hasn't delivered yet
The ubiquity of big data is such that Gartner dropped it from their Hype Cycle back in 2015

If Across sectors, businesses are scrambling to make every function "data driven," and there's no shortage of firms lining up to help them. The big data analytics industry, dedicated to helping big businesses leverage the petabytes of information they now generate and store, is worth $122 billion - and growing. The basic premise of the industry's offering is this: Hidden in that huge mass of enterprise data are latent patterns.   + Read More
Top 10 Business Intelligence trends for 2017
In 2016, a wave of self-service analytics swept across the enterprise

Organisations began embracing the modern approach to business analytics, with IT and the business partnering to derive maximum value from their data.  IT began leveraging technologies to scale and grow, as business users shared and collaborated with their data. Where are things headed next? Here are Tableau's predictions. 1. Modern BI becomes the new normal. In 2016, organisations began the shift to modern BI, moving analytics from the hands of few to many.   + Read More
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