A personal note from the CEO of YourHost.com

It has been some time since you have heard from us in "What's up with YourHost.com these days" emails. 

We are very much alive and want to thank you for your loyalty to our company. Each and everyone of you are important to our success and we do not take you for granted.  

Smooth Runnings -

YourHost.com's customers have enjoyed "Smooth Runnings" or "without major incidents" for many years. Our calls and emails are typically for design upgrades, domain name registrations, and additional services.  

Our Services -
Many of our customers have been with us for over 5 years, and some as many as 15. It comes down to Trust and Reliability. Over the years, we have acquired more services that we offer. Please free to contact us on how we can help your business. 
  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Managed Emailing Services
  • Google Domain Email Services for your domain, very popular for growing companies
  • Constant Contact Partner Services
  • Google Apps
  • Office Remote Computer management Services from 20 year Network veterans
  • Managed Ecommerce Services
    • ShopSite hosting and Design
    • Wordpress Woo Commerce Hosting and Design
    • Magento hosting and support
  • Web Design Services
    • Database management
    • SEO services organic and PPC
  • Web Coding Services
  • Company remote network management services
    • Per computer desktop management on call
  • Live Streaming CDN Services through Edgecast CDN
    • Live remote managed events
    • CDN storage streaming
    • private networks
    • Branding available 
Web Development and a Must Read Article Prologue -

There is an ever growing market of tablet and mobile devices that have forced web owners to look at web design in totally different ways.  

It used to be that websites were developed to look good on a desktop, which is supposed to fit and look perfectly on a 21 inch monitor.  These days your website has to fit on tablets and mobile devices, with emphasis on responsive web design.  


Google announced in February that they will boost rankings of mobile-friendly pages in search results worldwide.


This means if you have not changed your website to a responsive web design, your search rankings would've fallen by now.  Yourhost.com web design team can help you redesign your website to fit this new mobile standard.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Many CEO's and owners of companies we support are looking for new and better functionality. In a general sense, this can take almost a full emersion of your time and resources into the website which translates to many web development discussion and implementation to come up with a plan going forward.
With this said, we have found that many CEO's and Techincal support teams are not fully apprised of the extent that is required to design and grow an online company, both Organically, with solid online content, and marketing. 


A Peek at Part 1 - A Word About Design...


In regard to web design, the term "design" has become oversimplified the last several years. When a business owner wants to have a website built, his or her understanding of "design" is usually limited to what they see in a browser once it is finished. Every business has a ".com" and almost any electronic device has some kind of integrated browser for viewing webpages, thus the expertise required to professionally design and build a website has been taken for granted. As mentioned above, the rise of "do-it-yourself" solutions are a problem when misused, but they are powerful tools in the hands of a professional web developer that sees them in their proper context. As such, he will strive to first understand a company's business model, marketing strategy, and customer relations before creating the visual scheme. Those hours of investigation, brainstorming, formulating workflow, and preproduction are essential, and they are also billable. Lesser developers will skip these phases and simply employ a template without a service arrangement, smile, and take your money.


In our next article Part 1 of a 4 Part Series, we will begin looking at the correct process for building a site and its advantages.


Resource -  Tomaz Zaman / James Chi

Eric Kirkhuff / CEO and Technical Sales / YourHost.com
714 842-8511 ext 115



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