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March 8, 2012
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Reporting from San Francisco- Apple rolled out its latest iPad, but it's not called iPad 3 or iPad HD.


Rather it stuck with simply calling it the iPad, a move that speaks to the company's ambitions to have its blockbuster tablet supplant the ubiquitous personal computer. In unveiling the upgraded iPad on Wednesday, Apple Chief ......�


A powerful solar flare Tuesday evening caused the surface of the sun to shudder. A second smaller flare followed about an hour later, and the blasts caused by those flares have hurled a "big blob of magnetized material" toward Earth.


So says Alex Young, solar physicist at NASA Goddard, who spoke with The Times on ......�



Santa Clarita Sheriff's 28th Annual All Schools Dance . .


Santa Clarita Valley Sheriffs Prepare for 28th Annual All Schools Dance - Did you know that for the past 27 years the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station has partnered with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Foundation and Six Flags Magic Mountain to host and chaperon the All Schools Dance?


The annual dance is open to ......�


It's Cheaper To Send Your Kid To Harvard Than Cal State! . .


The  impossible has happened: Harvard College is now thousands of dollars cheaper  than Cal State East Bay for middle-income California students. So is Princeton. And  Williams College. And Yale.


Top private schools,  with their generous aid, have been among the most affordable options for poor  students for a few years, but rising tuition has only ......�





Project Kindle is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing camps to children with special needs striving to kindle its vision in the hearts of everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley.


At a luncheon today, Project Kindle's leadership presented their stories and vision with community leaders and local business owners in an effort to raise awareness ......�



Ready or not, Daylight Saving Time (DST) is coming up and we've all got to "spring forward" for the spring and summer months. 


At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 11, clocks should be moved forward one hour to add more daylight to your week. From 1986-2007, DST began the first Sunday in April.  But, as ......�



The Los Angeles Zoo is opening a snazzy new home for reptiles and amphibians today, a $14-million condominium complex for Mexican beaded lizards, Rowley's palm vipers, radiated tortoises and other creatures that slither and croak.


The LAIR - the acronym for Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles - was five years in the making and will ......�



New Apple TV set-top box, 1080p iTunes streaming announced . .


Finally, iTunes and the Apple TV set-top box will now be able to stream video in full, 1080p high definition.


The update to full HD, from 720p resolution video, was announced Wednesday by way of a software update to iTunes and a refreshed Apple TV box - each introduced alongside the day's thunder stealer, the ......�

Sports Highlights
  • Peyton Manning says 'Goodbye' to Indianapolis Colts after 14 years in a tearful, peaceful farewell.  Colts save $28 Million in the move.
  • Lakers blow a 21 point lead for another ugly road loss against the Wizards.
  • Clippers joint the 'lose on the road' crew, by losing by 1 again in the last seconds against the Nets, add to that a Blake Griffin ankle sprain.
  • UCLA labors through a 55-40 win over USC at the PAC-12 Tournament.


  • LAKERS: idle
  • CLIPPERS: idle
  • DUCKS:  @ St Louis
  • KINGS:  @ CBJ


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