Not a week goes by that I don’t get a question, comment, or complaint from an agent who’s thinking of switching offices.

I’m always eager to hear why an agent feels the grass is greener somewhere else. It’s human nature to feel that there is something better out there!

And sometimes there is. We’ve seen a lot of agent movement in the real estate industry in recent years. Sometimes the move is beneficial; often it is not. That’s because agents often don’t ask the right questions before making a move.


Does conflict make you want to cower and hide under the covers ... or are you eager to strap on the big red boxing gloves and step in the ring?

Be honest – which description better applies to you?

If you’re aggressive in your approach to conflict you will “lose” every time. The same thing will happen if you whimper and hide when conflict rears its ugly head.

It would be great if we could eliminate conflict from our lives. But we can’t.

What you can do is learn the formula and mindset that will allow you to successfully manage conflict.  And we can teach it to you!

Welcome to Camp Conflict – a ground-breaking two-day workshop designed to help you master the system for managing conflict.

We’re going to spend two days talking the conflict that impacts your daily lives, and we’re going to show you exactly how to deal with those situations.  You can join us and participate ... or you can simply sit and watch.  Either way, you’ll walk away with concrete strategies that will forever impact your life.



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