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Meeting 4-11-17 
25 total attendance. 21 members, 2 from Visitor & Convention Bureau, Christine Miller (Heather's guest), Norman Hartman (Barbara's brother).

50/50 - Norm Landis had the winning ticket however he didn't put the ace of hearts.

9th-Pat Walton
9th-Tommy Lester
29th-Rachel Toomey

The Sheriff collected happy dollars for the speaker, to live in America, for grandkids, visitors with us today, a husband's 50th birthday, back in Florida, Happy Easter and Passover, Patrice is home and doing well from knee surgery.

District convention if you are planning on going you need to register for the conference before you can get register for the hotel in Marco Island.


Board meeting-rescheduled until next week, the 18th at Iberia, 6pm.


Fort Myers Club- will be at the Miracle baseball game on April 25th. Winners for the science fair will be honored pre-game. All are welcome.


Committee Reports

BUG: Recognition program at Littleton recognized 110 children last month. Thank you for volunteering Harris and Barb Segel and Dick Arndt. The r ecognition program (photo below) at Orangewood elementary where our member Angela Nader is the principal presented awards to 106 children (thank you for volunteering Barbara Hartman, Chrysten Foley, Liz Ross, Harris Segel). Please e xcuse any omission of volunteer names, these were only names reported.
(photo printed with permission)
Today's Program: Lee County Tourism
Tamara Pigott, Executive Director for the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau was our speaker today. With her was Nicole King-Smith. 4,808,677 people visited Lee County in 2016 and spent 34 billion. 57,000 jobs were created as a result. She provided us with other statistics on being origins of our visitors. 27% are international. The top 3 countries are Germany, Canada and the UK. Top US cities/states are New York, Indianapolis, Boston. One their current goals is to grow off season visitors. 2017 brings a brand new campaign although the brand remains the same. She showed us two short videos one focuses on the beauty of our islands and the other targets the millennial generation. April 21st is National Seashell day and in the fall they will be hosting the annual Island Hopper Songwriter Fest. We received a pocket guide of our county with a host of facts and information. Visit their website and have a copy sent to friends. To learn more visit, or call 239-338-3500.

Barbara Hartman is April
 speaker chair
18th-Dr. Kim Swanson, Lee Co. Sheriff's Office
(personal safety)
25th-Bruce Boyd, Div.19
Kiwanis FL Convention

April 18-board meeting,
Iberia Bank at 6:00pm

Aug 24-27, FL District Convention, Marco Island  

Defining Statement

"Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time." 



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