Volume XIV | October 2017
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CYM Exists To:
Develop a new generation of disciples, teaching them to love, worship, and grow in service to others.

For all those registered, we will depart Cook's this Friday at 5:30pm and return on Saturday around 8:30pm. The adjusted cost is $35 per youth and your child will also need $ for 2 fast food meals.

We will have a youth service opportunity on Sunday, October 15. This is a change from the calendar that was passed out during the Fall Parent and Youth Meeting. More info available soon.

We want to allow each youth the opportunity to take on a leadership role within this ministry. On Sunday, October 29, we will have an off site activity for the youth that will include a time of dreaming and planning together for the future of CYM. More info available soon.


Beginning this Wednesday, we will be distributing tickets for the Chili Cook Off (Nov. 18) to the youth. We ask that each youth sell a minimum of 5 tickets; however, your child will get Youth Bucks credit for each ticket he/she sells, so SELL, SELL, SELL! This is our primary youth ministry fundraiser so let's all work together to make this the best it can be!

"Life's biggest tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late" —  Benjamin Franklin

Throughout my childhood, my parents demonstrated to my siblings and I the importance of daily devotion. We practiced this as a family each night before bed with consistency no matter the occasion, beginning before I was born with my older sisters and continuing through my teenage years until I left for college. Although during my early teen years this was often a battle between my parents and I, especially on the nights when I had friends over and was embarrassed to have to make them sit through a "boring" devotion, I am so thankful for my parent's commitment to this practice.

Just as I seek to do this with my own children, I want to encourage you to begin having a time of devotion with your family. This fall break, seek to begin this practice with your family. If you're interested, take a moment to read this helpful article about getting started.

Be the Change! - Jordan
Other Upcoming Dates
  • October 4 | CYM MidWeek
  • October 6-7 | Youth Fall Retreat (Camp Loucon)
  • October 8 | No Youth
  • October 11 | CYM MidWeek
  • October 15 | Confirmation / Youth Service Day
  • October 18 | CYM MidWeek
  • October 22 | CYM Worship & Confirmation
  • October 25 | CYM MidWeek
  • October 29 | Youth Leadership Council (Off-Site)
  • November 1 | CYM MidWeek
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