Explore photos of a  powerful new school mural celebrating International Women's Month.  The mural was painted by Zapatista students, Zapatista education promoters, and Zapatista authorities alongside international volunteers organized by Schools for Chiapas / Escuelas para Chiapas at an autonomous Zapatista secondary school during March 2018 in Chiapas, Mexico.

Mayan Food Forests Bloom at Zapatista Secondary Schools
Zapatista educators and students carry plants to their Food Forest during a recent workshop.  Much of the time at these quarterly three day intensive periods of study is spent in actual Food Forests.  Note the inter-cropped corn surrounding the perennial trees, bushes, vines, and other crops in the photo below. 

"Is it possible that could you transfer some of your school construction funds to help with the emergency construction a new kitchen for the Women's Encounter?"  That was the message we received in the weeks before thousands of women from around the world arrived in the Caracol of Morelia; it was clear the meeting was going to be huge and the guests needed to be fed.

In the end we did transfer about $1100 to build that kitchen for the 10,000 women how attended the encounter.  Since that time the new kitchen also helped feed over 500 Zapatista secondary school students at their annual retreat in late March 2018.

However, this emergency donation means that we're more than $1000 dollars behind our Zapatista school building plans for 2018.  Could you help out today by making a donation towards building a new Zapatista classrooms in Chiapas, Mexico?  Join us!

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One Zapatista board-member, one Schools for Chiapas representative, and one local student cut the ribbon during dedication ceremonies in rural Chiapas, Mexico.

Please consider donating today to help construct additional Zapatista schools in 2018!

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Powerful women like this Zapatista educator who helped paint the new school mural are busy organizing every day throughout Chiapas.
These students are waiting to enter their new school while their mom's prepare a feast on open fires in the background.  Your donations help make these moments of hope and joy possible! 
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This young student was totally in awe of the new building her family helped construct and the fireworks and the visitors and the feast and the candles for blessing the school.  She had an amazing day!

Una Tienda Muy Otra ~
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Another way to support Zapatista Mayan communities in Chiapas, Mexico today is to purchase their homemade arts and crafts.    
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