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My memoir, a new website (finally!), Ulin 200-page manuscript workshop dates coming up SOON, a new bookstore in town, an author interview, LA workshops, and so many new books coming out in 2018--I share a few here.

200-Page Manuscript Workshop with David Ulin 
(and me and pie)
February 3&4 and 10&11 (two weekends)

The deadline for this workshop is coming up in nanoweeks. Email me NOW if you are interested in February's workshop. We have a max of 8 we can fit in the room and we are already at 4, so hurry! For more info check out my new website to "Workshops" under "Write with Me" 

See you there! 

New Independent Bookstore! 
The Book Catapult in South Park 
Come join me in conversation with Adam Braver, author of THE DISAPPEARED. Let's talk a little politics. 
 See the bookstore's description: 

Adam Braver, acclaimed author of The Disappeared ( Outpost19) on November 16 at 7:00 for the VERY FIRST in-store author event! Adam will be in conversation with 
South Park's own  Amy Wallen.
A novel of two strangers swept up in the aftermath of two politicized acts of violence. The Disappeared traces a pair of survivors: a woman whose husband is missing in a San Bernardino-type of attack, and a man who believes his sister was an unidentified victim of the '93 World Trade Center bombing. With a remarkable mix of nuance and momentum, Braver portrays their post-trauma experience in the face of relentless public feedback.
"Rich and humane, a tightly controlled, beautifully orchestrated portrait of contemporary terrors and the feedback loops of fear and paranoia they create that mesmerize us and, tragically, sometimes drive us mad." -Paul Harding, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Tinkers
"Braver is a terrific writer, an observer of the most acute details" -Los Angeles Times

Check out The Book Catapult's website here

Unlocking Your Story 

Karin Gutman's workshops in Los Angeles have handed the keys to many a writer of a personal story. I highly recommend this workshop, and enrollment for Winter is open! 

"Everyone has a story to tell. And yet, in sharing our stories, we often overlook what is particularly extraordinary about our lives..." Find out more about this workshop here.
Spring 2018 is around the corner! 
So many new books are coming out this Spring, my memoir among them (more on that below). I wanted to share all the good news from so many of my friends, colleagues and students. Here's a short list of what to watch for. 
Click on the titles to pre-order.

THE SHELL GAME edited by Kim Adrian is a collection of hermit crab essays. In case you don't know, which I didn't, a hermit crab essay is when the author borrows another structure for their lyrical essay, for instance a recipe or to-do list. My essay "Easy as Pie, That's  Lie" is included. Dinty Moore has an essay in it, as well as so many other wonderful authors. 

THE FLICKER OF OLD DREAMS, a novel by Susan Henderson is an incredible tale right up my graveyard alley. Susan worked on the book in the David Ulin Savory Workshop, yep sat on my couch and ate pie while taking in all the great wisdom of the group. 
Here's a tidbit about it:
With the quiet precision of Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres and the technical clarity of Mary Roach's Stiff, this is a novel about a young woman who comes most alive while working in her father's mortuary in a small, forgotten Western town.
"The dead come to me vulnerable, sharing their stories and secrets . . . "

MEMENTO PARK, a novel by Mark Sarvas. Mark teaches at UCLA Extension Writing Program. His last book, Harry, Revised was one of my faves. 
Here's a bit about Memento Park

A son learns more about his father than he ever could have imagined when a mysterious piece of art is unexpectedly restored to him.
When We Were Ghouls: A Memoir of Ghost Stories 

One last thing! March 1, 2018 my memoir will finally see the light of day. The University of Nebraska Press designer Nathan Putens created a dreamy cover, and the blurbs couldn't be better if I'd written them myself! 

Brief description:
Plumbing the slipperiness of memory and confronting what it means to be a "good" human, Amy Wallen links the fear of loss and mortality to childhood ideas of permanence as she grapples with memories that suggest her family committed morally questionable acts like pillaging a pre-Incan grave site.

"Amy Wallen's beautiful memoir, replete with fantastic stories, will carry you across continents and introduce you to amazing characters."-Claire Messud, New York Times bestselling author of The Emperor's Children
"Bold, original, and exquisitely written. . . . This memoir is full of life and life's oppositions, both the light and the dark, which the author ultimately learns to embrace and celebrate."-Sue William Silverman, author of The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew
" The loneliness of childhood, fears of abandonment, and early sorrows, but also its magical escapes and restorations are captivatingly rendered in this haunting, exquisitely written memoir. . . . A perfect balance of dark and light forces in this memory palace."-Phillip Lopate, author of Portrait Inside My Head 

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